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The membership of Blues Trust has increased this year. When we held our AGM in November last year we had 156 voting members.  We now have 357 paid up voting members plus over 500 e-members.

Board Members are agreed that we also need to increase the number of people on our Board.  We know that bringing in new people will introduce fresh ideas and that we will need to change the way we operate. As a small group we have been meeting monthly and making decisions jointly.  We realise that busy people might not be able to commit to meet that often so we are planning to hold just four meetings a year to direct and coordinate activities. We plan to give each Board Member more authority to take decisions in his/her area of responsibility. This does not mean that they act completely independently but they can choose how much input they seek from other Board Members and the wider membership.

I’d like to thank those who have submitted nominations or have indicated that they will. I’d also like to encourage anyone who is still considering becoming a Board Member to get in touch and ask any questions that you have. I need to receive nominations by next Monday, October 8.

Margaret Decker

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