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This post provides links to documents with background information on the agenda items for our annual general meeting on November 10.

If you will be attending the AGM, it would help if you could look through this information before the meeting. Our aim will be to get through these agenda items as quickly as possible to allow plenty of time for the Question and Answer session with Daniel Ivery, who runs the almajir.net  website and used to run the highly successful Often Partisan blog.

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Minutes of 2017 AGM
The meeting will be asked to approve the minutes of last year’s AGM.
Click here to read minutes of 2017 AGM
Election of Board Members
Two people were nominated for re-election to the Board: Cliff Horrocks and Peter Bull.  There were fewer candidates than places available on the Board so we did not have a ballot but the meeting will be asked to approve their re-election.
Click here to read candidates statements
Report by Peter Bull, Treasurer of Blues Trust
We will ask the meeting to accept the accounts of the Trust as presented.
Click here to read Financial Statements
Financial resolution
The financial resolution will authorise the Board to re-engage the Independent Examiner for the 2018-19 financial year.  As our turnover is below the threshold for an audit exemption we are allowed to have an Independent Examiner look at our accounts rather than have an audit, which would be much more expensive.
You can click here to read the Rules of our society.  Rules 85 to 93 deal with auditing/examining the accounts.
Updating rules resolution
Supporters Direct have recommended that we update the Rules of Blues Supporters Society Ltd from the 2011 version to the 2016 version of the Rules for a Supporters Community Mutual.The differences between the two versions are mainly changes of wording to refer to the Co-operative and Community Societies Act 2014 instead of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. The new version also removes old rule 13 about junior membership and places no age restriction on membership but does state that members under 16 cannot vote or serve on the Board, see new rules 14 and 15.  In rule 21, the term “Capital Funding Shares” is changed to “Community Shares”.
Click here to read the current Rules

Click here to read 2016 version of Rules

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