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Football clubs aren’t clubs anymore; they are businesses. But supporters have a greater connection and commitment to their clubs than they do to other businesses. Blues Trust exists to strengthen the influence of supporters in the running of our club.

We believe our owners should be accountable to the supporters on decisions such as the name of the club, the royal blue colour, and the stadium.  We are not the legal owners of the club, but we do own the traditions and history and will stay with the club while owners come and go.

We also believe that there should be transparency on some matters.  We want to know who owns the club and if they are legitimate business men or crooks.  We have learned from bitter experience that it is not good if your club was owned by someone convicted of money laundering. 

Any organisation that believes in accountability and transparency needs to be accountable and transparent itself. So, we have rules that we publish on our website, are regulated by the Co‑operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and have to submit our accounts to the Financial Conduct Authority. 

We also have to hold an Annual General Meeting to report to our members and give them a chance to ask questions.   This year’s AGM will be on November 10, before the Hull game.  Click here to read more details about this meeting. Please register if you are planning to come; it would help us to know how many to expect.

Margaret Decker

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  1. Peter Roach

    The very best of luck to you in your genuine endeavours.

  2. Eric Jones


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