EFL sanction

On one level Blues Trust are relieved that, finally, after much procrastination, the Football League have reached a decision regarding a suitable punishment for the Club’s Profit and Sustainability rules infringement. We absolutely accept that Clubs who break the rules as agreed must face appropriate sanction.

However, at each stage we have called on them to take the club’s future sustainability into account when considering what amounts to fair punishment. We are pleased that today’s ruling appears to draw a line under proceedings and allow us to move on to hopefully securing our Championship status and then using it as a platform to build next season.

Our principle objection has been the nature of this protracted, disorganised disciplinary process; so opaque as to make it difficult to justify this reprimand in any meaningful way. For the sake of clarity and consistency we urge the EFL to publish details of its methods as soon as possible.

This would do much to dispel the pervading impression that the EFL have sought to make an example of Birmingham City, which is particularly difficult to reconcile given the comparable financial difficulties faced by so many of our Championship peers.

We look forward to the League applying these new regulations to retrospective and current transgressors with immediate effect.

It is disheartening that, despite the endeavours of Blues’ fans, management and players over the last year, we will again find ourselves at the wrong end of table as the season draws to a close. There is work yet to be done – and lessons that absolutely must be learned – but this season has provided plenty of reasons for the Trust to feel more optimistic about Birmingham City’s future.

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  1. Linda Goodman

    From comments it appears that other Championship Clubs have breached these rules. Surely therefore Birmingham should be able to find details from Company’s Registry, which Clubs and by how much and then use the fact that these clubs haven’t faced a Disciplinary Panel to appeal this points deduction? If other clubs have broken rules then all those involved should be dealt with in the same season and all deducted points together.

  2. Bob Bradburn

    What will happen to the Wolves who have apparently overspent twice what the Blues have over the last 3 seasons?

    • Margaret

      The Wolves’ gamble paid off. They got promoted and escaped any sanction.

      • Mark

        That’s not true.

        According to EFL when P&S came out the whole point was they reached agreement with the Premier League to pass points on and even if they want stop teams going up. Well that’s what they said but hey we hear today that they say Blues are the only team in breach which I feel is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!

  3. Sausage n Egg

    Let’s hope the rules apply to everybody … I feel we are the experiment as an example. How can Bolton get away with things just for starters if all is being dealt with fairly? Others are equally guilty but more crafty lets hope Blues shove it up them now and gather some more points .even better let’s hope the owners sell us and someone who knows how to run a football club is installed

  4. Craig

    For me the EFL needs to answer why it has teken so long to reach this point and deduction of points when nothing as changed since July in these cases the punishment needs to be clarified within 6 weeks not 8 months

    • Margaret

      Some things are explained in the EFL statement, which provides a link to the report

  5. Alan Minett

    Where can we find Annex A and AnnexB as described in the statement?

    • Margaret

      As far as I know, Annex A and B have not been made public.

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