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The forum for Birmingham City supporters groups took place yesterday evening. Cliff Horrocks and Margaret Decker were there to represent Blues Trust. 

Click here to read the handout that was given out, with answers to some questions asked. 

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A few months ago we launched a fan engagement exercise in the form of a survey. A link is here to the introductory article, “Blueprint 2025“.  The Trust wants to ask you, the loyal supporters, to help us shape a vision for Blues fit for 2025 and our 150th Anniversary year.  Click on the image or here to complete the survey.




    I understand that club are obliged by league rules to participate in supporters’ forums but I’d be interested to know what the rules say about there having to be a delegate from the club in a position of authority having to be in attendance. Does any such rule exist do you know?



    • Margaret

      As it says on the EFL website “In June 2016, following the Government’s Expert Working Group on Supporter Ownership & Engagement (EWG), in which the EFL played an active role, clubs introduced new regulations requiring clubs to engage with their supporters in a structured and regular manner. Clubs are required to meet with a representative group of supporters at least twice a season to discuss significant issues relating to the club.”
      Edward had already attended two forums this season.


        That reads like a no to me then? If the club gets to decide on who acts as their representative they then have every right to send the Catering Manager and Retail Lead in place of any actual decision makers. In light of the points deduction incurred by their failures (when we were assured consistently that all was under control), I’m incredibly cynical as to why no one in any position of power was in attendance that evening.

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