Garry Monk’s Departure

Blues Trust was deeply saddened and bitterly disappointed to hear of the news of Garry Monk’s departure from the Club.  

Once again, the Board have inflicted a grotesque, pointless act of self-harm; one which defies justification, flies in the face of rational thought and ultimately threatens to destabilise the Club.  

Once again, they have made abundantly clear their total lack of respect for the Club’s supporters.  

Over the last three years, the Board have overseen a series of bizarre and illogical decisions which betray a comprehensive lack of understanding of the field in which they are supposed to operate.

They have done nothing to demonstrate that they are capable of learning from these mistakes, and continue to impress upon the entire football community that they are embarrassingly illequipped for the responsibility of running Birmingham City Football Club.

Regrettably, Garry Monk is just the latest in a long line of good Birmingham City people to have been disposed of for no identifiable reason.

As Chief Executive Officer, the responsibility for this litany of errors lies at the door of Xuandong Ren. For this, we call for his dismissal from the Club.

By contrast, Garry Monk clearly understood the fans, our city and our Club, becoming part of the fabric of Birmingham City and making a meaningful connection with its people.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to Garry for his outstanding work over the last 16 months, for repairing the relationship between the team and the fans, and restoring a period of dignity to our Club. Our loss will certainly be another club’s gain.

We will soon be taking advice from the supporters as to how they wish to make their feelings known.

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  1. James

    I have made an enquiry via the contact form regarding membership.

  2. William Dunn

    Totally agree with Blues Trust. In any business it is sheer folly to keep changing key personal. I would ask the owners of the club to reflect on the fact that the high turnover of staff at the club must reflect on the selection process in any event. The ability of the person or persons involved in selecting staff must be questioned and perhaps it is they who should be dismissed.
    Having managed a business for many years with over 400 staff I know the problem well !

    • Conan B Norton

      Boycott the first home game boycott buying merchandise from the club dhp hurt the China lot in the pocket.

      • Gordon

        Devastated what these brainless Chinese directors have done time and time again. We are not salvagable now so I wont be investing time or money until the owners have gone back to middle earth. Idiots. Kro Big G

  3. Peter bates

    This goes to show how much disrespect these people who run our club have for supporters. take the season ticket money again brag how good sales are and sack the man who has kept the club from going under ren dong needs to be removed from our club ASAP he hasn’t a clue about football or most important what the fans who are a constant at a football club need or mean to the club

  4. Mark


    15 minutes at the start of every match live on TV we occupy the KOP Car Park. It’s horrible to suggest abandoning the players we love for a short period but I would gather they understand why. End subscription to Blues TV, do not purchase any merchandise and or spend any money at St Andrews. We need to set up a fund raiser for a two page spread in the South China Morning Post, approx £15,000 to appeal to the people out there above REN and Cheng. Clearly interference at the training ground is not how a club is run. Today I feel like we got relegated yesterday….SADLY IT IS A CERTAINTY UNDER THESE CLOWNS. If this takes us down I am done after 40 years!

    • WaycoolBlue

      #TTAOUT Get down to St Andrews this Saturday for organised protests 14:00 hours.

  5. Pete

    65 years since I attended my first match at St Andrews but I have no intention of going again while Xuandong Ren is still there.

  6. Mark Wesley

    I’m thoroughly disillusioned by yesterday’s events. Birmingham City FC is not a “penny stock” to be manipulated for profit, it’s our football club. It’s community DNA and part of my upbringing.
    This mess goes all the way back to Gould & Sullivan selling on to the “money launderer”.
    The sooner Ren and his cohorts pack their bags the better.
    In the meantime, I’m cancelling Blues TV and no more match days for me. Hitting them in their pockets may be the only language they understand.

  7. mtko

    couldnt run a chinese takeaway, blamed him for poor standard of football when they messed up with FFP leaving Monk with no development options and having to survive on scraps, the sooner they go the better but i cant see it. little men with power ego’s

  8. Mitchell

    This club is not the BCFC we have grown up with.Pointless trying to fathom out what these owners want. This is certainly not about football. It is patently obvious to me that our club will not be competing in anything two years from now. We are not taking relegation here but something all together different. Ren is not the problem it is the hierarchy strategy that he is carrying out.

    • Dorsetblues

      As a sheer business sense you would keep Monk. He would sell more of your goods(tickets) which means more income. Why get rid of something that does that?
      We need some form of protest when we know Ren is in brum next.

      • Bradders

        Any slim chance we had of retaIning players has now gone. Beattie and back room will be gone. Will any decent manager want to mange blues no way. The writing is on the wall.

        I will not go again till these owners have got bored, leave or get jailed. Solihull moors can have my support, money and loyalty.

        I am so glad I didn’t buy a season ticket as it would have pained me to shred it.

        Supporting BCFC is in my DNA, I had no choice but I cannot carry on under this dictatorship.

  9. Chris Gaze

    As a season ticket holder living in Southampton I find i’m no longer able to support the team i’ve followed for nearly 50 years thanks to the disgraceful actions of the clowns running our beloved club. I’ve actually emailed the club to get a refund on my ST as it’s the only thing I feel i’m able to do from afar and tbh I’m totally gutted atm.

  10. Joe clarke

    We now need to galvanise all club forums CO-ordinated by blue s trust to arrange direct action calling for the sale of the club

  11. WayCoolBlue

    We need to do something now. We can’t wait until the season starts

    we need to protest outside the ground ASAP.

    I have cancelled the standing order for my season ticket I have been a season ticket holder for 33 years but this disgust me enough to relinquish that.

    We need to all stick together on this one. #TTAOUT KRO

  12. BarryBlue

    Clear that behind the scenes owners were not pulling the same direction as Monk in particular on transfers. The statement yesterday regarding using youth “hunger” to drive the club translates to ” we havent got a penny to invest”. I expect a tough season and a new owner next season when this eventually bottoms out and it will believe me .I just hope the club isn’t endangered before then.Hopefuly FFP breach avoided but I have my doubts that that mess is completely cleared up.
    These clowns are con men.When have they ever properly invested , the money spent under Harry as it turns out was leveraged and they could never really afford it. This is going to be some ride both off and on the pitch next season.

  13. Christian Le Fort

    Will not be renewing my season ticket now. I ‘d delayed renewing as I could see there was something like this on the horizon. I’ll be switching to Solihull Moors until these morons are ousted. Good luck Garry Monk you did an incredible job for our club and deserve so much better.

  14. Kevin McMichael

    Have not renewed my S.T am disgusted at the way the board have treated the fans. I think it’s assert stripping, run down the playing staff sell the club’s ground and training ground. Make a profit, JOB DONE.

  15. David Jones

    I am now 68 years old and have supported Blues since school. I thought I’d seen most things but I’m left stunned, angry and very very sad by the actions of our so called chief executive.

  16. John

    Should we not look back to the administrators who handled the Blues sale after Carson Young?
    We’re this group really the best option to take the club over?
    It took two years for the buy out to take place, does that not suggest that all is not well?

  17. Ralph Roberts

    So China is set to be the new world leader is it?. I certainly hope they have people who possess more intelligence than this shower who have shown ineptitude and arrogance at a stratospheric level.

    I would not leave them to run a whelk stall unaided

  18. Major

    I have now given up my season ticket which I have held for circa 30 years.

    For me I am totally appalled at the way club is being run and the direction it’s going in, with no regard to the heritage, fans, infrastructure or future of Blues.

    I’ve said before I fear that the club will not survive the Chinese reign. I am not willing to fund these owners anymore, of course they won’t miss my cash but nevertheless I’m not willing to part with it for them.

    Direct action needs to be taken, The Trust are required to act. The fans must protest, at both the ground and training ground. We need to press a strong message forward a message of discontent, intimidate those responsible.

  19. Peter bates

    Only the fans will feel let down by what has happened if you asked the powers that be to address the fans and explain they wouldn’t care if they never answered because supporters don’t matter its only our money that is valuable to them and while that is keeping the Hong Kong stock exchange happy the club is being run on scraps with not a second thought for the fans or the team

  20. Chris ware

    Personally I won’t giving the owners any more of my money. The only way these people will learn is if we hit them in the pocket because they know nothing about football. They have disrespected the fans time and time again. I’m greatly hurt that they sacked a manager I thought was the best thing to happen to our club for a long time. We need Xuandong Ren sacked straight away. He has the trust of the owners but is driving our club into the ground. At some point we have to say no more. I want to support the players but if I was one of them I seriously think I’d be looking to go elsewhere or I’d just not play for the owners. I’m that angry with them. I think we should all refuse to go to the ground. Take away the money from the ow era until they listen to sense.

  21. Sausage n Egg

    I will join any protest outside the ground …..i’m Done giving these oriental idiots in crap suits more of my hard earned dosh nuts can only take so much kicking.

  22. cliff

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, we are reading and considering everything to put an action plan together – we believe the Board and the owners in HK need to understand our depth of feeling. The Trust support the peaceful (does not mean quiet) protests being organised and will post in the next few days the ways we think will best make our feelings known.
    Chair, Blues Trust

    • Joe Clarke

      Dear Cliff I am an avid blues supporter and have had concerns and reservations which were escalated as far back as to Gold and Sullivan in relation to the sale to Carson Yeung in the first place. I have an understanding of how Chinese business operates as in my role as a national union official I have dealt with Chinese businesses. Any Chinese business is not independent all Chinese money is state owned or Loaned or corrupt you may Recall the debacle of the MGRover closure and Chinese takeover after administration.! Any form of demonstration maybe best Directed towards a place which will resonate and get back to China at a senior level. For example any Chinese banking organisation that is backing trillion trophy or the consulates or embassies anything short of that will fall on deaf ears. China is we must not forget a Communist states where everything is state controlled and monitored Birmingham City football club is of minor concern in the big scheme of things in relation to Chinese expansion, having said that anything that reflects back on China in relation to their reputation and losing of face resonates with them so representations need to be focused in such way that have that type of impact i.e. banking or government bodies of China this is the benefit of my experience feel free to reply or contact me direct on (07979) 517572 if you looking at facilitating a meeting keep me in the loop as I’d like to become involved To share the benefit of my experience all the very best Joe

    • Joe Clarke

      Ps a petition at the ground and online presentation to the Chinese embassy may have the desired effect and PR publicity etc

    • Mitchell Bray

      Cliff,I write for Vital Birmingham and really feel your pain along with the other commenters. What I have heard this afternoon from Ren and the various antics does need a breather to take it all in. Suggest before any action is taken or considered that we should give it another 48hours to see what develops from St.Andrews. One gigantic gesture by Ren and co. would be a halt to any proposed Adams transfer. Very improbable but who knows. Regards.

  23. WaycoolBlue

    How about we get a billboard directly outside the ground. If you can help with this let me know if Blue’s Trust can help with this please contact me. For the information needed on how we go about this.

  24. Eric Jones

    Ren must go. He operates like a dictator and has zero communication skills. He has failed over and over again. I would rather watch the Blues in division 4 with owners who understand football and who respect the fans. The decision to sack Monk is WRONG. Monk has been superb and it is a shame that Ren was not straight with him when he was hired concerning the debt that Ren incurred through his “pretty football” notion. OWNER: Get rid of Ren and appoint someone who can rebuild trust with fans.

  25. David Roots

    The only way to get a message across to the owners is to hit them where it hurts. That is financially. They expect that in spite of their incredulous actions we will all turn up next season and keep financing them. I do believe in all they say and do that they bought the club solely to get the riches of the Premier League, but they have no idea as to how to navigate from the Championship. I have been a Bluenose for 55 years but nothing comes close to this shambles and poor management. We must make our feelings felt in both demonstration and action. That unfortunately also means a commercial boycott.

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