Reports of a breakdown in relationships

Like all Blues fans, Blues Trust was particularly alarmed by yesterday’s reports of a serious breakdown of relationship between Garry Monk and the Board.

We would expect the Board to quickly dispel rumours of this disquiet by making a public commitment of absolute support for the manager. It is abundantly clear that we are very fortunate to have such a capable managerial and coaching team at the Club, and should be looking forward to seeing what they can do with proper backing next season. It should not be forgotten quickly that last season Garry Monk reinvigorated the side and then oversaw the successful navigation of an extremely difficult set of circumstances – circumstances precipitated by regrettable decisions at Board level.

We would ask the Board to reflect sensibly on the progress Blues have made in the last year, in which Garry Monk was not only instrumental in rebuilding the confidence of the team but, crucially, the bond between the fans and their Club.  

Thus to lose such a highly regarded, popular manager under these circumstances would be considered a deeply neglectful decision, and one which the supporters would find extremely difficult to forgive.

Blues Trust also considers that by ensuring Garry Monk remains manager – and is supported to take the Club forward – the Board will have taken the opportunity to demonstrate that they respect the views of the fans, and possess the integrity to see beyond personal interests to do what is right for the Club.

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