We wanted to take the time to thank everybody who contacted us yesterday in their droves, and reassure them that we share their depth of feeling and determination to do something about it.

In considerable numbers, fans have expressed their bewilderment and fury at not only Tuesday’s decision, but also the general malaise which has set in around the Club they love.

It was distressing to receive emails from scores of Blues fans – many of whom have been supporters for five, six decades – say that yesterday was the final, final straw and that they would rather no longer attend than tacitly support a regime which demonstrably did not care about Birmingham City.

What is absolutely apparent is that as a supporter base, we no longer retain any shred of confidence in those taking strategic decisions on behalf of the Club.

On behalf of the supporters, the Trust will do all it can to hold those responsible to account and to seek effective change for the future of the Club. We are working on an action plan which we will circulate shortly.

But we do need your help.

If you are not yet a member of the Trust and would like to become one to support our efforts at this critical time, please do so by visiting the Blues Trust website at this link

If you have skills, or connections that you feel might benefit the work ahead of us – or even just the time to lend a hand – please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your continued support.


Blues Trust

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  1. perry clarke

    Good luck, I feel you are our best chance of affecting change, or at least making the owners actually listen. On our own we will achieve nothing, it’ll be a fractured affair with several groups of fans all doing their own thing – we need direction and a plan, hope you can supply that. You’ve got my support.

  2. Dipak73

    Daily Mail article wow
    All is not as it seems is Garry really whiter than white………??

    • WaycoolBlue

      That is just a smokescreen Garry monk was introduced to the club by that agency in the first place it’s common practice for clubs to use the same agency.

      And the same agent was involved in all of the Zola signings.

      Ren also neglects to inform that the club pays a retainer to that particular agent of £10,000 a month.

      And it works like that at every Club it’s not just monkey works this way it’s every manager in the country and all across Europe.

    • David Roots

      Indeed this is a feeble attempt by the CEO to try and cover up the actions with some lame excuses. The agent was involved at Blues before Monk came and the fact that they asked him to play a different type of football is a joke. With what? You cannot play like Manchester City on a tight budget. Monk got the club, the team, the fans all working together and with the non -existent budget he had he worked miracles.

    • Mick G

      I am wondering whether you may have a point, why are the back room staff still there ready to fight the good fight. If Garry was so unfairly treated surely the would leave and speak out

  3. Mike

    The only way to get this lot out is to investigate each and every person on the Board in UK and China, TTA, BSH and all affiliated businesses. The HK Stock Exchange need to black ball them, To do that a Criminal Investigative accountant is required. I am sure they are using the club to get money out of China due to the Chinese Government clamping down on Investments from Chinese Businesses. It would not surprise me in the slightest if we was cleaning dirty money for a well know chinese organised crime outfit. The Club has been diluted beyond recognition. Mr King ? needs to be fully investigated its obvious he has huge influence on the club and nobody knows who he even is. Or Its Relegation and Administration. They have no idea what they are doing, What English Football Requires, The Championship as a Stand Alone League like no other. Fancy Football is rare in the Championship, Its a Hard Slog where you need Determination, Stability and resilience to be successful. Backed with some Talented players, A Settled Side and loads of Luck. Possession football is a nonsense, its boring and wont work in the Championship. Opponents will sit back and watch the Defence pass it across the back leading to the inevitable hoof up front. We need a balanced side, Both Counter attacking, Using the Channels, Movement to create space and yes sometimes its got to be hoof ball. Im afraid Clotet, Calm wont achieve anything especially if they are being told how to play by The Chinese Suits.

  4. TMS Blues

    This is not as black and white as it might seem I fear.
    GM and his team have done a great job that’s clear for all to see but on reading Ren’s comments I think GM has created some problems for himself.
    It is a fact he has departed now from three clubs after internal disputes with Club heirarchy. Were they all at fault? Or does he have a difficult attitude to dealing with his bosses. Of course he wasn’t going to resign from Blues because he’d lose his payout and he can afford to have a ‘couldn’t care less’ about the owners views when his backside is covered by Derby being lined up to ‘find’ him as the fee free replacement for Lamps. (did he miss out on the Baggies gig?)
    The club of course does itself no favours by having a non communicative attitude to involving the fans and the wider club following and whatever happens this needs to be addressed going forwards. Monk filled that void in communication and created a great fan club bond. His successor will hope to create the same bond but in the meantime the Owners need to find a credible voice and leader prepared to show up on a regular basis.

  5. Gazal

    Who got Monk into the job? The owners.
    And did he do a good job? Yes.
    Were they right about GR? Most would say yes now, but didnt at the time.

    Since then we have had Zola, Arry and Cotterill where they got it horribly wrong, so its safe to say that they are not as naive as they were back then. Its cost them millions in pay-offs so this was not a decision taken easily.

    Some good lessons learned by the owners I would say, so for the good of the club either buy it and do it your way or KRO and get behind the next manager.

    Be nice to the hand that feeds us and pays the money out. P*ss them off and
    it will only get worse. like it did with Sullivan and Gold and look where that ended up

    • WaycoolBlue

      Unfortunately it looks as though the club are going down the same route again they are looking for a manager to come in and bring in players that can play possession expansive attacking football. It’s the Zola thing all over again.

      They are not worried if they break financial fair play rules they want promotion at all costs.

      Knowing full well what the consequences will be if he does not work.

      So no they haven’t learnt anything.

  6. Rob Cammerer

    I hope 1 day that the fans can run the blues just like pompey f.c they were in so much debt but now it is run by the fans community they are now debt free and challenging for promotion. They just missed out this season . As I live in Southampton I can’t make it to too many blues games plus atm I don’t want to go to any blues games with them in charge .fratton park is like one big family unit . The board couldn’t run a Chinese take away . KRO SOTV

  7. eddy

    I do not have any faith in these owners,they are not interested in birmingham city,only the stock exchange listing and the avenues that provides for their “other exploits”i am not even convinced that they want to get promoted as this could bring far greater scrutiny of their activities.There is more than one way of making money from a football club even when the club itself may appear to be losing money.Do you honestly believe these owners would just keep losing millions year on year and leave everything in the hands of an incompetent CEO?
    Ren is just the stooge here just like CY was.This all goes back to the billions involved in the Hong Kong and Macau gambling world,if the authorities struggle to get to the bottom of these things what hope have we got.I sincerely hope I am wrong but their actions lead me to no other conclusion.All the best with your efforts I hope on e day we will have our club back,forever blues KRO

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