What next from Blues Trust?

17 Jul 2019 | 3 comments

Blues Trust has been in reflective mood as the summer of shocks gives way to a new season of hope and uncertainty. We have consulted our members to decide what next for the Trust.

We put a number of questions to our members in a vote to find out their opinions and what Blues Trust should do next. The questions and answers can be viewed at this link. The results have been considered and, based on what they have told us, we intend to prioritise the two items that had overwhelming support:

  • finding ways to inform the owners in Hong Kong how poorly our club is being run by the BCFC directors and especially calling for Mr Ren to be dismissed.
  • step up efforts to bring a number of the many supporters’ groups together to give strength to the supporters voice (and counter the directors argument that each group is not talking for the majority of fans.

Regarding protesting at matches, there was not a majority supporting these actions and so the Trust will not spend time or money organising protests at this time. We will keep this under review if circumstances change. The Trust Board formed a view that like most fans we want to support the team and that protesting distracts from this and can adversely affect players performance and confidence.

Regarding boycotting games, the vote showed insufficient support and a majority against. The Trust’s view is that this is a personal decision for people and ask all fans to respect each other’s individual decisions. The last thing we need is division amongst fans.

There was almost 70% support for not buying mechandise. Again, this is an individual decision for fans. The Trust considers this is an area that can send a message to the directors of the Club, but it would not have a significant financial impact. It may be an area to be kept under review for a campaign if things deteriorate.

There is majority support for social media campaigns and we will continue to publicise the mistakes being made in running our club. We will also increase our efforts:

  • to encourage members to send us opinion articles for posting on the website.
  • in trying to be clear on the financial state of the club and reporting on this.

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  1. Keith

    Hi much as I admire you your idea of trying to seek REN sacking is imho doomed. Chinese culture will not give in to such pressures and likely to reinforce him staying. Maybe the artist can speak with a Chinese person who can help find ways to influence Chinese owners but again imho pressures like this are not the answer

  2. Sausage n Egg

    So in reality no one does anything but fiddles while Rome burns ? Blues fans will just suck it up like is the norm when shite happens . That is Blues .To listen to fans on other blues fans websites (one particular odious nest of knowalls especially)you would think Dong is a hero rather than the cretin he is . By the time the token half baked token jesture of a few slow handclaps and a home made crappy flag is made we will be headed towards League 1.

  3. Klatenhoff

    Why don’t you accept what Monk did – earned him the sack deservedly? His behaviour was not beyond reproach at all. Take off the rose tinted specs you have for Monk who cleverly took fans in with his calculated PR

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