Bury FC: show your solidarity

We ‘d like to broadcast a message received from the Football Supporters Association (“FSA”) calling for solidarity with fans of Bury FC.

The FSA urges supporters to participate in a minute’s applause this weekend

Football supporters everywhere were shocked and saddened when on the 27th August Bury FC were expelled from the EFL.

A 134 year old institution gone. Generations of fans left without the cornerstone of their community that so many of us take for granted.

We fans often revel in the tribalism of our game but the deep love we have for our own club serves to strengthen solidarity when a crisis emerges.

In the past couple of days there has been an outpouring of compassion, empathy and sorrow from hundreds of thousands of fans across the country and throughout the leagues.

This weekend be grateful that your club has a game to play, that you can continue your matchday rituals with friends and family, like every other Saturday. Soak up the experience and appreciate it… and on the 27th minute, the FSA is calling for supporters everywhere to applaud for one minute in a nationwide display of solidarity for Bury.

Why a minute of applause on the 27th minute? Because on 27th August a football club was expelled from the league for the first time in 27 years. Let’s show that we care and we are angry that this situation has been allowed to happen.

The FSA is lobbying hard to protect our clubs from unscrupulous or incompetent owners – conflicts of interest have to be removed as owners have shown they cannot regulate themselves and our clubs deserve special protections more in line with those afforded to listed buildings. Football clubs are not just another business.

We’ll need your support for that campaign in the weeks and months ahead, but for this weekend, let’s start by showing supporter solidarity with Bury fans on the 27th minute.


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  1. Paul scott

    Re instate bury fc to the football league where they belong from supporters of rotherham united

    • Mike

      I feel for Bury Fc, just keeping my fingers crossed that something could be done to reinstate them to where they belong in the football league.
      Being a Crystal Palace supporter, definitely know how Bury supporters will be feeling.
      We were in this position back in 2010.
      You have my support Bury Fc.
      From a Crystal Palace fan.

  2. Steve

    Supporters from all around the country and especially premier league club owners should all be paying a donation into a fund to help keep these clubs alive, as the life blood of our communities and part of our national heritage.

    This shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

    All the best Bury fans, hopefully one day you will have your club back.


  3. Sausage n Egg

    Not the first and won’t be the last … Pity they didn’t bend over backwards to help them like they did with Bolton? Who got loans deadline extensions and dinners out

  4. Birmingham City fan

    Very sad day, what a great little club, sadly now gone.

    Not many minute applause are worthy, some are even cringe. But this is one that feels justified.

  5. Alan Watton

    With their connections why did the Class of 92 put their resources into Salford and not Bury? I have enjoyed the Salford story but can’t help thinking the TV had something to do with it. Maybe Sky could have slipped them a £7m loan.

  6. barry godwin

    brum supporter here…This is the fault of the main instigator..Man U…whenI was young gate receipts were shared and a portion to the league and that kept the little clubs afloat..then Man U and their mates..arsenal etc..decided as follows…Man U:when we play we get 50,000 v Wimbledon and give them a third of the receipts..when we go to plough lane we get a pittance|||||so the big league said no,we keep our money,blow the smaller clubs…..hence Bury….etc…GREED.and the League management and owners club are responsible!!Man U decided they didn’t want to play in the fa cup one year!!They should have never been allowed back in!…Betting should put their hands in their pockets also!!!barry

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