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2019/2020 New Season

Welcome Bluenoses and Blues Trust members to the 2019/20 Championship season for our beloved Blues.

Let’s all hope it is a successful one.

The new ‘caretaker coach’ Pep Clotet now needs our full support. Whatever happened with the previous manager should have no reflection on Pep who has demonstrated a real desire to make us successful and clearly has a closer relationship with the CEO than was previously the case. The move to a more attacking and fluid style of play reflects what the board indicated they want to achieve (although failed miserably when Zola was here!) and Pep seems committed to try and make that work.

We have welcomed to the club a record signing in Sunjic and what seems to be possibly two masterstrokes in Crowley and Villalba. We have yet to see what Gimenez can offer in attack, but he scored 20 goals last season in the Spanish second division, so maybe a player to watch develop.

In many ways it was a shame to see Isaac Vassell leave the club after so long in rehabilitation and just coming back into full contention. Then he scores on his debut for Cardiff City; you couldn’t write the script!

At the time of posting we are 3 games into the new season and have 4 points on the board. Not a bad start, although the result against Forest has possibly taken the shine off a little. It is still a position many would have gladly taken at the end of July. It is worth noting that it took us the first 8 games of last season to get to 6 points, so by comparison this is a better start.

This season we would once again request the BCFC board to become more interactive with the Blues supporters groups and to create a more effective and constructive dialogue so that clearer information and the reasoning behind decisions can be made available. To this end the Trust will continue to be working pro-actively to gain access to the information we believe the supporters are entitled to.

Key information is needed from the directors re the clubs position with EFL FFP rules. With the club still suffering significant financial losses (being subsidised by the owners) will we again breach EFL FFP rules in the coming season(s)? The directors seemed to sleepwalk into the situation which caused the EFL penalty last season – a detailed statement explaining how the club can keep within EFL FFP rules would give some comfort that they have this in hand this season.

So we must keep our hope going and see how this new team develops over the coming weeks. In the meantime the Blues Trust will continue to look for ways to improve the supporters’ relationship with the directors of the club to hopefully improve the supporters understanding of decisions being made by the board.

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  1. Ian davey

    I’m very sorry to say this but peps a nice guy and a good coach. But he’s not the manager for Birmingham City and I will not support the coach or the training staff only my team. I would like ren and Edward chow to leave. And we should have brought puscas in as a striker. We need to bring back gary monk or someone like him. Or we are doomed.

    • WayCoolBlue

      It’s not as bad as all that. That was one game out of 4 so far. One game doesn’t define your whole season.

      Yeah the press are calling it and hammering since when did 3 Neils become a hammering. We have beat many teams 3-0 over the course of the years they was never described as a hammering.

      It just did not work we was caught on the break too often. We lost and thats that. It was a big loss but it was hardly a hammering.

      So let’s put things into perspective there’s a lot more games to go the team needs to gel we clearly need more than two strikers. I said get behind the team and the management staff they are a part of the team. KRO

      • Mike

        3 out of the last 4 games we have conceded 3 goals a game !!
        We must learn to defend and keep clean sheets !!
        If we had messi, ronaldo, neymar up front , if we cant defend we are going to get relegated without doubt.

    • Eric Jones

      I do agree. Rowett and Monk are my favourite managers and got results to prove it. I feel that the owners did not like the way these two managers had great communication with the fans…especially Monk. We need new owners while still supporting the Blues players no matter what.

  2. Rob Cammerer

    Omg why the hell is so many blues fans in panic mode . We lost 3-0 big deal the players all need to gel together and I think when it all clicks we could be in for a good season . This season I will be happy to just stay in the championship and then aim higher next season KRO SOTV

    • Michael Lees

      Completely agree. New way of playing and half a team that have never played together, going to take another few games for us to start looking decent. At least this time around we have some players capable of playing possession football! Lets see where we are at in November/Xmas then see if Clotet is the man for the job.

  3. SolBlue

    Sell your top scorer and captain and don’t replace and the Forest result was always going to happen, no goals and heads went down. I hope we avoid relegation but we will need plenty of luck. KRO

  4. tracey tyler

    Monumental Selection mistake by Clotet….everyone knew about the threat from the Forest wingers and we all know that Pedersen aint the greatest against fast,direct wingers so Seddon should have played to give him cover, Villalba was never going to back track so it was a accident waiting to happen and it did.Seddon should play every match as he is pacy, a good crosser of a ball and tracks back, no brainer really

  5. Oldburyblue

    Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!! Like every season every team can beat any other team on a given day. If you judge our performance on Saturday by the highlights shown on Quest we didn’t have an attack all game. Those in attendance or who have watched the extended highlights on Blues TV will know that wasn’t the case.

  6. Roy Smith

    The big worry is that although we have 4 points we should have only got 1 as Brentford hammered us out of sight, Bristol carved us apart on a number of occasions and might have beaten us as well. We can’t get lucky every week. Not getting another striker and even more stupidly selling Vassell was the decision of an idiot who does not really understand football. Pep may have a better relationship with Ren than previous managers but as Ren is probably the problem with our club this isn’t necessarily a good thing. I am hoping for the best but not expecting it. Hope I am wrong.

    • Peter Davis

      We did buy a top scoring striker! I am not saying it will all come good, but give it some time.

  7. Sausage n Egg

    We rode our luck at Brentford and were bloody lucky… I took a days holiday and paid full to go see Blues Reserve team bullied by a poor 1 division team on the night And I have just witnessed as poor as a performance as I have seen in a while at Forest.. Yet I’m expected to clap my hands with joy because things are rosy? No they are not poor decisions being made by dong and co include appointing Pep as the easy option.. To me he has no emotion on the sidelines and I don’t believe if we go a goal down he has the nous to turn a game around. The players are limited and it is a fact that you can’t polish a turd. You cant play like Real Madrid with average and below players .Sorry but that’s how I see it

  8. Linda Goodman

    More attacking and fluid style of play. What a joke we created nothing at Brentford or Forest ( one shot on target in each game) three/four against Bristol. Pep doesn’t even know what system he’s playing arriving home from watching that utterly embarrassing total shambles at Forest I read his comments we played 4 4 2? Perhaps he’d like to enlighten us as to who was the 2nd striker and where were the wingers. Why is Gardner being played wide right. Why have we brought people like Clarke-Slater, Medina, Ramos in our U23 Trueman, Bellingham, Bailey, Bajrami and Lakin are better players. And even a Head Coach should insist he has some say in the in’s and out’s not just stand there and be told what players the board are signing.

  9. nicko

    if we lose the next 2 games panic will set in but i think we will win tomorrow night. pep needs wins he knows he will be gone before christmas if we are near the bottom keep the faith

  10. Len Kirby

    I have supported blues for 55 years.I have not renewed my season ticket and i will not go down until the owners change.The manager is not up to the job he is clearly a puppet for the owners.The players brought in are not up to standard bieng in the main from the spanish third tier.We only needed a few recruits to improve the squad .We should have spent the money for Adams on quality buys.I hope we stay up but fear a repeat of the Zola era.We have lost 3-0 away three times and each time Pep says lessons will be learnt.I dont blame Pep but the owners have let us down again and having supported Blues all these i know the signs and they are not good

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