St Andrews ACV status renewed

23 Aug 2019

Blues Trust is pleased to announce that it has today received confirmation that St. Andrew’s has been reauthorised by the Council as an Asset of Community Value.

Asset of Community Value (‘ACV’) status is ascribed to land or buildings of important local cultural or historical standing following successful application from local organisations, such as the Trust. The registration lasts for 5 years, and renewal can only be sought once it has expired. The Trust applied to the Council regarding this in January when the previous period elapsed.

The key principle of an ACV is that buildings or land under it must be offered for purchase to the community should a prospective buyer register an interest. This means that if plans were underway to sell the ground to a different company, that a 6 month window of opportunity would automatically arise in which the community could seek alternative buyers.

We would like to offer our thanks to Birmingham City Council for their assistance over these last few months.

Blues Trust

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  1. William Dunn

    Well done that’s great news.

  2. Eric Jones

    Thanks to the Trust and the Council. I bit of reassurance with foreign owners.

  3. Ijaz

    Good news as we can’t end up another Coventry without a ground

    • Tony gill

      Well done .
      Great news for us all kro

  4. Bluey

    Well done to all concerned. KRO.

  5. Fred Greaves

    Well done ! A valuable and vital move!

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