Blues Trust needs more board members

Before last year’s AGM, some board members spent time discussing what we’d like to do and how we could be better organised. We decided that it would be good to have nine board members. We didn’t get that many. We had five and we co-opted another one during the year.

The current board members have different backgrounds and abilities but one thing in common: we all have lives and other things to do besides Blues Trust work. If there were nine of us, we would have more people to share the work and we would be able to do more.  

In my letter giving advance notice of our AGM, I said that we would welcome some new board members, with ideas on what we should do and a willingness to help do it.  I really meant that; we do need help.    

Please get in touch with me or another board member if you are interested in standing for election and have questions about that.

Margaret Decker

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  1. Sausage n Egg

    9 will make Mini bus hire cheaper

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