Déjà vu!

15 Mar 2021 | 15 comments

Blues Trust

Even though the club still have not confirmed Karanka’s departure, it’s apparent he has gone.

The manager may change once again, but until the fundamental problems at Birmingham City are solved, things will continue to slowly unravel as they have been for the last decade.

Whilst CEO Dong has dithered, Blues have been sucked into their near annual relegation battle, and find themselves in a depressingly familiar and entirely predictable situation of needing a late-season saviour. It becomes increasingly likely that this pattern of management will bring relegation and further decline.

After landing Karanka, Dong Ren offered meaningless platitudes about how he saw the new manager as “a partner… to move forward with”.

It is time for the second partner in this arrangement to follow the first out of the door.  Dong Ren has constantly failed to learn from glaring mistakes, overseen mis-step after mis-step, and consistently demonstrated that he does not possess the requisite skills for the job.

He has overseen the dismantling of the club in every conceivable way, and his dismal record cannot be allowed to continue.

There are suitable replacements out there – an obvious one being former Blues Ladies’ CEO Tim Andrews, who understands Birmingham City and has a record which speaks for itself, but quite clearly would require a structure to work within that aligned with the values he wished to restore to the club.

Whoever is appointed next has a big job on their hands, but unless Blues get the right people back into key positions, the slow decline will perpetuate.

The Trust would like to take this opportunity to wish Aitor Karanka all the best for the future.

Blues Trust


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  1. John

    I’m so relieved that Karanka has gone he was a liability who refused to learn from his mistakes. Now the owners must listen to the fans and remove Dong Ren too; as you say the club can’t move forward until all the bad blood has been removed.

  2. Eric Jones

    Dong dithered – true but a mild statement. As you know he has done a terrible job and got rid of many true Bluenose staff. Waits too late to act etc etc. Thanx for calling for Dong to go and I like your idea….KRO and thanx for being there…

  3. Jimmy

    Utterly incompetent management of our club since 2011. The Hong Kong Chinese ownership of the club have been like parasites slowly draining the life out of the club. shadowy owners who hide behind opaque layers of ownership. If any one of them has the nerve to show their face at St Andrews again they have no shame. Well done Lee for coming back and trying to help the club. The fans are behind you. If we go down we will not blame you.
    All fans must shout loud and passionately at every game on every radio phone in and media outlet and embarrass these owners to sell up and leave. Make sure Sky Sports BBC etc know how much we revile the people who own our club whoever they may be.

    • Robert wiley

      Couldn’t agree more,as was stated at the recent zoom meeting which I was going to say this but it was answered at that meeting ,until owners sell up we still have big problems and Dong REN should immediately follow karanka out the door.He is killing the club

  4. Stan Moye

    With the club literally crumbling around us, my hope is whoever makes the key decisions will take this opportunity to replace the CEO and reinstate the loyal staff who left the club. We need someone who understands and appreciates the fans passion, loyalty and DESIRE.
    Surely there must be someone within the ownership structure that can see the massive potential our club has. The one thing l’m confident Lee Bowyer will install is the passion we all crave for, he’ll put some fire in the bellies of whoever is wearing our shirt. We’re right behind you Lee, we’re in the scrap of our lives, let’s do what we do best, we stand together as one, come on you Blues.

  5. Mitchell Bray

    Restored faith? .. maybe. Saving grace in all this horrible ongoing calamitous mess, is that Lee Bowyer is prepared to put his soul into B9. This leaves me in no doubt that I should at least support him and pray he makes the right calls.

  6. Ted

    The blame for all Birmingham’s troubles lie at one persons feet and that person is David Sullivan who sold our,at the time thriving premiership club to the infamous Carson Young.When Sullivan decided to sell blues he stayed that he wouldn’t sell it to anyone who couldn’t carry on taking the club forward and in the next breathe he sells it to someone who was described as Hong Kong’s version of Del Boy and the rest is history,Mr Sullivan has got a lot to answer for.

    • Roy Smith

      We as Blues fans wouldn’t have done it, but if you owned a club that wasn’t really in your heart and someone offered you double its value wouldn’t you have sold up?
      Sullivan lost any interest he ever had in Blues when he wasn’t given a free ground by Birmingham Council that would have allowed him to sell off St Andrews and make even more money.
      A pretty vile man, I never liked him even when he appeared to be at least making an effort, as it always seemed we fans were expected to put in more and more every season for less and less. But at least he was openly exploitative unlike Gold who always tried to appear the kind old lovable uncle while backing up Sullivan’s rip offs all the way.

    • Robert wiley

      Fully agree with you

  7. John

    I agree with you all, I hated karanka but now we have someone who is passionate about our club. It may be too late for him to save us this season but as Jimmy says we will not blame him. Now we have someone we want and someone who believes in Birmingham City we must get behind him and give him our full support at whatever level we’re playing at next season.

    DONG OUT! – Then we can really move forward. New owners and perhaps we can fly again. It may be pipe dreams but at least we can dream.

  8. John

    I find it incredible that the only information reference Bowyer coming to Birmingham has been from Charlton. Like any other club’s website Birmingham’s is supposed to be there to keep the fans updated on “in house” news yet there has been nothing on the Birmingham City website since Saturday’s match report. They haven’t even commented on the worst kept secret in football 2021, that Karanka has finally been sacked and that Bowyer is at least in talks reference the vacancy. There is no longer any respect for the fans so how can the club, and certainly the owners/directors expect any respect from the fans in return? Wake up Birmingham, if you want our support and our money then at least have the decency to keep us updated with what’s going on.

  9. Roy Smith

    Any CEO who had made the sort of disastrous errors that Dong has made, irrespective of the type of company he was in, would have been sacked years ago. It just reflects the incompetence of the people who own the club that he is still in place.
    What amazes me is that people who hate to lose face, in the way that the Chinese do, don’t realise that he has made them the laughing stock of English football. Sadly I can see Dong getting through another half dozen managers before they finally see the light.

    • John

      Unfortunately Roy I agree with you

  10. Mitchell Bray

    Bottom line now is whether we have the players to emulate Lee Bowyer and get a few wins. We have to play 4-4-2 surely.Tonights round of games will either give us hope or drive a nail etc. Rotherham and Coventry must be the ones on our radar.

  11. Robert wiley

    Please,if there are any wealthy individuals or groups out there who love the club,please consider an offer to get rid of this Chinese ownership who are dismantling us slowly but surely.Dong and owners out.

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