Another Day, Another Battle!

10 Apr 2021 | 2 comments

Birmingham City v Stoke City

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Lee Bowyer’s obvious impact is there for all to see. Against top teams since his desperately awaited arrival, it has produced the lifeline we needed. Basically points on the board. Nothing more and nothing less, as desperate for more we certainly are. No let up, no complacency must be the shout out phrase for the next six games.

Starting with Stoke City at home, Bowyer’s selection and tactics become crucial once again, against a big, awkward team that don’t lie down easily. After accruing seven points over Easter, our appetite for more is obvious with zero returns not on the agenda – such a contrast to only a few weeks ago. My main point here is not losing. Winning great, but not getting beaten equally important, and that for me is the key. Against Stoke is a perfect example as they are capable of beating most teams, not great but a steady outfit who can play ugly if necessary, and playing us they may well have to play that way.

Under Lee Bowyer we have, in my opinion, the ideal solution in what the team and tactics should be, and being a past battler himself, stage is set. Point from this game will be good. Others may disagree. Do we still keep those prayer mats out? Most certainly. Until that 48 points total is achieved, I take nothing for granted. Many supporters have questioned this total and rightly so, but 48 I am sticking to. Point per game from the final six may not seem a lot, but rich pickings they certainly are. Survival must now be very much fancied since Lee Bowyer’s arrival but with caution.

Should we start the new campaign in this Championship, then his own admission that he has inherited a good big squad will be his next challenge. Getting the best out of this squad is hard for him as he cannot gamble on a single game with any rising talent. So far the players he has relied upon are slotting in, and that’s how the next six games has to be.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Mitchell

    How was that fellow Bluenoses? Another battle -another happy Saturday night!

  2. John

    Over a majority of the season we have repeated ourselves over and over again .. “What a bloody mess” (to put it politely). Over the past few weeks we have repeated ourselves over and over again, “What a refreshing change”.

    Apart from one or two who I would happily clear out in the summer, the fans always knew that we had a decent squad on paper but the way they were being utilised and degraded by the manager they weren’t much good on grass. Now we have a manager who not only believes in the players but openly praises them, it’s called man management. Instead of digging themselves into a trough the whole squad is now not just rising to the occasion but are walking tall, ten feet tall.

    Personally I’m not convinced about Halilovic and Clayton isn’t worth mentioning but otherwise we look pretty solid. I’d like to praise both the Gardner brothers, maybe not the most gifted but Trojan workhorses the both of them, albeit one of them now from the sidelines.

    We certainly aren’t safe yet and I think we need a minimum of five more points from our remaining five games, oh lets be greedy and take ten. next Sunday will be massive for us as a team, as a club.

    I think Lee Bowyer has instilled pride and self belief into a squad that was severely floundering and has introduced my favourite acronym into Birmingham City which in his arrogance Karanka failed to see ….

    TEAM ….. Together Everyone Achieves More


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