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28 Apr 2021 | 6 comments

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Winning games certainly makes us Birmingham City supporters a happy throng. Couple that with Championship survival, then the world is a far happier place than that of only six weeks ago. Question is whether we are in the moment of forgiveness and move on. Obviously this refers to the past season of dire frustration and anger prior to the last ten games under a breath of fresh air.

Petitions, both on the ground and in the sky have created awareness with many feeling a little bit easier that voices are being heard. All very emotive. However, as we stand today, we are relaxed and feeling good, looking forward to next season and hopefully being physically able to support the team from our seats at St.Andrews. Again the question is whether we still need our hierarchy to take heed of our concerns and respond accordingly or simply side step the issue whilst times are good.

Pressure for answers is never easy, but simple communication from the people who receive our money as customers, should be a natural act. My feeling is that we as Blues supporters are really in no mood to let things drift especially when in a winning mode on the pitch. We simply are too long in the tooth from ten years of mismanagement to treat anything as done and dusted.

We are in a good space at the moment and long may it continue, but we must not lose sight of past shambles. We keep up the pressure for better communications, better overall service to us the paying customers and above all a feeling of being wanted by our famous club.​

Mitchell Bray

Recent News

Blues Trust has partnered with the Tilton Talk Show to prepare an open letter to the owners of Birmingham City PLC and the Board, which  was published yesterday. We are asking Blues fans to sign up to the contents of the letter that calls for the appointment of an experienced CEO to stop the rot of the 10 years of decline. The idea is to demonstrate to the owners that the vast majority of fans whilst backing Lee Boyer and the team are demanding change at the Board and CEO level.

To have your voice heard please read the details in the article and then complete the petition information. The more signatures the louder your voice so if you have 5 season ticket holders or people who watch the games then we need all 5 to sign.  So come on lets #tiltontalkshow #BluesTrust #bcfc #KRO #getyourvoiceheard !

Here’s a link to the article

We are still taking votes on our petition so please do take part – [over 1400 have signed so far] – the more fans to sign, the louder our voice.  Here’s a direct link to the petition.


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  1. Craig Courtney

    Great article. I agree that fans have settled down knowing championship football next season however we have again been in the midst of a relegation rather than promotion battle. THe ladies team have also experienced issues. The silence from the owners and hierarchy is deafening and now is the time for them to step up. We as fans want our voices heard and this is our opportunity. I ask everyone to spread the word and get as many signatures as possible. The more names the louder our voice. KRO

    • David Taylor

      Apart from the recent open letter/petition can you explain exactly how you’ve been applying the pressure?

      I, for one, will not let our safety stop the drive to rid Our Club of Dong. I will continue to travel around the Country delivering a very clear message.

      Welcome to the party – KRO

      • Mitchell Bray

        David. Applying the PRESSURE comes in all forms. Biggest plus is writing about the bad issues and highlighting what the fans see and want. CEO Ren has certainly been aware of fans feeling and so has those above him. Easy to sit back and moan about things – much harder to try and change the situation. I am sure you are doing your bit spreading the message etc. just like Joys and Sorrows and Blues Focus.

      • Cliff Horrocks

        David, Blues Trust is supportive of the banner protests and think it’s a very effective and direct way of bringing the pressure most blues fans want. The Trust and TTS have publicised the banner protests. The petition is an attempt to show just how many feel the same way as us.

  2. R Smith

    Sadly I think the only way these idiots will listen to the fans is if the government bring in a 50 plus 1 rule for fan ownership of clubs, and as this will never happen I can see the same indifference from the owners continue.

  3. John

    Unfortunately the only way these idiots will listen is when the time comes for no-one to buy season tickets and for no-one to enter the ground as paying customers, but just protest outside the ground then go home.

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