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Kicking us off is the following article written by Trust member, Mitchell Bray.

Prayer Mats Out – Again!

2 Apr 2021 | 2 comments

Prayer Mats Out - Again!


Tonight, Bowyer’s Blues embark on the final eight games of what can only be described as a season of perpetual calamity. More to the point a season of mismanagement, tactics bordering on lunacy and game plans simply not worthy of the name. Criminally and sadly we are in this situation which was totally unnecessary.

Players recruited are decent but a fair few not really the answer to what was required. However, these players should have had enough about them to have avoided an eleven home game run of consecutive defeats. Horror shows whichever way you dress it up. Nothing more needs saying as Blues supporters are literally on the deck and punch drunk. Joyless Saturday evenings have become the norm. Now for the chink of light and hope in the shape of Lee Bowyer, who by sheer reputation and never say die attitude, takes on the final eight games in the mighty task of saving the club falling into League One. Herculean ask it certainly is, but his mere presence and decision to join the club has given everyone the tonic we craved.

After the long awaited home win against Reading two weeks ago, hopes now turn to this evening and another home game against Swansea. Another opportunity for Bowyer to show what he can change in such a short couple of weeks at Wast Hills. What appeals to me is his no nonsense approach to the opposition- never in awe- always the same committed desire whether it be Barcelona or Barrow. Any doubters just ask Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. Supporters of Blues need belief and Bowyer fits the bill, with hopefully him putting out proper systems and an end to square pegs in round holes.

My plea to all Bluenoses from tonight onwards is to do whatever is possible to uplift the club and believe again- we owe it to ourselves. Before Lee Bowyer we didn’t feel part or recognise our beloved club, but there is a genuine air of hope that these remaining games could provide survival.

New sensible and proper Manager we now have, existing players hopefully have bought into him and the fight is on. We as followers cannot be there to spur them on but just having new belief now could help.

Finally, in the words of the wonderful Tony Butler ‘come on and get the prayer mats out’. Every club needs that ‘extra’ help from time to time – just that we tend to need it more than most.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John

    Apart from Adam Clayton I think that on paper we have a decent squad that unfortunately was dysfunctional and confused with the previous regime. Now we have a manager who cares and understands what a balanced side can bring and has a good idea of how to give the squad the belief it needs if we’re to have any chance of survival this season.

    Whatever happens this evening, on Monday, or even for the following six games we have a manager we can trust in whatever level we play at next season and it’s important for us to let him and the players know that as long as they fight for every ball then we’ll be behind them all the way.

    Personally I think the board left it too late to give Lee Bowyer a chance to keep us in the Championship but like every Blue Nose I’ll keep right on to the end of the road, and I’ll still be here next season regardless.


  2. Brooklyn

    In -off the post, two penalties to get three points, any bit of good fortune! Take that all day. Great win, real uplift for us battered Bluenoses. Sit down , enjoy our Easter eggs and get the prayer mats out again Tuesday. Looks like 48 points will do it this season.

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