Blackburn Last Stop

7 May 2021 | 2 comments

Saturday 8 May


Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City

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After another hugely disappointing season for Blues, Blackburn Rovers will be our last match for this Championship campaign. Forgettable season not quite, as the torrid frustrations under Karanka were amazingly rectified with the arrival and guidance of Lee Bowyer. History we now know, but it is the future that really counts.

Last Saturday, a much changed team got well beaten by Cardiff City who fielded a very strong outfit.  And, of course, they had the standout player in Harry Wilson. Bowyer understandably wanted to see what he had hidden away at Wast Hills and fair play to him that he was prepared for a defeat. This Saturday against Blackburn, I would expect a similar team selection. This, in my opinion, is a clever move by Bowyer as not only does it give him an ideal feel of what he has, but it also gives a clear indication to the Board that reinforcements are needed for next season. Before the Cardiff game, the squad used by Bowyer to reach safety clearly will be sufficient to hold mid table in the forthcoming Championship campaign. However, it is the next step that matters and that means spending money.

Strikers are the first to be talked about and righty so as these are the areas that get you a top six position. My view is that we really haven’t anyone at the club that will deliver on that scale. Hogan and Jutkiewicz are not the pair to rely upon, decent as they are. Cosgrove is an enigma at the moment and Leko doesn’t look a threat. Lee Bowyer obviously knows who he wants and that’s where we support him and his judgement.

What is eventually summed up about this season is best described as the ‘thank goodness for Lee Bowyer’, with nightmares of Karanka put firmly out of our orbit. Crowds back at St. Andrews will add much needed atmosphere to B9, and it will not take a great deal for the team to get fans on their side, provided the results are decent rather than spectacular. That brings us back to strikers and that’s the key.  Blackburn last stop for Blues and it may just be the ideal place for a young rookie striker to emerge. Leko and Cosgrove take note.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John

    As far as the striker position is concerned Birmingham messed up big time during the January transfer period, it now seems that everyone and his dog wants Nisbett and will therefore cost much more than we could have got him for five months ago.

    It is right that Bowyer should experiment a little during these last two games, there’s no point buying a player just to later find that you already have one in the drawer who can handle first team action.

    There’s no doubt that we need a regular scoring striker and we have no idea what Cosgrove can do yet. You mention money, do you really think Lee Bowyer will get any? Can we just buy a new CEO instead?

    Yes it’s been a frustrating season thanks to both Karanka and Dong but ten weeks ago not many of us expected to be supporting a Championship side next term. There’s no point in regretting the past as none of us can change it, however we can learn from it and hopefully improve the future.


  2. Mitchell

    Excellent comments John. Do I think Bowyer will be given money for next season. Yes I do, as from my understanding Ren and Bowyer haven’t had any contact with each other-leaving me with the firm belief that assurances have been given. New chapter at Blues.

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