A Clean Slate

7 Jun 2021 | 5 comments

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Nothing compares to the start of a new football season, with supporters eagerly awaiting the release of the all-important fixtures. With St. Andrews hopefully being open for business again, then the extra incentive to attend the games is most definitely there. Add to all of that the successful arrival of Lee Bowyer and his achievement of keeping us in the Championship.  We surely must be in the mood for a season of good things.

My opinion is that we are. Wishful thinking then of course it is, but something in the water tells me that change is afoot.  Apart from the obvious with a new manager, renewed belief in retained players coupled with a raft of frankly inadequate ones exiting….then this new clean slate is ready. Much has been written, discussed and debated over the fruitless past seasons that has inevitably made most Blues supporters totally sponged out in both disappointment and frustration, leaving expectations at a very low level.  This August however, the feeling amongst our fans will be different I detect, with many already getting a real buzz that 2021/2 season will be good.

Apart from the two experimental league games against Cardiff and Blackburn last month, we as Birmingham City performed as a real force.  Add two quality additions plus the backbone of the ‘Bowyer Players’ who guided us to survival, then apart from the obvious Premier League relegated clubs, we stand a real chance of determined progress.  Last month’s play offs involving Brentford, Swansea, Bournemouth and Barnsley typified a quartet of mediocrity in terms of top six Championship talent. Nothing really to be in awe of as far as our newly inspired Bowyer led squad.  Clean slate, new season, fans returning, thoughtful and sensible manager.  Stage is set.

Mitchell Bray

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  1. John P

    The forthcoming season is certainly going to be more eagerly anticipated than in the recent past. Of course it has yet to be seen what new faces may arrive at Wast Hills and of course who else may be leaving between now and August.

    I also anticipate a better season that we’ve being subjected too of late providing of course the manager gets what and who he wants and can continue to mould the team as he has done so so far. I take no pleasure in being one of the few who didn’t rate Karanka from the start of his tenure nor do I gain pleasure in being proved right.

    I’m not much of a dreamer, I prefer to live in the real world so for me anywhere in the top twelve next season and not having to chew my already ruined nails because of fighting relegation would suit me fine, maybe aiming for a top six finish the following year.

    As Birmingham supporters we can in my opinion be cautiously optimistic for the new beginning, it’ll take time but we’re used to waiting for good news at St. Andrews.

  2. Sausage n Egg

    I always look forward to a new season thinking it can’t be as bad as the last one … Then after a few games thinking it really can be as bad !! It is like being kicked constantly in the nuts knowing it’s coming but hoping it doesn’t hurt ….. It does!! I shall be getting fully behind LB and the players he keeps/ signs but I cannot get behind our owners (whoever they may be)… Maybe I might put some shin pads in my under crackers just in case!!!!

  3. WayCoolBlue

    I would be happy finishing in and around the top 10.

    That in my opinion would be a massive improvement.

    Anything more would be amazing.

    Realistically 12th 14th is what I am expecting.
    Bowyer seems to have a definite plan and realistic Outlook he is nobody‘s fool. He is creating a team with identity.

    I will back him and the pack room staff all the way. And get behind the entire squad.


  4. Walter Brian Taylor

    We still have expensive millstones eg Hogan and Leko – still some deadwood and “work in progress” players around who can’t put two consistent performances together.
    Relying too much on Duke and set pieces for goals – unless we get Nisbet can’t see us finishing in the top half of the table.

  5. Smithy

    Surely Bowyer cannot be considering Piggott from Wimbledon.Hope this is just paper talk. Give Bailey another crack- better player since he went out on loan.

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