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30 Jul 2021 | 9 comments

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Another Championship campaign now in touching distance certainly gets the adrenaline pumping. Hoping and wishing for better times has always been there, but in recent seasons it has also always been tinged with a big dollop of dread. We have got used to it. This season, however, does feel totally different. To me anyway.

Disappointment and despair over dark past times looks to have been weathered. Drawing the line now and looking ahead has never been more timely. Since the end of last season, we have seen pleasing developments on and off the pitch, with a sensible new Manager adding new players into positions that we as Blues supporters understand and welcome. We get his logic and we applaud his actions. This new season should therefore herald the end of negative thinking and low expectations, myself included. Lee Bowyer and his staff appear switched on and ready, with the likes of George Friend coming across very well with the players attitude etc.

As regards the signings so far, including those that have come in on loan, they all look appropriate and needed. All in my view necessary with no ‘oddball’ incumbents. Too many past signings have literally been square pegs in round holes. This again is, hopefully, an era now buried. Getting the signature of Dion Sanderson did it for me, as other clubs wanted him, but he came here. Yes, it might be local for him and convenient all round, but this is a decent player and Bowyer got his man.

Whatever the season holds and wherever we finish will, in my opinion, not be looked upon with yet more disappointment. Commitment appears to be rife in B9 and belief also, with the past hopefully and quickly forgotten. Not rose‑tinted glasses and wishful thinking on my part, but genuine feelings that our club is being given back to us. Fulsome support from the terraces is now the requirement and it will be the final cog that Lee Bowyer asks. He has done it all by himself so far. Now it is over to us.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Johnr200

    Fully agree with the sentiments in this article. Also seems the club have taken on board the need to keep the fans informed.

  2. Paul Hawkins

    We all hope for better times ahead. It is so easy to get carried away because of new players etc but I can always remember this time last year and fans were making comments like ‘start the promotion bus’ etc etc. I don’t want to sound negative but being a bluenose for over forty years , I have seen alot more bad times than good. I do believe we have the right man in because he knows the club inside out, he understands the passion of the supporters.
    It’s going to take time for players to blend but yes the signs are promising.

  3. Smithy

    Something definitely feels different. Bowyer not daft and not flash- just the blue blood we have been waiting for.

  4. Tilton Rod

    Another great article Mitchell. Thanks for sustaining us during the close season.

    I so want to agree with you, and of course I’m desperately hoping you are right and that this season things are going to be different. But like Paul I’ve been bitten before, so I’m keeping my optimism in check….at least for the time being. Let’s see how things are going come the end of September. With 10 games behind us at that point we’ll have a much better idea of how things are going to pan out.

    Everything is crossed though!


  5. Sausage n Egg

    I would hope that LB is allowed time to build the basis of a decent squad … Then we need rely less on loans and bring in our own.. Some things still need sorting at the club like ticketing and merchandising after all they are a business and need to make money … I find it frustrating and hard to spend my spondoolics!!! But Rome wasn’t built in a day especially after the legacy of a fool ( no names… Oh alright then Dong)… Up the LB …

  6. John Davies

    Love him or hate him, Ian Holloway once said that having a very good forward is the number one factor in the championship due to so many tight games.

    I still feel we lack in this area and have done for many many years.

  7. John P

    A 4-0 home defeat to one of our peers, this is why you don’t play pre-season friendlies against teams at your own level, they now have a psychological advantage before a ball is kicked in anger.

  8. Mitchell

    Fully agree with you John P.

  9. Smithy

    Wake up call by West Brom? Not really. Just regular reality checks.Leko and Juke not the answer. Hogan might come good and likewise Aneke. Needs proper striker that’s all.

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