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19 Jul 2021 | 10 comments

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​With last Sunday’s bitter disappointment of the national team losing to Italy behind us, our attention must now surely focus on our own beloved Blues. Less than a month to go and we start up again in a season which we hope will be a successful one.

Fans returning to St. Andrew’s will raise the whole tempo of games, with players feeling the encouragement in terms of vocal support. St. Andrew’s can be a joyful place for good, honest one hundred percenters. Add skill to all that and the right results – then supporters will be raising the roof. Flip side of course is that there will be no hiding place for below par players. My feeling is that Bowyer’s men will be at it from the start, snapping away at opponents’ heels reflecting their managers image.

Championship football is, for me, right up Lee Bowyer’s street. We couldn’t have a better character in charge. Since his arrival and the survival plan achieved, I believe he has the B9 world at his feet. This time around we know what to expect from basically an uncompromising Manager with an uncomplicated approach to the game of football. What we don’t want to dwell on is the ever over reliance on the word formations. Too many analysts…..mainly boring pundits…..complicate the game beyond reason, resulting in the majority of games twisting and turning many times depending on how the result is going. As we now stand with Bowyer’s squad it appears we have a decent defence, capable midfield and wingers up to putting the ball in the box. Keep it simple and the players and we supporters get it.

With our national team regaining pride by getting to the euro final, so it is the new league season that will grab the attention with all Championship clubs wanting to better themselves. Relegated clubs with the parachute payments are no doubt fancied, and those who narrowly missed out like Swansea and Bournemouth will be itching to go again. But there are always a few clubs that surprise and upset the odds. Blues, under Bowyer are in a decent place at the moment. The question it is whether we can get off to a good start and, if so, the supporters will play their part and raise the roof at St. Andrew’s.

Above all…..and this is really the whole crux of the matter regarding our club, and hopefully I’m speaking not only for myself….the hope is for stability and general respect within. Achieve this and we will be better for it, not only for us followers but the respect we will earn in general in the name of BCFC.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John Paget

    Well here we go again, Mitchell Bray get’s published while no-one else has a cat in hells chance, do you pay for the privilege or do you possibly have a relation on the board? I admit that I’ve given up trying now, what’s the point if only one person seems to be noticed and possibly favoured. As for your comments on England why was you disappointed, they were crap, they played two decent games, Germany and Ukraine, in each other they were lucky, particularly against Denmark. We only had two decent players throughout the tournament, walker and Shaw and they were both wing backs. In my opinion The English Championship is the best league in the world and the hardest to achieve promotion from, no over inflated salaries, no prima donna players, just the real world where you have to scrap for every point, one of the few leagues in the world where you can’t predict a winner before a ball is kicked. As for Birmingham I agree that we as fans should shout to the roof tops but let’s be realistic; a mid table finish without having to fight off relegation has to be seen as a positive considering our owners and the lack of investment which goes into the club, I’m surprised they haven’t sold the shirt badge yet, just about everything else has gone. Before anyone accuses me of doom and gloom I’m just being honest and realistic, we all loved it that the National team made it to the final but England have a manager who must have attended the Karanka school of coaching and I want Birmingham city to succeed as much as anyone but let’s give the manager a chance before we hang him out to dry if we don’t finish in the top two. As I’ve said before I agree with much of what you print but wouldn’t it be great if the board actually allowed someone else a say?

  2. Charles

    Todays Sanderson signing is another solid step for LB. This squad looks sound and solid enough to surprise people. Whether we manage to Raise the Roof is another matter.However we fans have been in the doldrums too long. Let’s give it a go

  3. WayCoolBlue

    I tried to comment earlier but for some reason it don’t work.

    Anyway I am sure all the fans will get behind Bowyer and the lads.

    I don’t expect a top half finish this season yes we have a better team in terms of Youth determination and it’s looking solid and They will all play in the Image of the Manager.

    Anything from mid-table up would be a massive improvement on what we have had in the past 5 years.

    Anything above mid-table would be amazing. There is always that one team that is the surprise package and if that was us it would be out of this world but I am not expecting it.

    People seem to talk a lot about what Money has or hasn’t been spent but at the end of the day we are a club built on pride not Bank balance and I am happy with that.

    The more money spent the more we expect the more we expect the les we get.

    So right now we can expect a team that go out and play for the shared with pride and give 100%. If that doesn’t make you happy nothing will.

    KRO ????

    • WayCoolBlue

      Correction (shirt)

    • Blues Trust Admin

      Sorry you had problems leaving a comment on this article. We had some issues on the website yesterday, some of which affected the performance of certain sections. We think we’ve corrected the problems, and ‘Comments’ now appear to be working OK

      • WayCoolBlue

        No problem ???????? Thanks for the update.

  4. Mitchell

    Waycool adds sense to all this and ‘Yes ‘ it would be great if we became the surprise package. Just need that bit of good fortune from time to time which hasn’t been around for a while except in the shape of Lee Bowyer.

  5. Sausage n Egg

    LB has identified the problem ….. We need better players and players that play in the position they are meant to… It really is a simple game and does not need diagrams and charts and clipboards on match day .. (When did that become a thing???) I tried to post yesterday but the Captcha thing couldn’t get 5 – five right… I looked at my clipboard and my sums were correct …it said five
    KRO me hearties get behind LB

    • John P

      I agree with your comment on clipboards, ipads, diagram charts etc. they are only any good if the opposition also do exactly what you want them to do and I imagine that that’s rarely the case. When making a substitution just give the lads a position to fill and tell them to play for the badge and the fans. As you (and Brian Clough) say/said football is a very simple game, why confuse it, a manager should use a player in their correct position and pick them for their personal skills and attributes so just let them get on with it and shine, football is hardly rocket science that needs pye charts and endless pages of useless diagrams.


  6. Sausage n Egg

    Save your clipboards for our new signing … On a 3 year deal I give you Pukka Pies!!!! Possibly our best signing yet . Ideal to place on a clipboard ! Don’t forget A (Blue )army marches on its stomach
    KRO me hearties

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