Deeney Done And Dusted

31 Aug 2021 | 10 comments

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To say the signing of Troy Deeney has given everyone who supports Blues a lift is massively understated. This is huge in terms of credibility, real hope and a statement of intent. Whatever our recent problems, frustrations and sometimes anger towards the hierarchy of our club, Troy Deeney’s arrival has gone a very long way in restoring my faith.

No doubt the Chairman, Lee Bowyer and Craig Gardner have done their utmost to get this signing over the line. Yes, Deeney is a great lover of BCFC and emotions run amok when it’s your boyhood club, but business is business and I have little doubt Troy’s advisers have sorted the best deal for him. A two year contract plus another option of a third year is generous, making it an attractive deal.

Question now is what’s in store after this already good start to the season? Answer to this is hopefully going from strength, to even more progress with weaknesses being addressed and more potent personnel being brought in off and on the pitch. Talk we all know is cheap and actions are what it’s all about, rightly so, but we can also dream a little and this paramount signing of Troy Deeney is massive. Keep him fit, and hopefully injury free, and together with the Juke you have a potent force in the attacking sense.

Lee Bowyer has addressed the defence, certainly improved the midfield and is now concentrating on the attacking format. For once we are in a good place. All that’s needed now is a repaired stadium and supporters will surely play their part, loud and clearly, in welcoming Troy Deeney’s decision to join his boyhood club. Again I say well done to all concerned in getting this signing done.

Mitchell Bray


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    Fantastic signing Troy Deeney. Still can’t get over the fact he’s come to the blues. I knew he would come to us, thought maybe next season though. KRO

  2. Keith D

    Think Craig Gardener needs more credit than he his getting. Amazing Troy is back home, not sunk in yet. Any news regarding the ongoing stand Issues? Seen a photo of a couple of cranes. Will we be up to capacity by 2022, with this lot. Think Troy has more money than the present owners. That would be fairytale. Plus a fair few famous celebs with a few millions also. Best strikers in Championship now. KRO

  3. Pat Tobin

    fantastic well done everyone for getting it done kro

  4. Pat Tobin

    Brilliant can believe it kro

  5. Bill

    Troy’s signing is a great boost and after the first few games of the season things are starting to look up for the first time in a long time. Considering the financial constraints the new management have done a great job. Here’s to a brighter future and getting the stadium sorted.

  6. WayCoolBlue

    Quality signing. Craig Gardner is doing a stellar job. Deeney’s leadership qualities alone will Prive the club forward. ???? KRO

  7. Smithy

    Awesome pairings of Deeney and Juke. Add Chong and Bela for pace plus solid big defence. We are at last the proper Brum. Afraid of nowt.

  8. Tmsblues1

    This puts a lot of pressure on Troy . He can rise to the challenge but the team needs to continue to drive up their performances too as they have done so far this season.
    No doubt we need to see a few leave tonight to help balance the books. Top of the list must be Clayton who will otherwise not even make the squad yet be one of the top earners.

  9. John P

    With Deeney in and Leko gone for the season we have reason to rejoice, until at least next Saturday when we play football again when hopefully all our dreams will come true. Of course we can’t forget that Troy has a history of injuries and isn’t young anymore. I don’t expect him to play more than 25 games a season but what we do know that like the Garners he is a true blue, he’ll give everything for the cause and the opposition defenders will fear him.

    Leko will now play at a level that suits him better, he really wasn’t a good buy for us but then far too many Karanka purchases weren’t up to much at all. In Troy Deeney we have a front row leader, we have a dressing room leader, and we all know if the call comes he can be a steady captain both on and off the field.

    Let’s give the man a chance, he won’t score hat tricks every week but he’ll be on the score sheet some games, even those where he isn’t he’ll be making goals for others. He has said himself that there will be a lot of pressure on him but all we ask of him is to give to us what he did for Watford, and let’s face it he only knows 100% commitment so we know we’ll get that.

    Welcome home Troy Deeney, KRO.

    • Tilton Rod

      Some good points well made John P. Like everyone else I’m chuffed and excited by Troy’s arrival, but it’s good to keep things in perspective. Certainly wishing him well though.

      Question is, are season ticket holders in the Kop and Tilton stands going to be able to watch him play next Friday? Does anyone know what’s happening?

      I’ve seen the grainy photo of a lorry unloading materials, but it’s been three weeks since the last official announcement from the club. Given the severity of the situation and the growing frustration being felt by those affected, why no recent update?

      So much for an era of improved communications which many of us commented on following Ren’s departure. Come on Blues, get your act together and let us know where we stand. Or not as the case may be!


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