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13 Aug 2021 | 11 comments

Birmingham City v Stoke City

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After the damaging issue of the continued closure of the Tilton and Kop stands that has dominated the last 72 hours, it should not be forgotten that there will still be a football match taking place at St Andrew’s on Saturday. First home league game of the season now upon us, with Stoke City the visitors.

Last weekend it was interesting to watch two outstanding games, namely ourselves at Sheffield United and Coventry City’s first game at home to Nottingham Forest. Both Coventry and Blues are, in my opinion, very similar in terms of endeavour over silky football. Lee Bowyer and Mark Robins get players actually giving 100% until the final whistle. Expected, yes of course but in reality, not many teams actually achieve this as there are always a couple of players who ‘go slow’.

Against Sheffield we had Tahith Chong covering every blade of grass and Coventry had Callum O’Hare doing exactly the same. This determination not only stands out for the team but also produces the end result of a desire to win games. My point here is that our game against Stoke City on Saturday should be a continuation from last week, with no confusion about making the game complicated and worrying about tactical changes that might upset the system.

Lee Bowyer I feel will never overthink anything other than get consistency from each and every player. Attacking teams like Stoke will hopefully be his policy from minute one. Maxime Colin’s goal was a decent example as to who and where the goals may come from. However, there is always a bit of a nag within and that is my frustration and irritation with Scott Hogan. He is frequently being caught offside and far too regularly misses decent goal scoring chances created by his teammates. This is not new. Unless he actually does deliver and perform to the levels that the manager entrusts in him, then surely his time is up? Little point in dressing it up and being further tolerant about Hogan. The match against Stoke City will give him another opportunity. I really hope he takes it.

Final thoughts on our first home game, apart from wanting to win, is the hope that smiles can begin to be seen on Blues faces…..both players and us fans. As for myself, it will be Tahith Chong I shall be watching and if he continues to perform like he did at Sheffield, with that man of the match award and beaming smile to follow, then that will do for me!

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John Paget

    First and foremost we have to be grateful that football, for ourselves and every other team, is back on a proper footing. It’ll take a while for players to get used to having crowds again but as each team agrees the crowd are the 12th man on the field.

    For ourselves it’ll be somewhat overshadowed with over a half empty ground so we have to ask those who are allowed to attend to shout and sing that little bit louder and heartier and not allow the away fans to get the upper hand. The problems are to put it politely, regrettable, but we have to live with that for a few more weeks (and the way things are going possibly months) and all we as fans can do is to support Lee Bowyer and the boys. We may only be there in short numbers but we are Birmingham City and we can be as loud and as passionate as any club in the world despite everything seemingly out to destroy us. We will keep on to the end of the road.

    Football is coming home, and eventually so are the fans.


  2. Mrs. P. J. Allsopp

    I think you may be unlucky with Chong as currently he is a big doubt for the game .

    Yes, we want Blues fans to have smiles on their faces, but this weeks fiasco has already wiped out a lot of enthusiasm.
    After being angry, I am now just extremely sad that supporters
    who had taken the effort to support the club can now no longer do it for however long this situation continues.
    I don’t think there is a word to describe the total shambles it has created.

    • Tilton Rod

      Well said Mrs Allsopp. As a season ticket holder who cannot be there tomorrow…because I was not successful in the ballot…I very much appreciate the sentiment. I’ll still be shouting my support….but at the radio! Oh well…..we are talking about the Blues administration after all.

      For those of you that will be there tomorrow, enjoy being back in the ground and give it everything as John P says.


  3. Stan Moye

    What a roller coaster week of emotions, l should be used to this having been a Bluenose since the early sixties. Unfortunately l too got the dreaded email informing me l’d been unsuccessful in the ballot. It’s a double whammy as my late step Daughter supported Stoke, never did find out why? but l always have a quiet moment to remember and reflect. So tomorrow l will have to do this from afar.
    I agree with Mrs Allsopp, let’s all wear a big smile, get behind Lee and the team, and typically show that even in times of great adversity, we are Birmingham City FC, we are True supporters, we are as one as Bluenoses. KRO

  4. Smithy

    Tomorrow has been completely destroyed. All the edge and excitement that should have been witnessed just gone. Are we a football club or just a concern that fulfills fixtures. My fear is that this could be the start of something more sinister.

  5. Dave T

    Will be going up a club near the ground tomorrow to meet my pals who have tickets for the game, me and another friend have not even been told if we are at Wednesday,s game as yet,very very poor admin from Blues,thought everyone should be treated fairly. Anyway will hope for a win!… KRO

  6. WayCoolBlue

    I will not be there tomorrow I was unsuccessful. So will be at the Bournemouth game would’ve preferred the Stoke game but what can you do. I will always have a smile on my face regardless.

    The game is not been shown on blues TV I will have to listen to it on the radio.

    Funny how you say we are like Coventry in many ways because I don’t see any comparison we Play a completely different style of football and I do believe that our standard of football is a lot higher than that of Coventry. Basically because Coventry are a long ball side and we are now actually concentrating on a one touch passes which we seen a lot of in the game against Sheffield.


  7. Mitchell Bray

    Waycool.My point is that both Coventry and Blues play for their managers and give 100%. Endeavour over silky skills is what i wrote. Robbins and Bowyer are getting the best out of what they have. Not always easy unless you have the respect.

    • WayCoolBlue

      Okay but I don’t know why you didn’t just say that. Your post doesn’t say that to me.

      • Mitchell Bray

        Waycool.Just read the second paragraph of my article.You will see quite clearly my reference to Endeavour over Skills.

  8. Sausage n Egg

    Coventry have a fully open ground.. After cuckooing in other nests they must be ecstatic to be back … Egg chasers have looked after it while they have been away … A far cry from the state of our sorry looking home ..badly in need of paint / cleaning..weeds … General grimy look of the place . This is our home .. We carry the Name of our city but the owners do not take a pride in it … This reflects on the club when visitors come and is the first impression … I was sad today to see what it has been left to look like.. My buddy back from Afghan wanted to drive down today for a look and a bit of dinner his words “kin hell what’s happened “. . He has a point… Do we not have the funds to hire a couple of permanent general handymen Paying them a decent wage? Keeping the place tidy? This is not as big as the stands issue I know but this is within the clubs control

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