Sharpening Up For Sheffield

6 Aug 2021 | 9 comments

Sheffield Utd v Birmingham City

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Whatever awaits us for the new season starting at Sheffield United on Saturday, Blues must surely sharpen themselves up for the visit to the Blades. Last weekend’s friendly against West Bromwich Albion was a bit of a nuisance game, with the outcome being a slight dent in terms of confidence levels. We all thought we would have a tough encounter, but few would have predicted the one-sided scoreline.

However, it is now history and we hope lessons have been taken on board. Supporters I have spoken to have dished out the old tried and tested phrase ‘wake-up call’ but, in my opinion, Blues have never done wake-up calls or anything similar as we are one of the most unpredictable clubs on the planet. We are what we are and that is Birmingham City. We love the not quite knowing what is in store and, to a lesser extent, what’s around the corner. We love the edge that our beloved club dishes out to us. This I’m sure will never fade.

This Saturday will start up the hopes of a better season and a packed St. Andrews when Stoke City come to visit the following week. Lee Bowyer will get everything ready no doubt, and those boys who cross over the line will feel his confidence and steely commitment for the returning fans. We deserve a good season and we are ready to back any team he thinks fit to represent him. Lee Bowyer is a proud type whose time at Blues as a player always showed passion and for me the successful relegation escape of last season was down to this quality. He simply passed it on to the players he knew would do it for him.

Question now however is whether the players brought in are better than those either released or loaned out. We will quickly find out. Passion and desire will surely be there in abundance and expected, but quality needs to show as well. My nagging problem is the strike pairings…an issue that has been the case since the start of last season. This term we have Graham, Aneke, Hogan and of course the Juke. Leko I never seem to include, which is a big shame as really he should be up there. Perhaps…hopefully…he will be the star goal scorer we have been waiting for.

All in all Sheffield awaits. Sky coverage is nicely setting up the live game, fans are up for it, fingernail biting a long way off hopefully, new players itching to get on the pitch and older reliable campaigners anxious to retain their spots in the team. My humble advice is that the team show the steel that epitomises their manager and more importantly they show it to us the supporters. Match day beckons and as usual we are ready.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Hope we are ready but you never know with Blues. 0-0 i feel at Sheffield which would be good.

  2. John P

    Last Saturday’s game was as the old cliche says “a game of two halves”. The first half approaching the team we wish to see and the second half the team of last season.

    I’m a believer of not playing friendlies against teams in your own division, great if you win but totally demoralising if you lose. Last weeks excuse of “they were a premiership team last season” doesn’t wash, so were Sheffield United who we play tomorrow and you can’t keep using that excuse, will we also use it against Fulham? They’re Championship teams this season and though we need to respect them we shouldn’t fear them.

    Yes the team certainly does need to sharpen up it’s been a mixed bag of results throughout pre-season, certainly nothing to suggest that the club will be pushing for a top six finish. As fans we need a stable season, no financial panics, no relegation scraps and nor do we want a team that folds if they concede a goal.

    Last weeks goals consisted of two dreadful goalkeeping errors, one of a defence that went AWOL and a very dubious penalty, but nevertheless the second half we just didn’t compete anywhere on the field which is very worrying.

    Tomorrow starts a new season, perhaps a new beginning but whatever happens let’s not push the panic button too soon, after it there will still be forty five games to play. As long as the players put in a shift we have a chance against anyone.


  3. Dean

    “a packed St. Andrews when Stoke City come to visit the following week”. How can it be packed when half the ground is going to be closed due to the negligence of people in charge for the last 5-10 years!

    • Tilton Rod

      You’re technically correct Dean, but let’s cut Mitchell some slack. We know the point he is making. St Andrew’s will still be crackling with energy and excitement next Saturday, even if two of the stands are not fully open.

      Can’t argue with you on your point about the current ownership, but of course it was a different regime when the stands were built. If the build was not up to scratch then those overseeing the contract have questions to answer too.

      Here’s hoping for a good start tomorrow!


  4. Mitchell Bray

    Dean.of course you are right. However whatever space is available and allowed- let’s fill it.

  5. Lich Blues

    I’m going to Sheffield and cannot wait. I always think Brammal Lane has a great atmosphere but having not seen a live game for 18 months I cannot wait.

    As for the team my main concern is where the goals are going to come from. If we could get Hogan and Juke to gel with some decent service it would be less of a concern.

    And I can’t wait for Etheridge to come back because sadly I do not rate his replacement.

    As for the ground – I love going to Stans but maybe it’s time to move to a new purpose built stadium that has an insurance policy to cover repairs and maintenance.

    It’s a shame we’ve go no money!!!!!!!!

  6. Smithy

    Lyle Taylor rumour. No thanks.

  7. Mitchell Bray

    We asked for steel and my goodness we got it tonight.
    Sheffield Utd 0 - Birmingham City 1

    • Tilton Rod

      We certainly did! A great performance. And a great result. And Chong looks like he could be a diamond. Very early days of course. But we should enjoy the moment. Football is back. And maybe we’ve got our Blues back too!


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