Bowyer’s Balloon Deflating

4 Oct 2021 | 6 comments

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Watching Lee Bowyer’s post-match interview following yet another heavy defeat, this time by Nottingham Forest, left me in little doubt that he has had enough. Not that he is throwing the towel in but just the reverse, as anger certainly showed itself albeit in a calm and measured way. Bowyer and us supporters have believed in his squad of players, particularly as the majority of them were responsible for last season’s fine form to escape the League One trapdoor.

What has gone so wrong this past month is baffling. After beating Derby on that Friday night in September we looked ahead to improving our league position against the likes of Peterborough, Preston, QPR and Forest. We expected Fulham to be tough, but a gain of only one point out of a possible twelve against the aforementioned four and not scoring a single goal has added to the pain. Watching Lee’s obvious reaction to all this and his disbelief as to how this horrendous state of play has emerged, it raises many issues that only he can address.

During the next two weeks he has time before the West Bromwich Albion game to sort things out and try to assemble a team capable of not being humiliated yet again. Never would I have thought I would write that last sentence after eleven games and the feel-good factor that bubbled over from last season.

Every Blues supporter will be pretty well numbed by recent results and maybe have their own views as to why this has happened, particularly given the much heralded signing of Troy Deeney. This whirlwind of a signing was the icing on the cake for many, including myself, only for us to be stopped in our tracks and literally shudder to a halt.

What has gone so badly wrong with players form and confidence and what can Lee Bowyer do to ‘fix it’ as he puts it? He has nearly two weeks to work on it and so do we, in an odd way, as many Blues Trust readers will no doubt want to offer their own views. Welcome your thoughts.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Walker

    For m I would be dropping dean and going sanderson, roberts and friend. Letting seddon go also gives us limited options at the back So pederson and the young kid at right back, chong would be on the bench due to burn out or being found out. riley would be back in there with deeney. chopping and changing the front partnership hasnt given deeney much of a chance to get into his stride. gardners and sunjic would be the centre 2. do I think this is all the answer, probably not with too many chnages but we dont have much to play with. after luton we expected a play off push when reality has brought us all down the earth. we are plummeting down the league and we play wba next. this will either change our season or a hammering means we are in another relegation dog fight. Maybe we need to go back to the coventry blue print and battle first nd stay solid then hit teams on the break

    • Flynnee

      I feel for LB, he has to literally make do and mend with players he has inherited, and for whatever reason, he cannot move on.
      I feel the first half of this season was always going to be challenging with a light squad in terms of numbers (to balance the books), and as LB has said numerous times there will be good times and bad times this season; I think now is the time to accept we are experiencing a ‘bad time ‘.
      I am still happier with the footballing managerial setup we have in place now, as opposed to the last coach/manager, FRO.

  2. Paul Haynes

    I am a bluenose and it hurts me to say after the last few years whoever comes to my club be it Ronaldo,Kane Messi, as soon as the shirt is put on they automatically become crap,same as a top manager. Can only be one thing the Curse. I really think it would have been better for us to go down and start again with bunch of kids what have we got to lose.

  3. Bill

    Unfortunately the current ‘best’
    first team is just not consistent enough which has been a problem for most of the team for some time so a mid table position is probably the best we can hope for at present. The financial state of the club has prevented quality additions to the squad and it really would be asking an awful lot for Lee Bowyer to turn the struggling squad of the past few seasons into a promotion chasing outfit with the resources he has . It’s going to take some time to overcome all of the obvious mismanagement in virtually every department at the club. We have to be patient and recognise that Lee Bowyer and the team have to be given as much support as possible no matter any shortcomings until more quality can be added to the squad.

  4. Smithy

    Colin needs to act and perform as a solid right back and the same goes for Pedersen. Forget the wing-back role as it never has and never will work. Start not losing games and settle for mainly draws. We need every point to reach the required 46 mark. Defence,defence and defence again. We aren’t skilful enough all round to be what we’re not.

  5. Walter Brian Taylor

    Under Karanka the plan was based totally on defence and the hope of scoring on the counterattack this failed and we came close to relegation. Bowyer has inherited a group of players with obvious attitude problems yet they are automatic team selections. His modus operandi game plan has been sussed out by oppositions and he seems to have no solution to the leaky defence or unclinical forwards

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