Barnsley Victory Essential

21 Jan 2022 | 10 comments

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​If, as the song goes, “love changes everything” then forthcoming games over the next week or so take on a similar thread. Victory against Barnsley on Saturday will go a long way for supporters to get that loving feeling back towards Lee Bowyer and his beleaguered squad. This is simply the quickest medicine that needs to be prescribed.

Forget the dreadful run of recent results, forget the dark clouds hovering permanently over B9 and try to forget the weekly misery of Saturday evenings. Easy to say or write I fully understand, but there is absolutely no doubt that a three point haul against Barnsley is beyond vital.

Do we have a squad capable of better things? Yes. With players returning from injury and suspensions, add a couple of loanees who are nearing fitness with something to prove and you have a decent shot at home against Barnsley and Peterborough. Apart from the absence of Deeney, we do have the experience to survive yet another season that has been dismal so far.

Looking back and wondering why we are continually in a state of turmoil is slowing destroying the soul of loyal Blues followers. Truth is, we probably cannot do a great deal to change matters and certainly not those of the off-field variety. Given the remoteness of the owners we have, demonstrating at games is likely to be futile but obviously great news for the opposition. And we should not even think about giving them any assistance whatsoever.

Last season we had pride and passion for the “Bowyer Bounce”. It produced a team nobody really fancied playing against, with vital encounters taken head on. Getting back on a similar track can be done and that should start against Barnsley at St Andrew’s on Saturday.

After this week’s Fulham game I was tempted to unlock the cupboard and reach for the prayer mats again. They need dusting of course but, for the time being at least, I decided to delay bringing them back into action. Hopefully that will prove to be the right decision. Barnsley beckons and three points await. If we manage to get them it will lift everyone and everything come the final whistle on Saturday.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Lee needs those 3 points to stop the rubbish of his supposed sacking.

    • Tilton Rod

      Good comment Smithy. I’m sure no one is putting more pressure on Lee than he’s putting on himself though.

      But why is Blues Focus recycling that story on the eve of an important match? Hopefully we’ll turn things around with a win tomorrow, but we won’t be relegated if we don’t. There is still a long way to go and we know the objective for the season is staying in the division.

      Lee and the team need backing, not negative nonsense from so called followers of the club. I despair sometimes.


  2. Mitchell Bray

    Instead of gutter cheap articles that we have seen this afternoon by Blues Focus – let’s see some quality followers by loyal Blues supporters for Lee Bowyer and the team.My promise to relay your support to Lee. Destroying the squad with vitriol comments before a very weakened BARNSLEY team is just heaven sent to them. Don’t sink to levels that damage as loyal and true BCFC fans are far,far better than that.

  3. Peter Bates

    Can’t remember the last time I went to St Andrews with any confidence in the hierarchy,but my support for the team never wilt’s we as fans must stick together and support the manager And the players after all it’s our club whoever owns it still think they should sell the club supporter’s of the club deserve better kro

  4. Walter Brian Taylor

    Those who support LB are endorsing his team selection and playing style so the blame for our woeful performances falls totally on the existing squad. They are either not good enough or are not playing to their abilities. LB has claimed there is no money and players must be sold to pay for incoming transfers But Craig denies there is no money.
    Criticism can have two reactions – one is destroying any morale the squad has – the second is proving the criticism is wrong and go out and win! This is the reaction we want and it is LBs job to get it. No criticism signifies acceptance and surely no loyal Blues fan can be happy with our current situation

  5. Peter Bates

    I have said on previous posts that the manager needs to look at himself and his tactics he works with the players day after day but we still need to support the team and the players and did anybody expect Craig Gardner to come out and say we have no money to spend it didn’t surprise me for him to say there were funds to buy players we will see at the end of January will the owners then say we are saving our funds for the summer probably kro

  6. Mitchell Bray

    You make perfect sense WBT. My bitterness earlier on was with the dreadful ‘fake news’ regarding reports of LB being supposedly replaced. Like yourself I firmly believe a manager who doesn’t perform via his player’s performances should be under severe pressure. We have a threadbare Barnsley ( who still want this game off) tomorrow and we desperately need the win. Drumming up all kinds of silly, putrid tripe about Bowyer off this site is an insult to every blues follower.

  7. Stan Moye

    I for one have been very critical of how our club appears to being run. The total lack of communication is not only unprofessional but indicates a lack of contempt towards all Bluenoses. Everyone has a legal right to peaceful protests, but l hope once the supporters enter Stan’s they channel that vitriol towards supporting out team. Our status in the championship won’t be decided tomorrow, but victory is absolutely essential.
    I hope it will go some way in restoring the faith in the team, and even if we don’t always agree with team selection or systems it just might put to bed the crazy rumours the lads are no longer playing for LB. After the abject performance against Plymouth and all be it league leaders display at Craven Cottage the team needs to show its passion, commitment and desire.

  8. Mitchell

    POST MATCH BARNSLEY. Great win and much needed. Let’s enjoy and lift the gloom. Well done the Bowyer boys.

  9. Tilton Rod

    Yes, a win is a win. Not the best Blues performance I’ve ever seen, but a solid step forward to stop the rot.

    And what a difference pace makes to a team, particularly when the players who posses it are good. Both Hernandez and Mengi were very impressive.

    A shout out for Etheridge too. Some very good and important saves early on.

    An enjoyable weekend for a change!


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