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8 Jan 2022 | 16 comments

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“We are where we are” is a common and worn-out phrase in footballing terms. At Blues we are certainly used to the wording, as it continually reminds us that we are nowhere near the races in terms of success. This transfer window is yet a further example of how deals must be made just to give the club a chance of surviving another awful season.

Yes, we must be thankful that we still have a club and likewise that a main interest and passion for thousands of us continues to exist. However, our situation of pure existence is based on St.Andrew’s now having become, literally, a repository for players who for a variety of reasons cannot get games with their own clubs.

For over a decade now, with the exception of the ill-fated Redknapp experiment, we have suffered the annual indignity of having to borrow other bodies just to see us complete a season unscathed. Heavens above, we as BCFC deserve better and surely the very name Birmingham…with its recognised status of being the second city in the country…must one day be associated again with a top-class footballing outfit?

All this is familiar sounding I admit, and it is certainly depressing to write. But supporters of our beloved club will get where I am at, and understand that at the very least we really must have a club capable of doing well. A club to be proud of, and one that can repay the tired and weary who just want stability and players who are ‘our own’.

We are, in my opinion, not only drifting along but hitting regular new lows season after season by using transfer windows as desperate short-term measures to avoid the dreaded League One trapdoor. Without Derby and Reading’s points deductions this season, I really do shudder to think what our fate might be this time around.

As it is, we plod on in the hope our temporary incumbents can see us through to survive another Championship season. And, yes, of course we will cheer them on when they wear the royal blue shirt. But soon they will be gone. What especially saddens me though is the mini excitement fellow Blues fans seem to get when yet another ‘loanee’ is announced.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. tracey tyler

    I agree wholeheartedly but apart from raise our concerns what can we do,l am constantly fed up with going to matches thinking negatively and just hoping we get a result.Unfortunately we all know the problem and unfortunately nobody can see it getting better that’s the sad thing.

    • Peter Bates

      How can anyone make an offer to buy our club when you cannot know who to make an offer to owners are clearly not known who owns the ground is unclear how much in loans to people who have allegedly borrowed the club money has to be payed back it is a maze as for players who have signed on loans there is at present no future at the club to make them want to sign long term deals they will go back to parent clubs thank blues for the opportunity to play and get on with there careers while we plod along we can only support the players and management that are at the club depressing outlook isn’t it kro

  2. Tilton Rod

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again Mitchell. Like Tracey, I absolutely agree with the point you make.

    I for one refuse to get excited each time a loan player arrives, and especially when loan players are brought in to replace….loan players! Like you I’ll support and encourage them when they put our shirt on, but if they are any good at all they will soon be back with their parent clubs ie Sanderson. And if they are not up to scratch, then why are we paying and training them in the first place ie Castillo?

    The biggest issue for me though is how are loan players helping my club build for a better future? One way or another they will all be gone at some point soon and then we have to start all over again. It’s a nonsense. Emergency loans, ok. But if not, then we have to ask serious questions about what is going on and why.

    I’m not putting the blame at LB’s door. I’m pretty sure he would prefer players to call his own. Once again our short sighted and negligent owners need to carry the can for this situation.

    Oh for owners that truly care. Owners with some element of competence. Owners with a proper plan!

    Successful football teams are built over time and with patience, not by rolling the dice every transfer window.

    I should have calmed down by the time I get to the match later…..


  3. Smithy

    We need a really strong voice to represent a serious representation on behalf of Blues fans. We probably have a core base of 17,000. which is good. Many mini-groups as we know are linked to our club and nice to see including Almajir who has worked tirelessly over the last decade to enlighten us. However, we need much more clout and amalgamating into one does make sense. Blues Trust does appear ideally positioned to properly lead. My view and no bias as I am nothing to do with BT board.

  4. Mitchell

    What would be a complete sickener, if true, would be for Derby County to get taken over this month by Mike Ashley. Reports suggest a knock down £50m.

    • pamela allsopp

      Mike Asahley to Derby is well under way apparently.

  5. Sausage n Egg

    Surprised anyone let’s us loan a decent player .. we’ve broken a decent goalie and broken Chong as well LOL…. The club is like the Titanic heading towards an iceberg not knowing where it is just that it’s out there.. Them upstairs need shaming and hope it gets back to china .. blue high vis jackets with “Shame on you” on them worn by a work party tidying up outside the ground should be a start give the press a heads up and if the club remove the work party that too will shame them … we mean diddly squat to them but we can be a pain in the arse ..we used to be good at it!!

  6. R SMITH

    The only way we can get rid of these incompetent buffoons is the one way that fans will not try, that is by boycotting matches. Cutting their finances by not buying tickets or merchandise would eventually hit the owners where they might just take notice. It would also say to potential new owners that they cannot just think we will accept the type of treatment we are currently receiving.
    Of course, fans won’t do it citing their loyalty, but is it loyal if by continuing as we are now we will eventually become the joke of English football? If you need an example to follow look at what happened at Blackpool. They proved that this type of action can work. 5 years ago who would have thought they would be above us in the league?

  7. Smithy

    Today’s zero shots on goal tells you exactly where our club is at. No words can possibly explain how dire we are. I have to include sadly our manager in that.

  8. Stan Moye

    I’m sad to say these owners have broken me. Despite getting the EFL and Radio WM involved l’m still waiting for my seat disparity refund. I have already decided l’m not renewing my season ticket whilst Edward Zheng and his followers are in place. They consistently refuse to enter into any dialogue with the various supporters groups, and have no idea of the meaning of customer service. The ground is a shambles, there appears to be no recruitment plan, and the despondency of the fans is now creeping into performances and effecting the players confidence. Lee Bowyer can come out with his usual spin, but it doesn’t matter what he says. This team and club needs serious investment, we are on the slippery slope to oblivion. No businessman or consortium are going anywhere near the Blues. What assets have we got apart from the fan base? No training ground, no stadium, countless IOU’s, it breaks my heart, but this mob don’t give a toss about us.
    So just crack on as soon as you can with your master plan to sell the ground for housing and retail development and put us all out of our misery.

  9. Peter Bates

    I find it amazing that the manager never takes any responsibility for the results he trains them the system we play is down to him but he blames everyone but himself I understand the restrictions that we are under with how the club is managed and run but two hours and not one shot speaks for itself isn’t it time the manager took a look at himself

    • Stan Moye

      Actually Peter l’m reluctantly coming around to your point of view. I loved Lee Bowyer as a player, always had plenty of fire in his belly. But he cuts a despondent figure most times in his interviews and only seems to get animated at the fourth official. I can understand him feeling tee’d off with the owners for moving the budgetary goalposts. But as you stated he selects the team and along with his staff sets the game plan. No shots on target in two hours of football is simply not good enough, he is fast becoming an ideal scapegoat for the board.
      Are there serious issues behind the scenes that were unaware of?

  10. Mitchell Bray

    It is so hard to put any faith into this set up. Loan players replacing loans and then realising those that arrive are either carrying injuries or simply not fit is beyond belief. Sending offs also appear the norm. Riley McGree situation also adds to the quagmire of falsehoods. My feeling is that this window will clear any decent players we have and our main purpose for the remainder of the season will be to fulfil the ELF fixtures. Whether we will amass sufficient point’s for survival is scary. Should Preston and Fulham away produce zero returns then the usual will happen and a new manager will be appointed in the hope of yet another ‘bounce.

  11. robert wiley

    sad to say but agree with majority of comments above. Until we get new owners this club will eventually die. No assets tip of a ground no communication nothing.All the supporters clubs should join as one as the way it is now it makes no difference.

  12. Sausage n Egg

    Those idiots in the directors box have ruined our match experience..time that they experienced the same… they have had an easy ride for far too long.They think we are mugs ! Time they got a warm Brummie reception

    • Steve Joyce

      I agree with you 100% Sausage.We just sit on our hands hoping that somebody else is going to challenge our owners and get things changed.That ain’t gonna happen.We need to show them that we are not just going to take this nonsense anymore.Lee will get my support and his responsibility is the team,and results are down to him too.Our position at seasons end will determine if he keeps his job.
      My thoughts are all about what they are doing to our club.
      Stadium is a shambles, with no information given to us.
      The City is spending billions in development where are Blues in these plans.
      Why isn’t a new train station being built behind the GM
      Never mind a new stadium let’s improve our own.To increase revenue we need more bars restaurants etc.So much spare space around Stans .
      I get these are pipe dreams but these are questions that should be asked.
      We need to embarrass the owners via media in the Hope that the HKSE may take a look at the company as we all believe there’s a lot being hidden.
      So can the trust take up the mantel and ask questions,I do hope so as I sense other groups are gathering momentum to challenge our owners.

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