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17 Feb 2022 | 4 comments

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Following the comfortable, although perhaps unexpected, three goal win over Luton Town last Saturday we were all sent home happy. St. Andrew’s, for what seems the first time in a long time, became our home again and not a place for opposing sides to prosper or cause anxiety in the final few minutes of the match. Long may this continue.

Injuries have bitten hard and the very word ‘hamstring’ has sent supporters dreading which player will be next to succumb. Lee Bowyer has had to contend with an ever-increasing list of unavailable players since the start of the new year, and is likely to have to do so for another week or two yet. What is to be for the remaining fourteen games is unclear. Who will return and in what priority order, only Bowyer knows.

Tahith Chong will not want too much bench time I’m sure, so expect a permanent slot for him along with other loan signings Taylor, Mengi and Hernandez. Taylor Richards is another issue, but what future he may have at Blues is unclear.

So far we have seen glimpses of real quality from Hernandez and Taylor, which begs the question of whether or not they could be signed by Blues on a permanent basis. My opinion is that they could as neither is a young gun. What they are valued at will no doubt be the key. Taylor is the tricky one as should Forest get promoted through the playoffs then maybe they would consider releasing him for a fee. If they don’t and they find themselves still in the Championship, then it might be more difficult to prise him away.

Early days obviously, and a lot can happen over the next three months with forty-two points still up for grabs. Finishing on a high will be strong ammunition for Craig Gardner and Lee Bowyer should they want their choice of loanees to become permanent. Logic suggests Chong and Mengi will return to their clubs, leaving Hernandez and Taylor the prime targets.

Whatever is decided will likely be judged on the results of the remaining games and the thinking over the summer months, when no doubt there will be a clear-out of players. Possibly the biggest in many seasons.

Lastly, looking at the Championship table as it stands Preston, Coventry and Luton stand out as achievers trying to break into the top six. That should give hope to us all. We keep it simple, get a regular side with players who stick together and are not easily bullied by the opposition. The other clubs mentioned will no doubt continue this thread, as I’m sure will Lee Bowyer once the injuries have cleared up.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. tracey tyler

    Only downside to Hernandez and Taylor are their ages,if we did manage to sign them l would not give either of them more than a 2 year contract.Big problems however lie in defense and which formation Bowyer decides to play,my hunch is 3 at the back in which case we need central defenders and quality wing backs,Bela nor Gordon are really wing backs and get found out,we were fortunate on Saturday as we played a surprisingly really poor Luton outfit who never put any pressure on our defense,we will not be that lucky every game.Pedersen will be gone,Roberts is a non entity so near complete rebuild of defense is needed.

  2. Smithy

    Point from Stoke would cement a new belief. Onus on the homè side to attack obviously but Taylor and Hernandez are no fools and just waiting for the counter. 1-1 my prediction.

  3. Mitchell Bray

    Ian Dutton’s appointment today as Managing Director is welcomed. We wish him well obviously and my humble advice to him is to be brave and tell us supporters as it really is in the future. Today he was honest enough to tell us that he couldn’t guarantee that St.Andrews would be fully opened for next season start. This is ok and we get it. Just keep us in the loop and we will buy into him.

    • Stan Moye

      Absolutely agree Mitchell. Ian Dutton’s appointment is a very savvy one by the Blues board. He’s definitely one of our own in the true sense of the word. Whilst l’m sure in the future he’ll have difficult decisions to make, l think he appreciates we value honesty and straight talking. Personally l will always remember and respect that during the refund debacle he was the only one who actually phoned me at home to offer his sincere apologies and reassurances. Let’s hope he’s the link between the owners and all Bluenoses and we can look forward to improved communication and better relationships.
      This will then hopefully benefit the atmosphere in the ground
      and hopefully inspire even better team performances.

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