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9 Feb 2022 | 7 comments

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How much more stuffing needs to be knocked out of us Blues supporters?Our league position is a miserable one and our genuine belief of actually winning games is presently not very high. Whatever has been happening in recent games, when we have been in great positions to secure maximum points only to see them snatched away late on, needs putting right.

Cardiff at home, Derby away and now Sheffield United at home come immediately to mind. Concentration levels and focussing and other phrases are routinely being used by Lee Bowyer to explain the shortcomings. But this is happening too often of late and it’s becoming very irritating. What really needs saying in my view is that we currently have a back four problem, and the word “poor” must be added in there somewhere.

Earlier in the season we were keeping clean sheets regularly, with Lee Bowyer quite rightly acknowledging the team’s defensive resolve and making clear his satisfaction in goalkeeper Sarkic. With Etheridge now installed I don’t see this as the problem, but it is obvious there is a reason for the fragile showings in front of him. My opinion is that our regular flat back four are not defending with 100% pride or passion. Many may disagree and instead simply give the reason of us being just fragile bordering on poor.

Over the weekend I saw Kidderminster Harriers and Boreham Wood show unbelievable desire and determination with their back four rearguard efforts. It left me hoping that LB will show video’s of those displays to our entrusted defenders.

Bournemouth and Luton next up, and whether we sink lower down the table or stabilise will very much hinge on the defensive side of our play. New signings Taylor, Bacuna and Hernandez certainly appear to be shrewd additions which is applauded and welcomed. Bowyer and his staff need now to turn their heads backwards and address the true problem that is the cause of so much current concern.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. david jevons

    Why give Roberts a new contract!! him, Pederson and Colin are really poor.We need a whole new back four in the summer.

  2. Smithy

    Totally agree David Jevons. one player who seems absent of any criticism is Maxime Colin. LB has often described him as the best right back in the Championship. Lost on me I’m afraid.

  3. tracey tyler

    Three of the back four have been in the same position for the last four seasons and are simply not good enough,Roberts is a clogger who’s more suited to League One and should never have been given a new contract,Pedersen is just ove rated in my eyes and gets caught out of position too much and Colin has gone backwards in the last two seasons.Knowing all this and knowing Friend would probably not see the season out why on earth was nobody bought in during the window and why was Mitch Roberts allowed out on loan,some strange things going on.

    • Mitchell

      Both you and i know Tracey that there is a player who would have made all the difference had he not been discarded by the club.He would have given Pedersen a run for his money and given much needed options for LB. Oxford United’s gain.

      • tracey tyler

        Yes Seddon,why on earth he was sold l can only guess,much better player going forward than Pedersen for sure so it must have been a clash of personalities with Bowyer.l don’t think we gave Dacres Cogley or Harding a fair crack of the whip either so let’s hope Oakley can get a descent run in the team

  4. Mitchell

    Post match comment: Hamstrings by the day, defeats the norm and the manager’s analysis of each game totally sums up yet another futile season. Each manager that walks into B9 has the simplest of job of keeping us from being relegated. Pity no one has more ambition.

  5. Sausage n Egg

    LB doesn’t exactly inspire a get up and fight attitude …he looks more like a bloodhound that’s had its dinner bowl taken away….wouldn’t be that bothered if he walked they say..meh!

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