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15 Apr 2022 | 8 comments

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After completing last weekend’s tepid defeat at Nottingham Forest, we now run down the clock with five games remaining. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing truly significant about these games other than perhaps giving the younger players a starting slot.  Of course, it would be great to win all five, but there is nothing at stake. And we know yet more personnel changes are on the way, with loan players returning to their parent clubs and others who have been ‘fixtures’ for many seasons surely moving on.

Be that as it may, my plea here is addressed to Ian Dutton and Craig Gardner, not forgetting our current manager Lee Bowyer. Bearing in mind we are once again likely to finish a season placed in a very lowly position in the Championship table, supporters such as myself need something to believe in after yet another disappointing campaign.

This ‘something’ is important as we desperately want Dutton & Co. to entice us back to St Andrew’s for another season. Whether it be the renewal of season tickets, buying new ones or simply purchasing on match days. Basically, I/ we want to receive some sort of assurance that things are going to change, with the real prospect of better times ahead. Surely that is not an unreasonable expectation after a decade of stagnation?

In my view, all staff at the club could, as my old school reports blurted out, ‘do better’. This current season has flashed by without much excitement or expectation. We now face a new campaign with similar thoughts. Unless, of course, we get something thrown at us in a positive manner. Nothing complicated nor outrageously wild. Just a forward-looking statement of intent. Lifting us out of the yearly positioning in the basement areas, with hopes of keeping our younger talents and less reliance of loanees would be a start. We need something to ignite and tempt us for next season, without promising the unrealistic.

Every club I can think of usually sets out a campaign to get their supporters buying into the excitement for the new season’s assault. This is what I dearly hope Ian Dutton and Craig Gardner will provide for us. We want to be encouraged and we want to believe that next time will be better. Just give us something to grab on to and something that will encourage us to be more optimistic for the 2022/23 season.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Chris

    I totally disagree with your comments, there is everything to play for, momentum for one thing, putting a good run together breeds confidence, yes there will most probably be a completely different team next season but but to get a higher place in the league as possible will hopefully attract better players, I know we’re not in a position to pay out millions for players but their will be bargains out there and the best way to attract them is to have a decent finish. I’m sick and tired of all this defeatist bs.

  2. Chris Wintle

    Chris Wintle. Season ticket holder. Our club is in the right way moving. Our academy kids are doing us proud. Ian Dutton is a very good move in the right direction. Now we need a owners we can see for ourselves. I will renew my Season ticket as i love this club. Kro

  3. Smithy

    We dearly want to support and therefore pay for the cause in buying tickets etc. Agree however that we need something to hang our hat on and believe next season will be better.

  4. Dorsetblues

    Please get some of the young players involved even if it’s just on the bench and a 5 min run out. With non- contract players leaving at the end of the season and probably some load players too, as wee are not financially sound the bedding in these young players over the next few games makes sense and will set them up for pre-season.
    I would rather see the likes of Jobe Bellingham, George Hall and Jordan James given game time rather than some of the players Bowyer knows will be leaving !

    • tracey tyler

      Nothing at all today,another dire performance,beginning to doubt Bowyers technical nous.Team selection was confusing and not one Academy player on bench,that alone is a disgrace,Hernandez a wing back,that’s a laugh,his performance today showed why Norwich don’t want him,Taylor and Hogan not a good match at all,nobody in midfield to dictate pattern of play,a really third rate display.

  5. Mitchell Bray

    Surely we supporters do deserve something better from our team. Forget the fact that we threw away another two goal lead- there appears an atrocious lack of management skills from the touch line. Defeats at home are all too familiar and I repeat myself yet again- Give us something to feel positive for the next season.

  6. Tilton Rod

    Dear oh dear! What another shocker this afternoon. Is there anyone out there that is actually enjoying watching the Blues at the moment?

    Completely and utterly fed up with this shower. Something has to change if we are going to break this cycle of stagnation and disappointment.

    Floundering along in the bottom reaches of the Championship season after season after season really is not good enough.

    I’ve been very supportive of Lee Bowyer so far, but I’m seriously beginning to wonder if he’s got what it takes to move us forward. Formation and tactics did us no favours today.

    Oh well….


  7. Stan Moye

    Absolutely agree with your comments Mitchell, l’m seriously starting to question renewing my season ticket, travelling from Wales costing £45 in fuel, and being served up sub standard performances is certainly wearing thin.
    There are rumours circulating regarding an atmosphere between Bowyer and Gardner, constant media reports that bigger clubs are keen on signing Bellingham, James and Hall, but these guys are not even on the bench, never mind being given any form of action. Tactically we appear inept, Bowyer seems to lack any fire in his belly when he talks, far from the characteristics he had as a player. There is a growing discontent amongst the fans that were just not moving forward, and here we go again another new man might be on the horizon.

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