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23 Apr 2022 | 9 comments

Birmingham City



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Millwall next up should provide our beleaguered playing outfit with an ideal opportunity to stop the rot. Hammered, humiliated and downright pummelled by Coventry City and Blackpool over the Easter weekend has left all supporters totally sponged out. Forgetting past results gets harder when the team actually submits without showing any fight, which is what we are witnessing at the moment.

Lee Bowyer looks beaten, almost crestfallen, with current results particularly when the mighty Blackpool, not Barcelona, had us for breakfast, dinner and tea. Performances have to improve, and some degree of respectability must be achieved, starting with the Millwall game.

At the time of writing Lee Bowyer is still at the helm and no doubt he will be itching to get back to try and please the St. Andrew’s faithful, with any anger lingering over from last weekend directed into getting at least a clean sheet on Saturday. My hope is that the loan players, with the exception of Lyle Taylor, make a real effort to impress this time out and the experienced professionals show their know-how for the whole game and lead by example. Mingling with a disgruntled crowd after a horror show doesn’t wash with me.

Question is whether we can genuinely get respectable results with the crop of players currently at the club’s disposal? My view is yes. Millwall, Luton, Coventry and Blackpool have achieved far more than expected this season, which is no doubt very pleasing for their fans. But that should trigger a real desire from our players to follow suit. “Looking for a response” is the usual phrase dished out by almost all managers after a sorry defeat, and rightly so. But in our case it is now more of a case of stopping the rot. Millwall at home presents an opportunity to do just that.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    I feel with the loathing for the owners by our supporters, Lee bowyer and many of the current players have got off lightly with the criticism they received last week we have been poor for a good while now and last week’s performances reached the pinnacle of being abject ,certain players have become too comfortable knowing they are regulars within the side dead wood needs to be removed how we do it is another matter but the players need a performance to prove to the supporters they care while they are still at the club Lee bowyer also needs to stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility as well

    • tracey tyler

      OK say we win with all the same old players that have let us down before then what,say Deeney scores a couple is then everything rosy at Club,is he the future,say Colin,Roberts,Sunjic and Gardner put in a shift are they then the future of the Club,the answer is NO they are not the future of the Club.

  2. Smithy

    Problem with Lee Bowyer is like his predecessors and that is ‘comfort zones’. Once they realise escaping relegation is considered a badge of honour then they become very complacent. It is only when the team gets hammered is when they try and deflect the criticism against the owners. This squad the owners have financed aŕe sufficiently capable of avoiding such drubbings.Look in the mirror Mr.Bowyer.

  3. C

    The owners are the real problem, we have had the same issue since they sacked rowett, they meddle in transfers and have dictated who we sign for the last 5 years, they have over paid them and made them so comfortable they don’t try! No communication, ground has been sold, protests at games and we dont expect it to have an effect on the squads moral?

    I think it would be really stupid to sack bowyer, a man who has had to work with very very little in terms of anything really and who shows more passion for the club than the last 5 managers combined.

    We need to get the board out and give boywer support and half of next season, or we are literally doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, which as Einstein described, is insanity.

    • Bill

      I think you are quite correct but I don’t know how the owners can be removed especially as they seem elusive


  4. Peter Bates

    In regard to the owners if anyone out there wanted to buy the club who exactly do you make an offer to because nobody seems to know who actually owns the club ,even the people at the club said they don’t know the owners laughable isn’t it the people who actually put any statements out ie Dutton, Gardner ,for example sound like they are just saying what they think supporters want to hear

  5. David Evans

    Do you think Gary Rowett is going to pass up the chance to heap further humiliation on us? Not on your life. 0-3 today.

  6. Mitchell Bray

    Better performance with a point. Not much other than it could have been three. Pity it always seems Gardner who gives away the penalties or gets the red cards.

  7. Tilton Rod

    I wasn’t at Blackpool on Monday so I can’t compare, but I thought Blues did ok yesterday. The players certainly put a shift in and competed throughout. It was an evenly fought game.

    But I thought both teams were bang average. And yet Millwall have 20 more points on the board than us and are pushing for a play off spot.

    So it shouldn’t take a lot to close the gap next season. But of course it’s not that simple.

    My plea to everyone running my club is start pulling together. Cut the cheap shots in the media, lose the politics and cliquey infighting, let the manager manage and back him as best you can. Successful teams emerge from united clubs. We won’t become a Manchester City but we might get close to being a Millwall.


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