BCFC: A New Era?

6 May 2022 | 15 comments

Blues Trust

Blues Trust is very encouraged to see movement towards a change of ownership at our club. We are confident of the validity of the story emerging on Thursday 5 May.  Paul Richardson, a lifetime Blues supporter, has confirmed to the Trust that he and Lopez are expecting the sale to proceed and will be bringing investment to Blues if successful

We call on the current owners to complete the deal as soon as possible, and without complication, so that the club and its fans can look forward to a future they deserve.

It is encouraging that a number of parties are seemingly interested in buying Blues. That is a cause for optimism. The Lopez/Richardson offer shows particular credibility and financial strength given the payment of the required deposit up front. We at Blues Trust are keen for it to succeed.

The Trust is concerned at the mention of some other potentially interested parties, not least those with a dubious track record in the acquisition of professional football clubs. We hope that the involvement of such parties will not prove to be an unnecessary distraction and that a sale to anyone who is unlikely to pass a fit and proper person test will rule this out.

The Trust calls upon everyone connected with, working at or concerned for the future well being of Birmingham City to keep things moving and progressing through the period of change as a sale in tranches takes place. The Trust and other supporter groups stand ready to help and support in any way we can.

The Trust is now hopeful that the future can herald a new era of togetherness and success at Blues. Let’s get this over the line.

Blues Trust


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  1. BigBlueKev1875

    Fingers crossed this gets over the line. We will still get fans saying this is not good for the club but it giving hope to a lot of the fans, me included. We all need to support this change of ownership as for the others that are being mentioned it’s a big NO. KRO

  2. Chris

    This is really good news especially as Richardson is a Bluenose. I can’t wait to see the HKSE announcement, then we’ll really know things are moving forward. Kro

    • Mitchell Bray

      Chris comment is so paramount. HKSE has loomed large in all aspects of BCFC . Let’s see how things unfold. Cannot see it being a quick deal however.Patience from us supporters will be ok as we are used to it.

      • Chris

        Mitchell what I like about yesterday’s piece by Almajir was the fact they want to include the stadium in their initial purchase and have reportedly set aside £3 – £5million for the repairs to the Tilton and Kop.

        • Ray green

          That sounds very promising let’s hope that it goes through k r o

  3. Tony

    I simply can’t see them selling because it’s their only way of being on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Hopefully there is credibility to this takeover then we have to ask what about the ownership of the ground ?

  4. Brian Salisbury

    At last positive news! The current ownership record is abysmal both on and off the field. Let’s hope the sale goes quickly and a good business model emerges with the ground being repurchased as a start. Getting the club running on an even keel must be the first objective with financial stability at the forefront. This might mean that progress on the field of play might take longer therefore as supporters we have to be patient.
    Let’s hope the current owners sell the club wisely and we don’t end up going from the frying pan into the fire. The outcome of the meeting between Bowyer and the chairman on Monday will possibly give a clue on future ownership.
    Which brings us to the managers future. It maybe best to keep him in place until the sale goes through and give him a chance under new ownership. In saying that his record so far has left a lot to be desired!

  5. Tony Routley

    At last some positive news .. better than this half glass full half glass empty malarkey .
    With Richardsons business brain and love for our club , and Lopez with his links this get well turn into something special and something we’ve been waiting for in years … please let’s hope they get this done … KRO

  6. clifford meason

    I’m over the moon to read that a potential take over is in progress, I have been a fan for 71 yrs and seen a lot of good managers, and now to get these current owners out is a huge relief, all i want is to see Blues in the Prem where they belong and do well before my days are numbered, nor for a long while yet though lol. I’m keeping everything crossed, KRO.

  7. peter Bates

    Read this story earlier hope the rumour that Sammy yu is involved is not true let’s get rid of the Hong Kong connection altogether it is good news though kro

  8. Ed Truman

    Nothing is done until it’s done of course, but this development is very encouraging. And Paul Richardson’s likely involvement has given me an extra lift.

    Really pleased to see that the Trust appears to have been in contact with Mr Richardson already too. That is refreshing and to be applauded after the frustrations of trying to establish dialogue with the current (and past) regimes.

  9. Simon Anderson

    For me the most important thing is that the ultimate ownership comes back under UK regulatory authority so that individuals are more transparent and able to be held accountable more easily. Let’s have no more ownership by people whose financial dealings fall under distant and mostly impenetrable fiscal jurisdiction.

  10. Sausage n Egg

    I’m not waving my knickers in the air yet….I will believe it when it happens ..we have been kicked in the nuts enough by the idiots upstairs ….????????Out

  11. Bill

    If this story is true could it be that’s why the owners couldn’t meet with Lee Bowyer ? I will only believe it when it when it’s announced by the holding company. If it does happen I hope the ground can also be reunited with the football club so we are no longer tenants and that vulnerability can be eliminated.

  12. james mcgrogan

    when I heard this news I felt great at last some light at end of tunnel.Then over these next few days I have become aprehensive and subdued as more names kept popping up even our beloved leader of old David Sulivan.I like others in this group I only have to think slightly about passed people who brought OUR club ie the kumars ,wealdon sulivan etc to bring ourselves to some sort of realisation it may not all pan out as we hope.I pray that it all ends ok because Ialso realise that these owners will make OUR club a name in a book of teams no longer playimg football.Still hopeful KRO.

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