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7 May 2022 | 12 comments

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Blackburn Rovers

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After the final whistle of the season is blown today against Blackburn Rovers, Blues supporters will once again prepare themselves for a close season of action. Surprises and a few shocks normally follow our club around at the best of times, and I see this particular break being no different. Nobody can tell what’s really brewing, and the weathering of years being a Blues supporter has left me, like many others I’m sure, fairly immune to shock.

What to expect is anything but clear. Lee Bowyer and his position is the main talking point and rightly so. But updates are also urgently required concerning the stand repairs at St. Andrew’s. Saturday and beyond will start developments in earnest, and holding on to our hats is what I expect. All that put aside and a new season to look forward to, with the old one firmly binned, is my wish.

What happens on the pitch going forward is what matters, with players showing the paying public total respect. In my view this has been missing of late and I believe it has been noticed. Things simply have to improve. Loan players will probably feature heavily again, which is acceptable and necessary up to a point. But it is to be hoped that those coming in will be carefully selected and above all fit. Young players already at the club may well have strong roles to play next season. James and Gordon are the stand‑out pair, and with a close season of physical development behind them should be expected to really push on next season.

Grasping at straws seems to be the nature of being a Blues follower, and just having a club in existence is in some way a plus right now. Blues supporters care dearly about their club and just a modicum of success would be a real bonus for next season.

Who will be in charge of playing matters next season is anyone’s guess, but as far I’m concerned it doesn’t matter, provided we can finally see some signs of progress and can start to enjoying being at St. Andrew’s again.  Saturday and beyond is almost here and let’s hope stability, progress and respect for all associated with the club emerges thereafter.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    Management and the players need to look closely at themselves a lot of these players have been at this club a fair while now and have been involved in battles against relegation will they stand up and take responsibility I don’t know but the club have become a shambles and in my opinion the only thing that has been constant are the fans complete new broom comes to mind clean out from top to bottom here’s to 22/23 have a good summer blue noses kro

    • Paul Oakley

      Frying pan and fire comes to my mind.

  2. Smithy

    Wind of change is in the air. Dutton and Gardner very quiet at the moment. Better times ahead methinks.

  3. Tracey Tyler

    With the present Board and Manager in place you cannot really see any real change for next season,debt and ageing squad are still there unfortunately.The only hope for us is the development of the youngsters,buying Hernandez and Taylor would only add to the Dad’s Army feel of the Club so those two are a no no for me.A couple of really good loan signings to help develop the youngsters is the only way forward to my mind.

  4. David Jevons

    Rubbish post!!Where is your call for change of ownership the only thing that matters right now is getting these DOG SHIT OWNERS out of our club otherwise it will be Groundhog Day again next season.

  5. David Jevons

    Rubbish post.Where is your call for the removal of inept owners.Nothing will change and it will be another poor season unless things change at the TOP.No more Chinese ownership and pray that Lopez can do a deal.

  6. David Jevons

    Rubbish post.Where is your call for the removal of inept owners.BHSL out.Come on Lopez save our club.

  7. Tracey Tyler

    There is not a lot of alternatives to the situation we are in even if this new consortium buy the present Board out for 34 million we are still left with a unworkable debt of 60million plus and probably be fall foul of the EFL profit and sustainability rules.There is no easy path that is for sure,maybe we and l know it’s a horrible thought to me and all Blues fans and that is liquidation,a 12 point deduction,into League 1,then get a consortium to buy and finance the Club in the correct way and start the long way back.l know it’s a horrible thought but other Clubs have been through the same,Portsmouth,Sunderland,Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday to name a few and it does take time but in their cases the green of recovery are beginning to show.There is a good chance that either Sheffield Wednesday or Sunderland will be back in the Championship next season with responsible owners no debt and a future,unfortunately in our current position we do not have much of a future to look forward to.

  8. Simon Anderson

    Increasingly likely that a new manager will be installed in the coming weeks and that person will be Gardner’s choice just like the players recruited. If next season is more of the same then Gardner must take full responsibility and go.

  9. Tracey Tyler

    It does not matter who the Manager is for heaven sake,whoever is in charge does not alter the situation we are in. If you put Jürgen Klopp in at Blues it would not alter a thing as he could not do anything,do people not understand that.

  10. Tilton Rod

    Shocking first half. Again. An embarrassment to our club. Two good goals scored by Blackburn fair enough, but if you give players time and space…let alone good ones…they will hurt you. And they missed the easiest chance too!

    Dear oh dear….


  11. Mitchell Bray

    Not a surprising result. Full focus now on getting potential new owners over the line.

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