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21 May 2022 | 24 comments

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Whilst we Blues supporters wait in anticipation for welcome news regarding the future of our club, many doubters are emerging. Silence being the main criticism, and the usual non-communication with us loyal paying customers. Takeovers is what it’s all about. Simple and direct, without anything or anyone being misunderstood.

Again, it’s the silence that’s the gripe, and the longer it goes on the frustration amongst the supporters gains momentum. Media reports suggest all kinds of possible happenings, and the building up of excitement or disappointment continues its path. All part of being a Blues addict.

However, this time around my slant and belief is one of firm optimism that ‘times are indeed a changing’ and we are on the verge of a new way forward. Sticking one’s neck out is always risky, but it is my firm view that we are on the verge of a change in fortune. And one for the better.

Hope and belief have always been around our support for the club, despite the almost continuous setbacks leaving us alive and kicking for another day. Or usually, in our case, another Championship season. Have we any evidence to support this new optimism I am sensing? No. And certainly no inside knowledge either that meetings are taking place in far away Hong Kong, at McDonald’s on the Coventry Road or anywhere else for that matter. This is just a humble view from an almost sponged out fan that has found something within the various unconfirmed stories that suggests we are within reach of better times ahead.

Should all this become reality then my wish for the new season would be twofold. Firstly, the reopening of a complete and proper St.Andrews. And secondly, stability on the pitch which ends the almost yearly badge of honour for the latest manager or head coach that avoids the trap door to a lower league. Not a great deal to ask from any new regime in it’s first season, but it would show progress. Getting new owners in is the key. On this occasion, silence at this time may well be a good sign and our patience could yet be rewarded. We will see of course, but we desperately do not need any more damp squibs and I believe they will be avoided.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Beginning to feel positive at last. Yes there is a gut twinge that this time around we might just be heading for better times.

    • Shawn

      Takeovers of this nature are always silent, look at Newcastle nobody knew anything until the deal was done. I am a firm believer if there is nothing to say then the club should say nothing, unlike the media who are casting numerous different falsehoods, which in turn divides the fans with this unfounded speculation.

      • Keith

        I agree. Having done a few take overs silence is mutually agreed contractually Feeling hopeful of better days ahead. Finally

        • Bill

          Just like Keith I have been involved in few take overs too. Silence is the golden rule until it’s done.

        • Brian King

          I’m afraid my opinion is based on past experience. And for me the present owners will try to screw out every last bit of remaining juice in the Apple, i.e BCFC.

      • RS

        Newcastle was not on the HKSE. As they need to be informed and publish the fact I am not getting my hopes up, in fact I wonder how much of this is season ticket hype.

    • Malcolm X

      Sorry, but all this takeover is simply a pipe dream. No ownership of ground, actual ground falling apart as well as being very outdated (semi built in ’95, 27 years ago!), Academy down graded, no sensible investors would touch us. All supposed consortiums that are supposingly interested has purely been orchestrated to sell season tickets.


      Please only believe WHEN we have GOOD new owners!!

    • Mark R

      I really hope you are right in your belief that we are heading for an imminent change of ownership, and significant improvement on the pitch!
      I try to be a glass half-full (rather than half-empty) type of guy in life, but when it comes to Blues I very often struggle to be optimistic!
      I may be biased but I look at Blues and think hang on a minute, this is a club that represents the Second City, a club with a huge fan base, and particularly as we are currently virtually ‘on our knees’, surely what Blues ‘could become’ has to be extremely attractive for prospective owners. In fact, I don’t think Blues have ever reached their full potential, to be honest.
      On that basis I can see why a few parties are rumoured to be interested, but hopefully we have a very wealthy (and ethical!) consortium, or individual, who is so determined to ‘make it happen’ that they will achieve just that, and are currently working on this right now!
      Where there’s a (genuine) will, there’s a way.
      Lord knows we deserve a break, and a season to look forward to for a change, so I will keep everything crossed and hope for the best!

  2. Bill

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed . I long for some stability and a fully open St. Andrews. Not much to ask is it !

  3. Paul Davis

    Only because its Blues and having a supporter for over 23 years, I have had to learn the hard way by not getting too carried away. Yes I remain confident but Birmingham City has always been about broken promises,rumours etc etc. I love our club as much as anybody and pray for someone to just come along and shake things up. Just put it on an even keel so we can start hoping for better times again. I have heard if people say that there is so much potential and that the club is a sleeping giant and they would be right if somebody comes along and is willing to invest money in all the right places. It takes time and I believe fans would wait if they knew that the club was heading in the right direction.

    • tracey tyler

      Agree with everything sad,all we can do is hope for a better future,we fans have been starved of even a molecule of success over the years,not even a Cup run in either of the competitions and continual low finishes in the League,surely as hard working and loyal fans we deserve better.

    • Chris

      Paul Davis you don’t know how lucky you are lol, only 23 years? You’re so fortunate that you didn’t have to live through Ken Wheldon with just 4000 fans at home games and the Kumars who took took us down to what is now league one and almost put us out of business!. By comparison this lot are gods ????

  4. Gary

    Should be confirmed before people start paying for season tickets.
    I’m not sure if this is not a ploy for us to part with our money because of the feeling against the current owners.
    I’m not convinced yet.

  5. Chris

    As i’ve said before I’ll wait for the announcement to the HKSE before I get excited. Anyone who thinks we will have new owners before the start of next season are going to be in for a nasty surprise. According to Almajir this sale is gonna take a minimum of 3 months. What we could hope for is everything gets agreed before the start of next season and the prospective new owners advance the club some money for transfers.

  6. Tilton Rod

    Another good article Mitchell. Pretty much sums things up as far as I’m concerned. Some excellent comments in response as well.

    I’ve been disappointed by the club I love far too many times to get carried away just yet though. But that doesn’t stop me hoping for something better. A club run by honest, sensible, open and accountable people who care about the club as much as its long suffering supporters will do as starters for me.

    Not a lot really. But a bit like winning mega sums on the lottery I don’t suppose it will ever happen. Oh, hang on a minute….


  7. Dorsetblues

    There’s a real worry that this may drag on and then falls through with the present owners and manager not preparing for the season that kicks off early this year.

    • Ritchiebluerich

      I just want sensible owners to stabilise the club and build slowly and surely and the support from everyone will be there

  8. Peter Bates

    Like most fans I only want the club to be on a sound footing with the ground being our own and owners who are transparent with the supporters we can only wait and see ,but we do need to know the season could start and there might be some sort of optimism for the fans kro

  9. Mitchell

    One important issue that may or may not be relevant is the date that the Championship clubs get their first of two payments to cover the next season. From memory I feel it is just after the fixtures release date., and the second being January. Whoever takes the club will surely want it wrapped up by July 1st. as approx: £13m. to cover the running etc. for 2022/3 is significant. Hopefully we will get clarification way before July.

  10. Big Blue Kev

    Silence is golden after the initial out pouring of it’s happening. I feel a lot is going on to get this over the line. So let’s be positive. We know BSHL have built a complicated web of deceit but think that web may be being broken down. My glass is always half full. KRO

  11. Ijaz

    I would have thought you’d have learnt to temper your expectations on the Blues. If we can screw anything up we will. I hope and pray what you are saying comes to fruition. However I am personally expecting yet another kick in the goolies. The higher your expectation level the greater will be your fall. Expect nothing and you can only be pleasantly surprised.

    • tracey tyler

      Yes in the words of my dear old grandmother,expect nothing and you will not be disappointed,wise words which should be on the Blues emblem.

  12. james mcgrogan

    well my glass is completely empty and dried out.But I dont mind.I dont mind that 2 first team players are booted out,I dont mind that all the forwards are due their bus passes,I dont mind that we just about avoided relegation,I dont mind the youth set up has been downgraded,I dont mind we still have a 1st division manager when there are premier league managers on the dole,I dont mind that the ground is virtually derelict,I dont mind that the training ground is a close second,I dont mind the silence and when there is noise it takes the p**s,I dont mind that a few food stalls outside the ground they think is hip,I dont mind I still cannot afford a season ticket,Idont mind that we have no idea who to borrow or to buy.I could go on.But what I do mind is that those unmentionables across the city have already secured players,I mind that they have a decent manager who has respect across football,I mind they have a decent ground,I mind they have a state of art training ground,I mind they have owners who care and distribute funds to take them forward I could go on.But what calms me is that 2 /3 years ago they were worse than us on the point of going out of business.Fighting relegation their backs to the wall.So there is hope. Expect nothing and life will seem brighter when somthing great happens.

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