Flicker Of Hope

1 Jun 2022 | 8 comments

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‘Another week has passed with Blues followers waiting in vain for some positive news regarding a takeover. We listen out and we watch for any murmur or glimpse that might ignite and set us thinking of better times ahead. We just want that flicker of hope.

Despite the ongoing silence from official sources, my belief remains that this time around will be the summer of change that we have been craving for. Whilst Lee Bowyer’s dour but nevertheless honest comments last week didn’t exactly lift my spirits, nor those of any other Blues fans that I have spoken too since, situations can change very quickly at St. Andrew’s as we know.

Speaking to those other supporters has been very interesting, with a number somewhat nervous as to the clout any prospective new owners might have for the long term. Perhaps understandably, a ‘better the devil’ philosophy is still evident in many places, with continued concerns that current or future owners will simply not have the wealth to move the club forward. 

Whatever transpires during the coming weeks of June is obviously going to be crucial and significant for us all, not least with the new season kicking off in only 8 weeks time. No doubt there will be rumours galore and rollercoaster rides thrown in until some semblance of clarity is, hopefully, secured. Thus, in my view, seat belts should be tightened and clear heads maintained with a likely month of real turbulence ahead. Even by our own standards.

But let’s keep the belief that we are due a long-awaited change of fortune, and hope for an upbeat acceleration toward the next season and beyond. Maybe, just maybe, with new owners with the right attitude and some resources to match.  

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Brian King

    I suggest that blues fans read the current article by Daniel Ivery at almajir.net,
    The Elusive Mr King Part XIII – The Smoking Gun

    • Eric Jones

      I agree he speaks knowledgable sense – unusual to Bluenoses eh? KRO nonetheless….

  2. Jonno

    Not just ownership through is it? Was at ground yesterday and no sign of any work being undertaken

  3. Smithy

    Genuine feeling of change imo. Let’s keep hoping it’s for the better. Daniel Ivery makes interesting reading but scary at times.

  4. Stan Moye

    I’m really struggling to remain optimistic. A try before you buy seems very strange to me, how can the Lopez deal really be serious about investing in something they might end up not even owning. Great prices for season tickets, but where is that money going? Or is it just a pr stunt to improve cash flow.
    No positive messages coming out of the club, stadium update, season ticket sales, in fact nothing. I wish the trust would apply some pressure on the club to get the fans some clarification.

    • cliff Horrocks

      At the Trust we are working with some other fan groups to keep the pressure on. But the club is in a state of limbo until a deal re ownership is agreed – just hope the deal is done asap and we can move forward. We are expecting the monthly update from Ian Dutton later today.
      Regarding try before you buy label re the Lopez/Richardson deal – i think the press have got it wrong or lost something in translation – my understanding is the two stage arrangement is a BSHL requirement which creates more risk for the bid – its far from a try before you buy if my understanding is correct
      Cliff Horrocks
      Chair, Blues Trust

    • Sausage n Egg

      A try before you buy suggests they can’t afford it…imagine the response if I went into the chippy and said “can I have fish and chips now for 20p and I will promise to buy some more in a couple of years “ I would be wiping batter off my face!! I am not parting with any more money until I see positive change..I would rather keep the gas and electric on during winter ….sadly I feel I am not the only one

  5. Mitchell

    Sympathetic with Stan Moye’s comments and understand where he is at – however nothing is ever straightforward with Blues and at times a fair amount doesn’t make much sense. This time around Stan I feel we are heading for change and for the better. Hang in there.

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