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9 Jun 2022 | 8 comments

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After a weekend of national pride and general good feeling, I now hope our beloved football club will follow suit. We now need a determined effort by all concerned at St. Andrew’s, and in particular from those in control, to act in a way that shows at the very least a thread of compassion to its loyal supporters. In my view, that is long overdue.

The latest official update from the club, released last Wednesday, was welcomed and informative although it left supporters like me trying to read between the lines. As an example, the ongoing ground issues still appear rather complex with uncertainty continuing around completion time scales, or even whether it is a case of us having to expect the same situation as last season.

Lee Bowyer, takeover issues, wild financial chatter…mostly depressing…and transfers, or lack of them, is now becoming the daily norm. Again, supporters yearn for some good news regarding the Blues and simply want to look forward to a new season without the dark clouds of uncertainty. Reporting in general has been woeful in my view, and very frustrating too with flimsy bits and pieces being used to promote a pathetically fragile future. Unless, of course, wealthy benefactors are secured.

We need to believe in something. My belief is that a takeover or similar is still happening, but perhaps not in the same way as it might with other clubs. We as a football club have never done simple or straightforward, two words not in our dictionary. Hope and endurance, on the other hand, certainly are.

So, for the time being, we continue to cling on not knowing what shape we will be in when the season starts next month. But, of course, everything could change during June and, who knows, even for the better. And if it does, what better time after this last weekend of national togetherness for Blues to be a positive talking point once again?

We simply cannot go on from week to week sinking in gloomy reporting and financial figures that almost suggest our days as a professional football club are numbered. My sincere advice to Dutton, Gardner and everyone else at St. Andrew’s is follow on from the positivity of last weekend and perhaps better times will arrive soon. Situations can change very quickly if there is a genuine determination to get things done.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Paul Davis

    But isn’t this a norm from a club who iously like to build you up only to knock you back down again. We was all on a high following the rumours of takeovers but was it a ploy by the currents just so we would buy season tickets. Nothing surprises me when it comes to these people and will try every trick in the book

  2. peter Bates

    Supporters to these owners mean nothing at all having said that I would rather it be silent than messrs Dutton and Gardner saying what they think the fans want to hear ,these owners are faceless in more ways than one so don’t expect to hear anything at all

  3. Stan Drews

    I feel it’s a little unfair blaming the news outlets, the club, as it stands, is in a massive downward spiral. The ground, arguably even after the work, is one of the poorest in the top two divisions, and no time scales as yet for repairs to be completed. Having to reduce the wage bill of a very poor squad, and losing a lot of our best youngsters. The womens team relegated. Not a lot there to shout about. I’m all for optimism, but let’s keep it real.Sta

  4. tracey tyler

    It’s all very sad,this club of ours should be looking forward to the new season with optimism and watching the young talent we have breaking through into the first team,instead what do we have ????,a under lying fear of what is going to happen and a fear that our youngsters will be sold,it’s really heartbreaking.

  5. Smithy

    Gets very soul destroying when everyday you expect another kick in the stomach. What’s around the corner never seems to end in the remotest of joy.

  6. Stan Moye

    This feels similar to the Torture method of “ Death by a thousand cuts” God knows how many times per day l check the message boards, hoping against hope there might be just a small glimmer of hope for the clubs future. Don’t these owners realise they are slowly killing not only the club, but the resolve of a growing number of supporters? Surely Ian Dutton and co must see the brand is being damaged, and ultimately our prized assets will be stripped for peanuts due to the potential financial predicament we will find ourselves in.
    No wonder season ticket prices were slashed, but l like many won’t be putting another penny into these owners pockets if the current situation is not resolved. Total shambles.

    • Mitchell Bray

      My hope Stan is that when the time comes when our club really needs backing-As surely it will- Brum Council step forward with non-monetary support. Sadly Sullivan, Yeung and now TTA haven’t exactly endeared themselves. Villa would no doubt be seen as a case worth saving.

  7. John

    The Club is almost at the stage it was in 80’s and 90’s before Golds’ and Sullivan rescued us from oblivion.

    These owners have never had any interest in the football club other than to maintain a minimum input to keep the Club afloat, for without BCFC the owners would lose their precious HKSE listing.

    Our supporters drove out the Golds and Sullivan and have suffered as a result ever since. We need to understand that BCFC is not, and never has been, a panacea for prospective owners. Supporters also need to accept that whoever does end up owning Blues will, in all likelihood, not be uber-wealthy so need to understand it will require a long and steady re-building before any semblance of on-field success can be expected.

    One day we will definitely acquire a new ownership of the Club. Whether it is through the many rumoured current interested parties or not. If Blues are not under new ownership before the end of 2022, we will in all likelihood end up in administration, which may not be the worst thing in the world. Many of Blues most exciting seasons have occurred when playing in the lower divisions, and it may well be best for the administration route to be our way forward.

    Unfortunately I don’t believe our current owners will allow the Club to reach the stage of administration, because to do so, apart from the HKSE listing loss, it would also leave them with little return of the ‘alleged’ debt that BCFC owes them. I state ‘alleged’ because it is could appear that the ‘debts’ might have been ‘manipulated’ for the benefit of BSHL and its various financial ministrations – however this is a different subject, albeit having a major influence on its disposal of the Club.

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