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23 Jun 2022 | 22 comments

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All good things in life, so we are told, are worth waiting for. Whether that goes for the current round of debate concerning the Blues takeover though is anyone’s guess. What we dearly hope for is a successful outcome before this saga becomes a circus act with nothing to show but comedy.

Serious stuff we want, and serious buyers we need. Simple as that and nothing more. Most of the media reports centre on a few characters with colourful histories, whereas other reports suggest lesser-known individuals. But what stands out in my view is the lack of respect for the seriousness of the situation shown by many news reports and phone-ins. Throw in an alarming number of simply invented stories and false announcements, and anyone who has a listening ear to the media can’t help but be confused and frustrated.

That we will get new owners is almost certain now, though whether that might be through a total buyout or, more likely, a phased transfer is immaterial in my view. What matters is moving on, which we simply have to do, and rebuilding the club into something worthy of the name the sole concern.

My sincere hope is that during these tense days or weeks, we as supporters do not fall into the trap of being sucked into the fanciful merry-go-round of cherry picking who we want. We just don’t have that luxury. In my view we have to stick to the reality as to where we actually are as a football club and stand back and hope we get the right people to at last deliver healthy progress on and off the field. Whether we approve or disapprove isn’t necessarily the point. What matters is that the football club we all love is saved from sinking further into the abyss.

Right now, I don’t think we can afford to be picky. We need urgent care in case this oncoming season, which may become quite brutal to endure, finally proves too much to cope with and results in the eventual dive to a lower league. My hope is that the next two weeks will be worth the wait.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. peter Bates

    I want a buyout from somebody who tells us the truth on all areas ie the ground the team but most of all how and who runs the club ,I don’t want to hear that money is going to be spent on the team and then sign all loan players like most supporters I want an ownership who tells us what is happening on all issues in an open and truthful way and if the news is bad then tell us it is the only way owners get respect we have received nothing but bs for nearly twelve years

    • tracey tyler

      Total shambles,l cannot see the Bassini deal going through and there are doubts whether Lopez/ Richardson have the funds apparently so it looks like we will stumble along the same path for a while yet,but at least we will know by June 30th.So it will be loan players again but hope the Club is more sensible with them this time,Chong £40,000 a week,Taylor £20,000 gee what a waste of money.

  2. David Frankum

    Hi Mitchell, I couldn’t agree more. For me the return of the ground to Club ownership and removal of the 100m+ debt to the owners are by far the two most important features of the sale. Clearly the staged purchase is very important to the owners and with the new owners having full control of the Club I do not see this as a problem. Provided the new owners have some money to invest and not just the purchase price I intend to judge the people on their actions. Anything is better than the enormous risk that currently hanging over our Club.

  3. Smithy

    We as supporters will be different from now on. Getting the truth and not being fobbed off is now a must. Hoping for a new beginning yes but anything thrown at us which doesn’t feel right must be scrutinised and questions ask need answering. Dutton and Gardner please take note.

    • Graham

      The main thing is we will be sold sooner rather than latter.
      BSHL share price is crashing despite whatever adding to the owners increasing nightmare.


    As regards new owner’s coming in we need owners who are going to respect what blues’ fans are all about, and bring this great club with so much potential back in the top tier of football we need to see whoever it is that comes in must strive to gain and earn the trust of the fans show that they are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the stadium back to life and gain the respect of all to do with Birmingham city FC.

    • Bill

      I agree with all of the comments made. The club’s existence is being threatened and eliminating this threat should be the priority. Returning the ownership of the ground to the football club and it’s repair is
      essential. For prospective buyers to leak their intentions to the press does nothing but make their job more difficult should they be successful and demonstrates a certain lack of foresight on their part.

  5. `Dave

    Bassini will be bad news, we’ll be even worse off. I’d even take Mike Ashley over him.

  6. Peter Bates

    Would bassini pass the owners test I don’t think he would I also think the efl have questions that need answering regarding the current ownership and how they managed to pass the tests

    • Dave Stevenson

      Hi Pete, Bassini will not have to take a test, he won’t be the owner, he is just a puppet, a front man if you like.

  7. Steven

    Some good comments here to suppirt a decent article. BSHLOUT New Owners Please take note. KRO

  8. Mark R

    Totally agree Mitchell, and I agree with many of the comments posted so far.
    It seems vital a deal is agreed asap, as Blues can’t really prepare for the new season until this happens. Sure, the players can bond and ensure they get match fit-led by leaders who care like Troy Deeney-but with half a squad, no new signings and no idea who the manager will be, it will be very difficult to prepare the side for anything until new owners are in situ!
    My worry is that this may well continue to drag on, allowing our Championship rivals to steal a march on us regarding potential new signings and tactical preparation. This will make what we know will be a tough season, even more difficult.

  9. Adrian

    All we ask for is honesty !! Not the rubbish we have had to listen to. With a little bit of success the ground won’t be big enough KRO – sotv

    • Mitchell

      Adrian. Agree about the ground. Should we move or improve St.Andrews that is the key decision. Brand new over old restoration? At the same time which location would be best suited if new owners really want fresh fields.

  10. Stan Moye

    Like most of my fellow posters all l’m looking for is a conclusion to what appears to be a complete mess. There are so many if, buts and maybe’s. It would just be nice to read an article that’s written with some clarity. If this current bid fails either due to lack of money or the EFL blocking it, where does that leave us then. So whoever will be running our club or sitting in the dugout, we are seriously playing catch-up.
    I find it hard to believe that an entrepreneurial business person cannot see the massive potential our club would offer to investors and snap the current owners hand off. Maybe, just maybe Sullivan and Brady have actually identified just that situation, and at least they know how to run a football club.

  11. Malcolm X

    As usual far to many fantasists believing that our club is going to be taken over and a new dawning will appear.

    Forget it! The Bessini/Sullivan/Lopez-Richardson/Uncle Joe and His Wippett propaganda is all hot air and without any real substance.
    Bottom line, if we are all really honest with each other we know what were in for yet again this season, only this time the drop to League.1 being a 100% cert…..New owners? More chance of Lord Lucan riding in on Red Rum!

    • Dave Stevenson

      Wow, you’re a happy ???? aren’t you. Firstly, nothing is 100% certain in this life, secondly, I saw that team play some amazing football at times last season, drew the 3rd highest times in the division and lost 10 points from winning positions going into the last 10 minutes or so.
      Thirdly, something is happening, check the HSE, shares have been sold, roughly 1/4 of the football club and not to Chinese owners someone has bought them (not me lol) be patient, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Mitchell Bray

    Interesting that Derby have new owner in Clowes Construction of Derby. EFL appears to have ratified the takeover. This now leaving Ashley and anyone else looking elsewhere? B9 beckons perhaps?

    • Stan Moye

      It does make you wonder why our proposed sale is taking so long. Is it down to the complexity of the deal, are the EFL struggling with where the funds are coming from, or does the new proposed owner actually have the monies to pay?

      One thing for sure Mike Ashley does have the funds, just not sure he’d be happy only initially buying a percentage of the club, my guess he’d want it in it’s entirety, that’s assuming he’s at all interested.

  13. Mitchell Bray

    With two days to ‘Bassini deadline’ – the almost sluggish silence has never been more comatose. We supporters hope for the best but fear the worse, as we always do. However, because of the nature of this particular silent blackout from B9 and the proverbial ‘pin drop’ etc. we could well be pleasantly surprised come Thursday. Whether it be from the over publicised Bassini or a surprise new incumbent-we wait with eager interest. Keep hoping and try to keep awake. Silence is coming to an end.

    • Stan Moye

      We’ll surprise, surprise, not even a whimper of anything.
      Apart from the abject frustration we’re all currently suffering, amazing how after Mr Bassini was supposedly putting out media reports, it’s now as quiet as a church mouse.
      But what a marketing disaster this is turning out to be. With the season ticket renewal scheduled for tomorrow (2nd) how many people will actually not bother?
      I renewed mine a couple of weeks ago buoyed by the likely possibility of a bright new dawn, how foolish was l, please prove me wrong.

  14. Smithy

    Likewise Stan. Bought 2 tickets.

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