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20 Jul 2022 | 13 comments

St Andrews
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As that well adopted Blues theme song by the ELO would shout out, ‘the sun is really shining in the sky and today is the day we have been waiting for’. Happiness, relief and pure joy is best I can describe this takeover by Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez.

Admittedly these are early days, and a sense of caution will be needed in the coming weeks and months as all Blues supporters fully realise. But we are level headed enough to accept that, and my goodness we have the patience to fully back our new ray of hope. We have been searching for something that we can all hang our hats on and now it looks like we have found it. New owners with a sensory feel of what we as loyal and battle weary followers want, namely some stability and a development policy we can all understand.

Whatever our individual preferences are in terms of priorities, such as a fully opened St. Andrew’s or keeping hold of our younger talented players as examples, we now get to have new belief that the club is heading in the right direction.

As for myself, I wish for our club to be rid of being a joke and a circus act for cheap entertainment and I want us to get back some respect. We used to have that but the last decade has steadily dragged us down with feeble communication with fans and decisions bordering on the ludicrous. However, this is the time to bin all that and rejoice in the fact that things are looking up.

We pledge our support to Paul Richardson, Maxi Lopez and co. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they will get it in bucketloads, not only through the turnstiles but also in terms of our patience. We needed a break and it appears we now have it. Good crowds and Mr. Blue Sky belting out proudly on a Saturday afternoon is what it’s all about. With a topping of three points of course!

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    Small light big tunnel let’s hope manager gets a proper chance to do his work and is allowed to put a decent side together kro

  2. Paul Davis

    Things just seems much better now we have new owners. They were saying how it’s going to take a while before we are in the big league but I cam honestly say that was to be expected and for now I am quite happy to be in the championship as long as we are not constantly being turned overevery week. To even consider a Premier league position the club has to be changed inside and out and its going to take time.

    • Bcfcsc

      Got to get a proven scorer early , Gayle and Taylor, goals decide win or draw , no goals lose or draw

  3. Chris

    I think you’re getting ahead of yourself here, it’s not a done deal just yet and as much as I want to run round the bull ring wearing nothing but a blues scarf and a huge smile!, I don’t want to get too excited until I see the announcement to the HKSE that the deal is finalised. Things have a habit of biting us on the arse at Blues. The really annoying thing is that if it wasn’t for that fking idiot Bassini wasting the last 2 months the deal could have been done weeks ago.

    • glyn rees


  4. John Seymour

    As a long suffering Bluenose, I was initially thrilled at this proposed takeover. However, our new incoming CEO is allegedly a person whom has a very undesirable and questionable history where football clubs are concerned.
    Isn’t it just typical of this football club to give us ‘a jar of strawberry jam containing a dead bluebottle’.
    I am already wary of the integrity of these new owners, but only time will tell. KRO

    • pamela allsopp

      absolutely agree. Am worried abut Matt Southall being part of this.

    • Alan Watton

      worse than that leko is in the managers thinking

  5. Smithy

    Good vibrations and Blue Heaven is next on the road trip!

  6. Simon Anderson

    Sorry BluesTrust, Richardson wants to appointment Matt Southall. No support from me

  7. Ijaz

    We needed a full takeover. All this partial takeover does is keep BSHL at the club longer. I’m not sure how it can be called a takeover when 79% of the club is owned by others. Let’s see how this pans out. At the moment I’m not excited at all

  8. Peter Bates

    Must admit didn’t like the quote all being well we will take full control in 2 years what if all is not well in 2years where does that leave the club

    • Cliff

      I think the quote was about full share ownership in 2 years – my understanding is the first part (21% of shares and the ground) includes control of the club

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