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5 Jul 2022 | 8 comments

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Another day, another manager. But after what has been going on at our club for way too long now, is anyone really that bothered? Am I the only one that is underwhelmed by the latest turn of events at St Andrew’s? Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic springs to mind. That is no reflection on the new incumbent by the way, just a comment on the continuing troubles engulfing our club.

Results on the field is what matters, and now John Eustace is entrusted with the task of achieving those. To be fair, maybe this will be the person to finally deliver some progress, getting the best out of the players at the club in the process. And particularly so with the crop of promising younger guns such as James, Gordon and co. And maybe even the older established ones getting a new lease of footballing life? I do hope so because, heaven knows, improvement is desperately needed everywhere.

Whatever happens ownership wise is another matter. But that so obviously  has a bearing on the ability of the manager to succeed, whoever it might be. And of course it affects us supporters, particularly as far as confidence amongst the faithful is concerned. But that saga rolls on and until it is resolved it is difficult not to remain frustrated and concerned.

But results are now the focus that we look towards, with John Eustace at the helm. And hopefully favourable ones starting in only three weeks time. In my view, the brief for the new season is again simple, with survival the main target and anything more, with the current squad, a bonus. Negative thoughts maybe, but this is where we are.

My hope is that we do recruit some new players before too long, and players with some quality to at least make the first half of the season a decent watch. John Eustace is no stranger to my neck of the woods, and his managerial days at Kidderminster Harriers proved successful. He adopted a style of play that pleased the paying public, and this is the key. Playing a system which makes sense, using players who can actually play and perform in their natural positions and, above all, motivating them enough to make losing a very rare occurrence is the challenge for him now.

Whether our new manager has to do a trolley dash for new players, who knows? We will find out soon enough. Maybe youth will be the way forward for him, with a few experienced helpers recruited. What we cannot continue to do, as we have so many times before, is to add older players who have done it elsewhere and are now perhaps past their best. That will surely result in the trolley dash, if it happens, ending in further disappointment.

Meanwhile, let’s welcome John Eustace. He deserves his chance and we wish him well. We all want him to succeed after all. And let’s keep everything crossed that he does indeed bring new hope to the party. We need it badly.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Chris

    Mitchell Bray if you’re not bothered about what’s going on at blues anymore why are you “bothering” to do a write up?. Personally I’m feeling a lot more confident about the coming season than I was this time last week. It’s sad to read so many comments from people who’ve written us off before a ball has been kicked in anger. Now’s the time to really get behind the team and not for negativity.

    • Ed Truman

      Completely disagree Chris. Don’t lose sight of the big picture. No one will be happier than me if Eustace starts the season with 10 wins on the spin, but until the ownership question is resolved trouble will never be very far away. I think Mitchell is spot on.

      • Chris

        Ed Truman i’ve not lost sight of the big picture one bit, the fact is that the owners don’t kick the ball around the players do and it’s them we have to get behind, the ownership will sort itself out in due course, admittedly the sooner the better, but that’s out of our control as supporters. I think the majority of fans have missed the big picture as they’ve lost sight of the fact that there is still a team that needs supporting.

    • Mitchell Bray

      Chris. On the contrary I am very concerned about my club, but there comes a point when results on the field is what matters. My article is not intended to please nor displease anybody, but my genuine desire for this latest change of Head Coach/Manager to give us the results on the field and send us home on a Saturday evening with a smile on our face.

  2. Smithy

    Blues supporters want a bit of success and winning games is the answer. Doesn’t matter anymore who is the new manager so long as he can inspire the team . Ownership rolls on for ever and at Blues it always will. Give us the team that delivers and we can all get the feel good that has for almost a decade deserted us. Eustace has the baton now and good luck to him.

  3. Mitchell Bray

    Anyone reading Almajir’s article this morning Talking Takeovers will get my point as to on field results. Saga after saga about takeover(s) gets to the stage where ‘sponged out with it all’ comes to mind. Give us results on the pitch where the reality exists and put the whimsical takeover circus on the back burner.

  4. Mark R

    I completely understand the frustration with the current ownership ‘saga’, but I firmly believe the right thing to do is get behind the new head coach, his back room team and the side he puts together. Undoubtedly, Mr Eustace and his staff will need to get far more out of the squad he’s inherited than we saw from them during most of last season, but I’m optimistic he will do just that.
    From what I’ve read so far he not only has a good track record of developing players, but his preferred playing style is ‘easy on the eye’ too.
    Remember, whoever the owners are, we have to operate within FFP anyway, so a coach who can further develop our talented youngsters is exactly what we require.
    Sorry if I am being too optimistic for many here, but hey, a brand new season is about to begin!
    Come on you Blue Boys!!

  5. Stan Moye

    Whoever is pulling the strings in the background l’m personally buoyed by the current approach. The appointment of John Eustace and his back room team is sensible and very shrewd, plus the associated comments are sensible and realistic too.
    Let’s just hope the powers that be leave the footballing decisions to the people with the knowledge and experience.
    The two signings so far are great additions to the squad, and l don’t think we’re finished yet. Feel so much more optimistic and can’t wait till our first home game. KRO

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