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26 Jul 2022 | 8 comments

St Andrews
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New season and first up Luton Town away. Forty six league games to get through and hopefully most of those will produce a significant improvement compared to previous seasons of very moderate returns. That’s putting it kindly. My real hope is for our current manager to be successful, as not only do I like him but I feel he is a good fit for the club at this precise moment.

John Eustace needs support, however, and not just from the fans. But from his players too, and certainly those that are experienced. Again that’s putting it kindly. This manager has gone out of his way to praise the elder players for their attitude in training and support during the short time he has been here, with complimentary remarks about the likes of Deeney, Hogan and Dean.

However it is the Dean comment which intrigues me most as Eustace refers to him as a leader and is keen to get him back in the reckoning. That is a major statement compared to Dean’s standing at Blues in recent months. Also Deeney’s recent comment stood out for me, referring to the bookies fancying us for relegation this term, therefore giving the players great motivation to prove them wrong. And, of course, Deeney stressing how hard but enjoyable training has been and referring to life under the new manager as good.

All very pleasing to hear but let’s see these elder players produce performances on the pitch. John Eustace has a good crop of young talent to call upon and there is little doubt that a few will be valuable assets to the club in this new season. We know who they are and we know our past history, which doesn’t auger well with keeping them at St. Andrew’s.

However, a good season could change the philosophy under Richardson and co. giving the club a better chance of success. Flickers of hope are what we as Blues supporters feed on, and we now look to our prospective new owners and manager to get the club in good shape. John Eustace and the players have said all the right things during the build up to Saturday. It’s now down to reality. Hold on to your hats at Kenilworth Road and fasten the seat belts. It’s  time to get started.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Senior players certainly need to step up this season. Give something back for the privilege of playing in the championship.

  2. Malcolm X

    Dean is trouble and downed tools under Karanka and Bowyer’s reigns! No way should this person be allowed back into the club. I’d also point out that he, along with Colin and Roberts are long standing stalwarts of a leaking defense that has poorly performed for us over the past 4 seasons in our continual relegation battles that have become sadly the norm.

  3. Ijaz

    The squad is wafer thin as the Sanderson injury highlighted. I think Eustace is a better manager than Lee Bowyer and I like how he is trying to get the players playing for each other. If he can get anything out of Cosgrove and Leko he’ll have saved us a bundle of money. However he needs help with a few quality additions.

  4. Ed Truman

    After all the nonsense we have had to put up with this past couple of months or so, it’s good to get back to thinking about football!

    My expectations for the season are not great, not least for the reason Ijaz highlights about squad strength. But if Eustace can keep us out of trouble and start playing half decent football, that’ll do for me this time around.

    As for Deeney, I really hope he does his talking on the pitch. He can’t have many more seasons left as a pro so I hope for his sake, and ours, he can go out with a bang. Good luck to all.


  5. Peter Frazier

    We certainly need some attacking reinforcements. Scott Hogan really is our only out and out striker. I will stick my neck out and say that Troy Deeney, injuries permitting, will have a good season. Maybe not in terms of goals but with assists. He is a proven Premier player, maybe past his best days but still able to contribute. He is a mate of John Eustace and that will help, as he was not on the same page as Lee Bowyer ! .

  6. WayCoolBlue

    I can also understand this system whereas with Bowyers system I couldn’t understand the game plan. Why play with wingbacks if your going to have them siting back. At least you can see what the plan is this time round.

  7. Smithy

    Jordan Graham for me is going to be a key player this season. Didn’t play his natural position last term. He can score and cross good balls. Right wing his best spot.

  8. Mitchell

    Full of respect for John Eustace but my plea to him this weekend is not deploy wingbacks especially the dodgy left. Luton are no mugs and will quickly suss out this weakness. Flat back four essential.

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