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14 Jul 2022 | 5 comments

St Andrews
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The new footballing season is almost upon us. As long-suffering Blues supporters, “what to expect” is always the question we ask ourselves at this time of the year. But given the present situation of uncertainty about ownership, ground restrictions and the reliance on loan players, then forecasting is particularly hard. Whoever John Eustace manages to get through the door before the current transfer window closes will, I strongly suspect, dictate our fate.

With now over a decade in the Championship, we must still try to look forward and not back as far too many recent seasons have not been kind. We want success at some level, and the feeling of the club, the team and us supporters enjoying a new season start shouldn’t just be wishful thinking.

Reality, however, is simply centred on whether we are ready and prepared for another gruelling Championship season. Maybe we are, with the blend of youth, elders and a new Head Coach ready for the task ahead. We will see.

The key must surely be on general improvement from every player donning the shirt, whether a seasoned professional or an upcoming talent given their first chance. This season must also see an end to the self destruct button that has somehow become the norm, leaving supporters totally exasperated and in despair.

Looking back too far makes looking forward even harder and, for this reason, my hope is that stability of some sorts can be achieved. This new campaign must be greeted with optimism, but at the same time not losing reality as to where we are in a very competitive league.

We are a proud football club with loyal supporters who are simply itching to get back to a full and partisan St. Andrew’s. We all know what a difference that can make. And we certainly need the club’s hierarchy and players to step up and lead by example of course. Surely that is the very least we should expect as dedicated supporters?

A sincere hope of mine though, should any takeover materialise…or even if it strangely now does not…is for our upcoming younger generation of supporters to experience a successful Birmingham City. And soon. They deserve to have their spirits lifted and, like those of us who have supported the club for a bit longer, enjoy the excitement and pride that comes with a truly competitive team.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Looks like loans etc. plus aged players who have been around the blocķ. Takeover looks dead and really only a dream.Not good vibes.

  2. Mark R

    A committed group of players and management that give their all for Blues, is the least I expect.
    As the much of our squad are at the beginning of their careers, and several have real potential, we could well see some new superstars come to the fore this season down the Blues.
    We have a young, hungry Head Coach too, who seems to know what is required on the pitch.
    It’s easy to be negative and pessimistic about the ownership, the state of the ground, etc., but as a new season is upon us, I prefer to choose optimism.
    Also I’m old enough to realise that with football, you never really know. That’s why we love this great game so much.
    ‘Can’t win anything with kids’?
    Are we sure about that?!

  3. Mitchell

    Mark.That was refreshing.

  4. Ed Truman

    Mark’s comments certainly were refreshing. It’s difficult to be positive when the club is shackled by such poor ownership though, but the alternative is to give up and throw in the towel. And that’s not the answer. One day the owners will be gone and things might just begin to turn for the better.

    In the meantime, good news that James, Hall and Bellingham have committed their futures. That’s a source of encouragement in itself.

  5. Mark R

    Thanks Mitchell and Ed.
    Indeed there is enough misery in the world at the moment without us continuing to agonise over what ‘might’ lie in store for our beloved Birmingham City. Ideally, Blues should be our ‘guilty pleasure’, not yet another source of angst in our lives!!
    One thing’s for sure though: the ‘hardcore’ support will never waver, and whilst we have a large and dedicated fan base, I believe we will always have BCFC.
    The past, present and future ‘owners’ of Blues are merely temporary custodians. Blues, like any football club, has always, and will always, belong to us fans.

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