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6 Sep 2022 | 5 comments

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A dogged and deserved single goal victory at Preston has lifted the whole atmosphere around St. Andrew’s. Not for a long time has a win been more needed. John Eustace, players, future prospective owners and of course we as supporters are enjoying a rare easing of the pain, something so regularly endured on a Saturday evening and thereafter until the next game comes along. We now want more, and we hope for the whole club to push on so that we can once again start to truly enjoy being a BCFC supporter.

This must start with the rubber stamping of the Richardson/Lopez era which, hopefully, is imminent. As important as Maxim Colin’s goal was at Deepdale, this new beginning is equally so. Preston and onwards being my real hope, with stability quickly established and everyone on board.

Putting all that aside, there is an equally important issue for Craig Gardner and co. to resolve. And quickly in my view. That, of course, being the urgent need for an additional striker. Yes, we know the story of the last two weeks and the hard work undertaken in trying to get someone in. But, as we also now know, to no avail. We get all of that. And as Blues supporters we are conditioned for disappointment after all.

But the need for additional fire power is real and it is pressing. And my plea is for an intensified search of the free agent market, and to find someone who has the ability to make a difference. There must be a gem out there surely? Other clubs seem to find them. Simple to say I readily admit, but without such an addition then struggling to score goals and winning points in this Championship season will cost us dearly.

John Eustace is making his post-match comments very clear as to the togetherness of the squad, and the laudable contributions of the elders with Troy Deeney getting the lion’s share of his admiration. Which is fine up to a point. However, these are words and not the on-field actions which really matter. No back up strikers leaving us perilously fragile is twitchy to say the least. So, action please.

Mixing and matching with players prepared to fill slots is generally ok. But up top we need specialist strikers, and departing players have left the options for JE severely dented in my view. Management at the club may see things differently of course. Maybe all is covered and prepared for after last week’s disappointments surrounding Maja, Thomas-Asante and the others now being mentioned, which renders my concerns unfounded. Let’s hope so.

Swansea next up and another chance for points. And, hopefully, back-to-back wins for the first time in a while. Getting through games undefeated in the short term may well be the priority though, given the reduced fitness levels of those now beginning to freshen up the first team. Once we get the settled shape and consistency that we know we need then more pain free match days will hopefully follow. This season must not be allowed to become a repeat of the last, or indeed several previous ones, with every point a toil just for the sake of finding what we can all surely see is essential. Over to you Craig Gardner and co.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Mark R

    Nobody, Blues fan or otherwise, would disagree that we are desperate for striker recruitment-at least one asap.
    However in the meantime we have to pray that Scott Hogan stays fit (never thought I’d say that!), as with the extra creative midfield options Eustace has brought in, and with us pushing both wing backs forward on occasion, chances will be created for him.
    And we know with Scott that he will notch given enough chances! Ideally, if his chances to goals conversion rate improves, we will be fine-as long as he stays fit.
    To your point about Deeney, I think his value is clearly more as a talker/captain on the pitch, helping the players around him-particularly the young lads, as his own on pitch playing contribution has been disappointing so far. I’m hoping a goal can change all that for Troy, giving him the taste for goals again-we will need him to step up at some point, that’s for sure.
    I really hope Bielik stays fit too-something he hasn’t managed to do consistently throughout his career so far. Even a ‘50% fit’ Bielik was possibly our best player on Saturday, and he gives us that assurance and ‘shield’ from a defensive midfield perspective, which allows our wing backs to bomb on.
    Short of a striker, if you assess the transfer business Blues achieved in the window just closed, every single player they have brought in, in my opinion, has improved the squad. Credit Eustace, Gardner, the incoming owners and whoever else involved.
    On the ownership front, I’m enthused by the recent reports-let’s hope we get good news from the EFL next week……

  2. Smithy

    Leko scored 3 yesterday for Spooners squad. Surely he must be considered for the first team bench at least.

    • tracey tyler

      The win at Preston was a good start and that what it is,a good start,now we have to show some consistency in our performances.Slowly and surely the squad in taking shape and this season will probably be the end for Deeney and Jukiewitz.Love the look of the midfield now and Graham has always been the best crosser of a ball in the squad.Leko l cannot see him starting many games and Cosgrove could be back in January if he has a good run at Plymouth.Think we will beat Swansea if we score first as they tend to fold when behind but they are a different beast when they are in front.

  3. Pam Allsopp

    The need for a striker has been a priority for many transfer windows now, so it is really frustrating that efforts appear to have been left until the last moment.
    If Scott Hogan can get support from a better midfield, and balls into the box, he will score, but as you say, we need him to stay fit., and no way should goals have to rely on one person. The midfield and defenders need to do their bit too.
    I am also curious to know who IS responsible for the players we get in. I hope John Eustace DID get a say.

  4. james mcgrogan

    Disappointing end to the transfer window.But it is not for 1 day why do we leave it so late to put in offers for players last day dealing is notorious for deals falling through.Prehaps even 2-3 days before the end may be better.All of A sudden the takeover talk rises to the surface next week they say it should all go through.The EFL again come under disrepute 2 months they have had this takeover bid to ponder on.They should come under investigation by the supporter organisations we are being let down.Being a blues fan is detrimental to your health but saturday a degree of healing came through more hope that we can compete in this league and not be whipping boys for most of the other teams.Leko may be the answer now we have a more mature football streetwise quality midfeilders.

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