Euphoria And Disappointments

7 Oct 2022 | 9 comments

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After Wednesday’s bitterly disappointing defeat at Middlesbrough, and by the most slender of margins, we once again find ourselves sitting uncomfortably in the lower reaches of the Championship table. After four previously undefeated games, including two creditable away wins, nineteenth slot is hitting hard. Three points obviously makes a big difference, emphasising the thin margins between success and failure. And particularly so this season, with no obvious stand out teams and only a small handful of points separating so many sides.

Of course, everything could change with Bristol City next up and a decent leap upwards being the prize for the win.  However, we know all of this and my apologies for stating the obvious, but there is a bigger issue here depending how near or far we are from a takeover. Sackings of managers this season have begun early with Cardiff, Hull and now Middlesbrough the latest to wield the axe, which ironically has had an impact in each case.

Expecting more departures this week seems logical. Such is the fragile nature of the game today and the limited patience afforded to managers and coaches. Never, it seems, has there been a more significant swing between euphoria and disappointment. Over our elongated stay in the Championship, which is getting to feel like a lifetime, our hierarchy has never flinched from managerial sackings. Though bordering at times on lunacy in my view.

My hope this time around is that John Eustace will be given time. I like his honesty and I doubt whether anyone else, under the strict monetary restrictions that are clearly in place, could do better. What I fear is that should a takeover not happen, then to fall below our current position in the table would most likely see a swift managerial change. This being the historical nature of the last decade at our club.

Should the reverse happen, with new ownership being rubber stamped, then maybe a knee jerk reaction could be put on ice. Clarity is what we as supporters of BCFC have always wanted. During those heady days in the summer when takeover talk with Lopez and Richardson generated hope and euphoria, good vibes circulated. Our patience has been tested since then of course, with protracted discussions leading to uncertainty and concern.

But whatever the outcome of the ownership deliberations, John Eustace needs help, and he needs support. And with new brooms, and not the reliance of an older brigade who are clearly finding the Championship programme ever demanding. Consistent results keeping us mid-table would be a comfort, but until this is achieved our hovering around the boneyard of the table will be business as usual.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Smithy

    Must win game.2-0.

    • Stephen allen

      If hogan had had his scoring head on the last 2 games, we would have had 6 points not 1. He missed 2 sitters sat/wed. Great 1 week, dreadfull the nextime. We all know he can do it but he should be in double figures now with the gilt edge chances he has missed kro

      • Sausage n Egg

        if Hogan was a better striker he wouldnt be playing for us

  2. Mark R

    I totally agree.
    John Eustace, like any Manager/Head Coach, needs time. More importantly though, I’m sure few will disagree that his performance so far has earned him this time.
    The ownership saga is mind-bendingly hard to comprehend, and extremely frustrating.
    Clearly the prospective new owners have already invested a significant amount of time and money with the club, but the ball isn’t in their court at the moment-that ball sits somewhere between the current owners and the EFL (maybe they lost it behind the stand?!)
    Anyway, on the pitch everyone knows we need to improve, particularly with regards to our consistency of performance. The biggest nut Eustace has to crack is how does he get more goals out of the players-not just Scott Hogan.
    He keeps reminding everyone that we are a ‘work in progress’ and have plenty of work to do, and he is right, but he IS making progress with the group in my opinion-remember we have a lot of good young ‘uns who he is nurturing well atm.
    This season will be a two steps forward, one step back kind of season, but irrespective of the off-field chaos, I truly believe Blues will gradually improve as the season progresses, and end up nowhere near relegation come May—as long as we stick with Eustace and his staff!

  3. Ed Truman

    I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Smithy that it is a must win game. Not at this stage of the season. Certainly hoping that we win do though. A steady accumulation of points now will definitely help going into the second half of the season for sure.

    As Mitchell points out, things are very tight in the division this season with no obviously hopeless sides. So we need to keep the points column ticking over and stay in the middle of the pack. Wednesday was disappointing but prior to that things were picking up so I’m hoping it was a blip. We’ll see though.

  4. tracey tyler

    Yes agree with all,goalscoring has and will always be a problem because we do not have a consistant goalscorer or any contributions from midfield either.on.Hogan is Hogan,Premier class one minute and National League standard next and l am afraid he always will be.Had high hopes for Bacuna but he is similar to Hogan,great one game and awful the next and he is not contributing goals either.Not sure about Hannibal,don’t know if he can cut it in the Championship as there are some street wise defenders in the Championship and they will not stand for his showboating.Personally l would give either Hall or Bellingham a descent run in the team and see if they can come up with the goals we need.As for the game against Bristol City,beat them last season at home but before that they had a half descent record at St Andrews,hoping for repeat of last seasons result which would put us in good stead for some hard fixtures coming up but Goalscoring needs to improve desperately.

  5. Charles

    Bristol City are currently the joint highest goal scorers in the Championship. So what’s John Eustace going to scheme to get the three points? Nullify their forwards or play on the front foot and make chances count. Giving it a right go with Jutkiewicz and Deeney bullying their suspect defence or keep it tight and settle for a single goal. About time we walloped somebody at St.Andrews. Tracey questions Bacuna which is valid but this particular game may suit him.

  6. Stan Moye

    It’s easy for me to write this in the knowledge that Bristol City were truly, or should that be Trusty!, put to the sword. There is no doubt in my mind Scott Hogan on his day is an out and out predator, if he can add the consistency we all yearn for we’d be fighting offers from many clubs. John Eustace and his team are doing a fantastic job, particularly when you consider the uncertainty of the current LR buyout/ takeover. He’s instilled a sensible positivity throughout the club, and we’ve certainly become very competitive and hard to beat. As for the latest Bassini statement, in my opinion it’s as if someone is looking to derail the vibe we’re currently enjoying, so in a way if that is the case l’ll accept that as backhanded compliment. Hull is a very winnable game, and let’s hope we can fill the ground against Burnley. Stan’s should be rocking. KRO.

    • Mitchell Bray

      Hull City are strange opponents Stan. This time around with JE at the helm just might see us emerge unbeaten. Maybe not an all inspiring forecast but as we stand with sensible and solid direction being taught within our small squad-we are doing ok. Draw will be my bet.

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