Shaken Not Stirred

25 Oct 2022 | 7 comments

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Blackburn Rovers survived a Brummie battering last Saturday and ended up winners. Like every game it’s the result that matters, and the rewards that affect the league table. However, deep in the hearts of true Blues supporters we know different. This performance at Ewood Park told us much more about our team, overriding the actual zero points gained.

Apart from Middlesbrough away and what was a pretty inept performance, our consistent displays since, both home and away, have been excellent. And, simply put, we are together again as a club; loyal fans and the team, whoever now steps onto the pitch. There is a new bonding that the St. Andrew’s faithful can see and witness.

After last Saturday’s game, our players appeared devastated with the result. Watching John Eustace and his players interviewed after the final whistle clearly showed their frustration and disbelief at losing the game. It was a match they controlled and a match in which the opposition goalkeeper performed heroics. And to such an extent that he was easily recognised as Blackburn’s man of the match. They were shaken by the result, but certainly not stirred, and their eagerness to get hold of the next game came across loud and clear.

Queens Park Rangers on Friday awaits. Another match against a team at the top of the table, but also another chance to put on the type of show that we are now used to seeing. New hope and belief has been a well-used phrase over recent seasons, sometimes without justification, but John Eustace has, in my opinion, now given us that and added something else in the form of trust. He appears to have this from all areas of the playing staff. And especially the loanees, whose attitude has been first class and makes them all look permanent additions. Not easy to get temporary players performing as if on five-year contracts. Credit JE for all that.

Fast forward to QPR and another opportunity to add vital points to our current tally of twenty. With mid-November the cut-off point for the season because of the World Cup, my view is that a minimum of five more points by then should position us nicely for what comes next. And the welcome prospect of a second half campaign being looked forward to rather than feared.

When Millwall occupy a playoff spot, and the likes of Luton Town and Rotherham knocking on the door, then ‘why not us?’ will always keep nagging away. Let’s hope Friday night’s match gets us back on track, with a reaction similar to that which occurred after the recent defeat at Middlesbrough. Blackburn was clearly a frustration but the key pointer in my book, shaken as the players obviously were, was that they all appeared undaunted as to their eagerness to get QPR in their sights.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Wilf

    On field the results and performances are remarkable.

    Why oh why are the off field troubles not being sorted?

    No sign of the take over happening!!!!!
    I truly believe that the present idiots who own our club
    have NO intention of selling until they get some if not all
    of the sell on fee from Jude’s sale from Dortmund.

    I have supported the Blues for over 70 years, season ticket holder
    for over 25 years, and at the end of last season I vowed never to
    set foot inside Stan’s again until we see signs of
    off field changes.
    It has been extremely difficult period for me, especially as
    we seem to be turning around our on field performances.

    I just hope that this nightmare will soon end.

  2. Smithy

    QPR game will define the mood all round. Momentum the key for the belief etc. No slip ups please. Worse scenario 1point.Defeat and back amongst the boneyard.

  3. Tracey Tyler

    Yes very unlucky against Blackburn but it emphasises the need for a top class Striker. We must start taking chances on recruiting lower League strikers like Yates for one of Blackpool, there are many untapped gems around. Also its pace that kills opponents, both of our best goals ie Hall against Watford and Hogan against Burnley have come from fast moves and we do look a far more potent force when we play fast flowing football

  4. Mark R

    It was a real pity Blues didn’t find an equaliser up at Blackburn, as a point was the least they deserved from their efforts on Saturday.
    Blues definitely need to be more clinical in front of goal in future, as netting only once from 17 or so attempts on goal is not an ideal return.
    The fact that we are all so disappointed-the players as well as the fans-tells us a lot about the collective belief that exists at the club at present.
    What I really appreciate is that, whilst us fans can sometimes get carried away with what we feel is possible for our beloved Blues this season, the ‘gaffer’ is always quick to point out that ‘there is a lot of hard work ahead on the training ground’ and how we still need to improve with and without the ball.
    That really pleases me. Because the collective and individual improvements we’ve seen so far has been extremely impressive, I can only imagine how good we’ll be if he improves the squad as much again during the World Cup break!
    Whilst part of me hopes that Bielik, Trusty, JJ and Placheta will achieve their aim of getting in their respective national squads for the World Cup, from a selfish/Blues perspective I won’t be too disappointed if they don’t make it and instead stay with Eustace and the rest of the squad to work hard during the enforced winter break!!

  5. Mitchell

    Great result tonight. Belief all round and times are good.

  6. Ed Truman

    I agree Mitchell. Great result. Excellent performance. Fantastic atmosphere. Just like old times. I’m beginning to dream…..

  7. Sausage n Egg

    Remember the days when St Andrews was rocking?…no one liked coming here, the atmosphere was intimidating and was worth a goal..Those in charge have shot themselves in the foot by allowing the stadium to become yet another farce ..great to see us playing proper football and JE deserves credit for getting the best from what he has.Meanwhile the imbeciles in charge and those that want to be scurry about in the shadows like cockroaches in a dark room.

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