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8 Dec 2022 | 11 comments

St Andrews

Further to the article published by Blues Trust on Tuesday concerning the lack of engagement with Blues fans, the club has now confirmed that a Forum for supporters is to take place. The event is to be held next Thursday evening,15 December in the Jasper Carrott suite at St. Andrew’s.

Blues Trust has been invited to attend and is pleased to do so.

Together with all other attendees, the Trust has also been invited to submit questions prior to the meeting to form the agenda for the event. The deadline for doing so is Tuesday 13 December. Following on from the article earlier this week, the Trust has already received some questions that supporters would like to be asked but there is still time for others. The Trust cannot guarantee that every question received will be asked, but if you would like to submit something for consideration, please do by replying to this update and commenting in the section below.

The Trust will share the key discussion points and outcomes from the Forum after the meeting.

Blues Trust


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By making comments:

  • All we ask is that it relates to the Club that we all love. It can inform, question, challenge, criticise even….but it should not be written to threaten and/or cause personal offence.
  • By making comments on the above article, you agree to Blues Trust retaining your email address should we need to make contact with you for admin purposes.   Let us know at admin@bluestrust.org if you do not wish us to do this.  We will not give out your email address to any 3rd party sources.

The Trust reserves the right to moderate any comments made (in consultation with the writer) or to deny publication if comments are considered to be inconsistent with the requirements identified above.


  1. ritchie kelly

    Safe standing in the Tilton !!
    Faster service before and at HT (gets raised every time )

    • Steve Job

      Hi, can the club confirm that the funding is in place to complete the stadium repairs? And are we on track to have this ready for the start of next season?

    • Chris

      I would love to know what is being done to pay off all the debts blues have and if we are in any danger of more sanctions from the EFL.

  2. Alan Oliver

    Dear All, my question for the Board next week would be:
    What are the long term aims for the Owners in regards to Birmingham City FC?
    Many thanks!

  3. Scott Kerr

    I am pleased with the rebuilding at St Andrews.

    Will JE get any funds this window to improve what he already done?
    Plus are there any other interested parties looking to purchase the club?

  4. John Farrington

    Who actually owns the club? Please provide list of names along with share %

  5. Sausage n Egg

    Any question of real interest to the future of the club will be eradicated from the agenda beforehand..i don’t trust them an inch

  6. Robert wiley

    I would like to ask who are the true owners of the club and ask what ,if any,vision they have going forward ie investment and why not sell the whole club to people who genuinely care for the club and invest to move us forward and maybe build a new main stand that is now a relic and embarrassing eyesore

  7. james mcgrogan

    I would like to ask are we selling or buying in january.Do birmingham city have to sell to stay solvent.The new enquiries to buy birmingham city are they british or foreign & how legitimate are they.GOOD LUCK BLUES TRUST KRO

  8. Tony Hill

    Could the owners comment on the fact that, on their watch, the club is arguably in the worst financial state of its 147 year history. Do they fully appreciate the supporters anguish over what is perceived to be the total mismanagement of the club by faceless people who do not appear to have the club’s fortunes at heart? What can they now say to reassure those supporters who feel that the club is facing an uncertain future, that their fears are unfounded. Are they aware of the frustration felt by the supporters that whilst the on field performances are giving cause for optimism that a promotion challenge can be made,the off field turmoil. may well make the efforts of the coach ,his staff and the squad, futile. Can the owners comment on the likelihood of the club being 100% sold before the end of the.season.Can the owners address fears that before the end of the season the club may be placed in administration,thereby suffering a points deduction.

  9. Mark R

    Is there any chance of regular, open and transparent communication moving forward? This has been promised to us a few times, but always seems to fizzle out very quickly.
    Verbal as well as written updates would be appreciated. We want to see faces more often!
    (A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is required here)

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