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26 Jan 2023 | 24 comments

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After last Saturday’s final whistle and yet another utterly avoidable defeat against a very modest Preston at St. Andrew’s, my thoughts immediately centred on the wasted years that seem to grow season upon season.  Pointless dwelling on the occasional highs which give false dawns, as eventually damp squibs always appear as the winners.

Every true Blues follower needs little insight as to the problems why we cannot compete properly in each Championship season.  We simply don’t need analysis, reasons why or what needs to be done.  The answer is as clear as night follows day. It is obvious.  We are waiting and hoping for a Goliath with clout which in turn means serious finance.

We all know this, but why state the obvious I can hear every supporter bellowing?  Whatever and whichever way everything at BCFC is defined or discussed, it all usually leads to frustration and despair.  And especially at this business end of the season when relegation avoidance takes centre stage.  Our club remains static.

Waiting for the knock on the St. Andrews door by the hopeful investor is all we need to know as supporters.  We are sponged out with financial data from the Far East, the endless names that make nonsensical reading because we have no idea who they are and the detailed percentages of who owns what shares which might as well be smarties in a tube.  Analysis is dead as far as I am concerned, together with all that accompanies it.  Likewise the HKSE, which has now got into my thinking as a red herring.

Waiting and hoping for the proper knock on the St. Andrew’s door is my simple advice now to my fellow supporters of the club we all love.  Will it happen?  In my view, then most certainly yes. It is just a case of waiting.  Tomorrow is another day. And who knows.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. John P

    It isn’t a simple case of needing investors knowing that any money will no doubt fall into the pockets of those who presently own the club, we need a complete change of ownership and fast!

  2. Charles

    I notice today’s news about possible investment doesn’t exactly excite. We need full blown trumpet sounding noise of money bag rescuers.


    Totally agree with Charles on this one owners are just trying the same tactics to get fans quiet. But it won’t work the current owners are not welcome at this club we want our club back.

  4. Tracey Tyler

    The announcement yesterday is just another attempt to appease the protesters from staging further protests,the owners probably think if we say something it will dampen down unrest.What was this investment anyway,another 21.4% and the Stadium ??? sounds like maxi revisited to me and with the same outcome more like.Lets face it until someone with mega bucks buys the Club lock stock and barrel nothing will change.The only event that will change the current situation is relegation to League One and the inevitable liquidation that comes with it.

  5. Peter Bates

    Agree with George and Charles the announcement yesterday really feels like let’s tell the fans what we think they want to hear , genuinely want it to be true but after all the false dawn’s the pessimist is sitting on my shoulder kro

  6. david

    Just can’t trust anything these DOG SHIT OWNERS say

  7. Peter Bates

    Bshl confirm the club statement to the hkse let’s all hope it’s the beginning of the end of bshl

    • John P

      Unfortunately all that has been mentioned is an investor, no-one has mentioned it being a takeover. If it is Von Pech’s shares as seems to be suggested then it’s still only about 21%, less than a quarter of the club.

  8. Mitchell

    Coming in here on an issue that has left a bit of a bad taste. On Tuesday there was a report that Troy Deeney had recommended that West Ham amongst others should go and get George Hall. Maybe he didn’t and it is just mischievous press tittle tattle. However should this prove otherwise then why. This club needs respect and stability without senior figures from within causing unrest.Perhaps further clarification from TD wouldn’t go amiss. Can you imagine any other respectable club putting up with this behaviour. Please put the record straight Mr.Deeney if only for my sake.

    • Ed Truman

      You and me both Mitchell. I saw the piece and thought it bizarre. If there is any truth in it then TD is bang out of order. I know it appears that he is cultivating a position in the media for his post playing days and wants to be noticed, but who does he think he is undermining the club in this way? If it’s complete hogwash, then let’s have a statement to that effect.

    • Tracey Tyler

      Yes Troy Deeney should be encouraging the likes of George Hall to stay at the Club not get away from it.From the statement whether true or not it seems like he is demeaning Blues which is deplorable.I think all he is interested in is progressing his Media career,wished he had not come to us tell you the truth.

  9. Blues Trust

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  10. james mcgrogan

    We wait for more information about the the investment statement but in the meanwhile protest! protest! PROTEST! let us be more street wise,not let these owners get up on to their knees so they can spout more false statements to make excuses why they should own our club why they should sell our players from under us.Dont let them sack another manager to prop up their propaganda of caring.Blue noses have to support our team then take these Triad type owners apart.**** the EFL they are partners in crime they must be made accountable KRO

  11. Peter Bates

    Well said James ,our best younger players have been sold the carlingcup money was taken ,Europa league money all went back to Hong Kong to owners who had no interest in the club and no return to the club, Jamie carragher said Everton were the worst run club in the country how ignorant are these people who only think the premier league exists these are the people who have a platform to highlight the bshl’s of this world and to shame them but platforms like sky only see the premier league kro

  12. Peter Bates

    Efl law unto themselves waste of time

  13. Bill

    There’s no doubt that the George Hall situation is being amplified by the media.Did Troy really encourage West Ham to go for him or is it just media hype ? With regard to the sale of the club I will believe it when it happens…..until then …..KRO

  14. Peter Bates

    Apparently troy told the Ben foster podcast so it could have been picked up by the media off that podcast

    • Mitchell

      Peter. It matters not whether the comments regarding George Hall comes via a Podcast or a whispering wall. Fact is that one of our own playing members actually hinted or recommended that GH future lies elsewhere. Too many ‘hidden agendas ‘ is wrecking our club. Actions like this doesn’t even give the club a fighting chance for a better future. This will not go away until a clearer explanation by Deeney is explained. John Eustace continually praises this senior figure as a leader and dressing room inspiration. Accolades galore so why this damaging notice that other clubs albeit in the Premier league, should take interest in yet another young talent just breaking through our ranks.

  15. John P

    As far as the club is concerned the only way to get new owners is to stop paying the present ones, that means don’t attend matches and don’t buy merchandise from the club shop. Once the money stops coming in they’ll understand that the protests are in earnest and endeavour to sell up.

    As far as Troy Denney is concerned, if he’s telling other clubs to buy our young talent then he’s a traitor to the cause and he should be sacked immediately, let’s be honest he’s been little more than useless since he joined us.

  16. Fletch

    Troy Deeney has got a mouth bigger than his head…has been footballer ..hopefully out the door at the end of the season….first he wants no9 shirt… then the captaincy… never stop mouthing just play the game Deeney or go

  17. Peter Bates

    My post was not to defend Troy deeney it was to point out how the media got what he said and I agree there is no way a senior player should be touting any players to anyone,John Eustace should be dealing with it but even if he was we would get the same old it’s being dealt with internally

    • Mitchell

      Peter. Totally understand your point. Tonight’s news regarding another entrant being touted for share buying appears luke warm at best. Let’s hope otherwise and above all let’s be pleasantly surprised. Thanks again for your comments.

    • Sausage n Egg

      Deeney should make his mind up if he wants to be a footballer or a pundit/media worker….I think his body has already decided which he should be,,seems to moan at everybody else when his own performance is dire ..tugging shirts and niggling with opposition players is about it most games.He taks a better game than he produces

  18. Smithy

    Looks like Deeney out for a while. Cannot now depen on Juke and Hogan with crucial games ahead. Tuesday’s deadline must see us invest in a decent striker. 47 points for survival still a challenge with what players we have.

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