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9 Feb 2023 | 8 comments

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Whatever happened last Saturday at Swansea between the 90th and 97th minutes certainly changed the mood of every loyal Blues supporter.  My view obviously, but certain in my mind.  We were due a bit of good fortune and we got it.  With our club, predictably and stability don’t exactly go together.  Also, pleasant surprises are very rare for the tired and weary.  But when they do occur then what joy that brings.

Swansea was blissful and now we must hold fast and build upon this change of fortune.  Friday’s game against West Bromwich Albion is a chance to stop the miserable run of home defeats of late, and to get at least a point on the board.  We are still not clever at defending, and likewise midfield possession, but surely we can stoutly hold out for a dogged ninety plus minutes?

A solid performance on Friday is my hope.  With commitment, energy and, above all, sensible decision making by not jeopardising the point we start with.  Experienced players like Jutkiewicz and Hogan can carry our forward threat, but young legs will be the key to this encounter, particularly from Hannibal and Chong.  Real energy from these two, making absolute nuisances of themselves, but without the bookings please, is what’s needed.

A clean sheet is the target for me with this fixture.  A Swansea miracle might strike twice, and heaven knows how we would cope with such overwhelming joy, especially against our local rivals.  But keeping the warm glow that still lingers from Saturday in South Wales is, I’m sure, what Blues supporters want carried forward after the final whistle.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    Kro to that

  2. Smithy

    Pity the demonstration helps West Brom. in my view. Don’t need it tomorrow of all games.

    • John Griffiths

      The selfish ones who think its more important for them to run on the pitch and protest than to let the players play. It wont mean a thing to the owners.
      Its these sort of fans who helped put us in this position by protesting against golds and sullivan. They got thier revenge by selling us to Carson yeung.

  3. Charles

    Why put ourselves in a disadvantage by concentrating òn the off field issue. Eustace and the players need 100% focus on the game.

    • Tracey Tyler

      Unleash Hall,the next big thing,he will be bigger than Bellingham.

  4. Peter Bates

    Can I wish through the trust all the best to Jason Bowen who has mnd my prayers are with him and his family kro Jason

    • Mitchell

      Seconded by me Peter.

  5. Mitchell

    Great result tonight. Positive feel and just hope this galvanises everyone at the club. Players are bursting with pride especially the loanees. Doesn’t that just tell you something about John Eustace. Build on these last two results is my plea- not to the players but our hierarchy.

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