Enough Is Enough

7 Feb 2023 | 18 comments

St Andrews

Saturday’s result against Swansea City, and the manner in which it was achieved, was special. And particularly so after the dreadful league form of recent weeks. Blues supporters have not had many feelings like that for a long time.

But it should not be allowed to distort the bigger picture concerning the ongoing ownership issues. A recent article published by Almajir summarises the latest chapter. The uncertainty goes on.

How much longer must we tolerate the negligent and continuing decline of our football club? A club owned by people who have absolutely no regard for its future well being and, instead, consider it only as a commodity for the benefit of their financial status on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

Enough is enough. SELL THE CLUB.

It’s time to stand up and be counted. If you are as utterly fed up as we are, sign the petition, support the campaign, and join the Trust.

Blues Trust


From: Birmingham City Supporter Groups
Purpose: Ownership change at BCFC

  Birmingham City supporters are calling on the club’s owners BSHL to put the club up for sale. Over many years of decline and decay our once proud club is now failing both on and off the pitch. There is no longer trust in this ownership, and we demand change, the clubs very existence is at risk. Therefore, we say no more uncertainty and delay. The time for change is now. Our stated AIMS and actions are:

  1. We want a clear exit strategy provided by the owners to include specific timelines
  2. We want open and honest communication provided on a regular basis
  3. We want a Fan Advisory board set up with immediate effect.

IN SHORT    � Sell The Club   � Speak to us   � Give us a voice

Send the message:
Enough is enough it’s time for change!

Keep Right On!

Over to you BSHL.

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  1. Peter Bates

    I for one will sign the petition our club is supported by fantastic fans ,and I have no doubt by the genuine people who work for the club ,reading about the plight of Southend this morning is scary and this will be our club with these owners but everything seems to fall on deaf ears because they are oblivious to our clubs plight and it all comes down to the listing on the hkse,we must do and support everything that can be done to get these despots out of our club for good,fans do not want the club sold in bits here and bits there it can be of no benefit to bcfc in the meantime let’s support the manager and players kro

  2. Chris

    I’m all for a petition but it needs to be brought to the attention of BSHL in Hong Kong as they’re the ones that seemingly pull the strings. When Almajir went out there recently they categorically stated that the club wasn’t for sale, it’s them that need convincing that they are not wanted.

    • Tracey Tyler

      For season after season we have been saying this but until the owners do it we are in limbo.The 21.4% sale is great in theory but it still leaves the ball firmly in the BSL court.The only thing that would change the situation is Relegation and Liquidation,l know it sounds harsh but at least you could start afresh,it would take many seasons to get back to where we were but l keep looking at the situation we are in and is it ever going to change short term.At the end of the Season will we be able to buy the loan players that have flourished this season ???? Can you see Arsenal selling Trusty to us for half a million ??? or Sanderson Hannibal and Bielik for the same, probably not so we have to start afresh once again and loan players are a risk.l don’t like the thoughts of Relegation but how long does our current situation have to go on for.

    • Blues Trust

      Thanks for your comment Chris. Rest assured it will be sent to the owners in Hong Kong and other locations too. It will be shared as widely as it possibly can be.

      The petition is only one aspect of the campaign. Details of other activities to support it will be shared going forward.

      • Chris

        Thanks BT that’s great to hear and keep up the good work ????????????

  3. John P

    As wonderful and needed as it was let’s not get too excited about Saturday’s result, one game doesn’t make or define a season, and it certainly doesn’t make or define a club; to be honest we were lucky to be awarded a very dubious penalty which, if it had gone the other way, we would all have been up in arms about and that decision was the difference between winning or drawing. Having said that well done to the lads for their never say die spirit.

    I totally agree with Chris, you’re preaching to the already converted, unless you can have direct and meaningful talks with the present ‘invisibles’ i.e. the club’s present owners, then your petition is as much use as a chocolate fireguard because the Hong Kong and various other eastern nationalities that form our missing leadership simply don’t care, you’re not even touching them.

    It’s well documented that the owners have no intention of selling the club and losing what would appear to be the prestige of having their names on the HKSE, though what prestige can be gained from dragging a business into the mire is beyond me. It’s all they want, all they’re interested in, and at present they have what they want.

    A paper petition looks good on paper, but it is having absolutely no effect on the present incumbents who quite honestly don’t give a damn about who or what Birmingham City are, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some may not even know where Birmingham is apart from that it’s possibly somewhere in the UK.

    There’s been petition after petition, all to no avail. I’ve said it before, the only way that we’ll get rid of the present owners is to stop paying them, stop spending money in the club shop and stop attending games; it’s not something any of us like to contemplate but it’s the only way to hurt them.


  4. Trevor dawes

    We need the efl to enforce bshl to sell up through this investigation

    • John P

      I would agree with you Trevor, except that the EFL has hardly been a friend of Birmingham in recent years. They’ve done nothing but drag their feet over the present ownership and director possibilities and continued to allow the present owners to get away with it. The only club that they’ve treated worse than ourselves is Derby.

      It’s all a bit ‘groundhog day’, they’ll no doubt furnish us with a points deduction at a time of their choosing and when it hurts the fans most. The owners won’t care, they don’t care. I don’t know if the EFL has the jurisdiction to force a club to be sold, but if they do they need to use their powers right now.

      The EFL appear to be very anti Birmingham so don’t hold your breath awaiting for help from them.


  5. Peter Bates

    The efl must take some of the blame their tests found bshl fit to run our club ,they then have the gall to say we will investigate the club to see if any of our rules have been broken ,I think this is total hypocrisy on the part of the efl .They are the ones who need to be investigated because they have allowed bshl to proceed in bringing our club down to it’s knees and still want to punish the club further .

  6. Peter Bates

    Does anyone think the efl will force bshl to sell I personally don’t see it happening because it would be admitting they were wrong and as we all know the efl are never wrong

    • Chris

      I’m pretty sure they couldn’t force a sale even if they wanted to, if blues are found guilty of any wrongdoing we would be fined or have points deducted or both.

    • Peter Bates

      I sometimes think we all forget the club is part of bshl,s portfolio and not the only business they own within that portfolio,so I am amazed that nobody appears to want to buy the club outright,they would still have a listing on the hkse so I don’t think their listing solely depends on the club it is all very strange I maybe wrong kro

      • Chris

        You couldn’t be more wrong mate I’m afraid, blues are their only commodity in their portfolio which is why they won’t sell. Ridiculous really considering they’ve had the best part of 10 years to acquire another business.

  7. Stan Moye

    Totally agree with the comments regarding the EFL, they too appear to be faceless. They seem happy to dish out point deductions and fines, but that doesn’t bother these owners, it only hurts the genuine fan base of penalised clubs. They should apply sanctions and fines directly to the individuals involved. It’s a real double edged sword for me, the more successful the team performs, the less chance of them selling up and walking away.
    But the one thing if it’s correctly applied is Far East people do not like to loose face, it’s no good screaming and shouting at them, you have to damage their image and pride. I sit just in front of the Directors box, not once has Edward or his entourage acknowledged the supporters, says it all.

    • Allforone

      Totally agree with that ????????

  8. Allforone

    Ok is it not possible to set up a Gofundme so the supporters can buy out the 24.46% world that not give us has supporters are greater say.

    • Chris

      Someone did that a couple of years ago and ran off with all the donations the sick [edited]

  9. Mitchell

    What is very sad regarding our situation is the very fact that every season we eventually have to look down. Not at our feet but at the dregs of the Championship table scouring three poorer teams that will just keep us up for another campaign. Not healthy.

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