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29 Mar 2023 | 6 comments

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Blackburn Rovers at home this coming Saturday marks the start of our final eight championship games.  Safety for another season almost within touching distance. Two simple and factual sentences.  Living to fight another day or, more accurately, another season in the second tier will most probably sum up our 2022/23 campaign.

Each new campaign since 2011 has almost repeated itself, with the accompanying emotional anxiety for sheer survival.  What could break the mould this time, however, and be most welcome into the bargain too, would be to see the team go a bit barmy and start these eight games winning and hitting real form.  An unbeaten sequence to the end of the season would be very welcome.

In my view it is really important for our club to complete the season on a high.  Finishing in a very respectable position in the table is the best shop window for potential buyers.  By this I am obviously referring to the forthcoming summer months of takeover speculation.

We need credibility that makes the purchase of our club attractive.  Decent on field results between now and the season’s end could bring new interested buyers out of the shadows.  As a club we never really do the norm of course, and what’s around the corner can never be foreseen, but facts don’t lie and potential fresh interest could be ignited by witnessing a higher placed Birmingham City than previously seen for a long time.  Wishful thinking or not, it has to be a major fact for any buyer.

These eight remaining games are therefore more important than completing another forgettable season by simply surviving the trapdoor, leaving the club with little on field credibility.  We desperately need bargaining power to highlight what could be achieved with sound and sensible investment.  Being kicked around, lacking in respect and generally humiliated has been our bubble for too long, not helped by unhealthy positioning in the league table.  There is now the opportunity to make this season a decent one with a strong finish.  It might just make a whole lot of difference come the summer months.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Ed Truman

    Really good point about putting a marker down Mitchell, for both potential investors and possible progress on the pitch next season. Can’t see an unbeaten finish happening myself, but an upturn in results and performances would be more than acceptable.

    You’re right. The close season this time will be very significant, with player changes and ownership questions to the fore. Let’s hope we come through it better placed than we are right now. I’m tired of my club being a circus.

  2. Smithy

    Agree with Ed. Nice if we could get a bit of respect back into the whole BCFC. Even the ‘gallows humour ‘ we so often get is beginning to be tiresome. Good end to season will list a few good reasons as to’ what if this club had a bit of real investment etc…’

  3. Tracey Tyler

    Yes agree with all,a nice unbeaten run would do nicely but unfortunately all the problems we have will still be there and believe me there are many.

    • Mark R

      Agree Mitchell-that would be really nice, but an unbeaten run is unrealistic when you factor in our consistent inconsistency(!) as well as some of the tough fixtures ahead of us.
      In light of the recent (unsurprising) news about our most recent trading loss, despite us not owning our ground or spending anything of significance on transfers in, what we need even more than a strong finish on the pitch, are new owners, obviously.
      I completely take your point that a strong last 8 games may attract more interested parties, but Blues are as attractive now as they will ever be.
      Excuse my French but the football club is on its arse-we’ve hit the lowest part of our trough, which from a business perspective is the best time to buy an asset that has the potential of Birmingham City Football Club.
      Any potential buyer(s) must have deep pockets, but also some real affection for Blues and us long suffering fans.
      Wind the clock back to the early 90s-we need a group of people like the Golds and Mr Sullivan to see the potential and invest for growth.
      The reason I declare that the ‘knight in shining armour’ that we are praying for will need to love the club, is because the poor bugger will
      have to plug some serious financial gaps in the short term, before working out how to build the playing side within FFP rules.
      Good luck to Mr Dale or whoever that will be, but one thing is for sure-they will get a lot of support from all the true Blues fans, many of whom will come flocking back to St Andrews on match days!


  4. susan Allen

    Are the sack Eustace panic merchants going to apologize He has been like a breath of fresh air Also cannot believe the stick Gardner gets He has done a fantastic job with no money to spend Thankyou to both of them. Kro

  5. Mitchell

    Great win today. George Hall impressive with Jutkiewicz again the 100% protector. Becoming quite a legend in my book. Another weekend to enjoy.

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