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16 Mar 2023 | 12 comments

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Moving swiftly on from Tuesday night’s disappointing defeat at Watford, the real matter in hand is avoiding a similar happening at Queens Park Rangers on Saturday.  This game is so crucial due to the very nature of it’s timing, namely the international break.  Nobody wants a melancholy cloud hanging over St. Andrew’s for a fortnight with only eight games left for the season.

Continuing to pick up the odd point or three is where we are at, and anything else has to be shelved until after the final game.  Analysing results will do nothing at this stage, especially when clubs such as ourselves and QPR are talked about in the same sentence.  Nothing makes logical sense other than agreeing both teams need regrouping and starting afresh.  After getting thumped by Blackpool last night, they will be keen to bounce back.  Likewise ourselves, although we perhaps have a modicum of an excuse having played against a far better team in Watford. But make no mistake, the team needs to respond and quick.

This season, like all the recent wretched campaigns, continues to frustrate and drain us supporters of any belief that better times lie ahead.  The only target on offer is, once again, Championship survival.

Next season, or rather this summer break, must see significant change at St. Andrew’s.  It simply has to happen because the club cannot keep functioning in this soul destroying manner with supporters, particularly us older generation, getting more and more cynical and losing heart.

For now though, the next match is the one that really matters.  All our thoughts will be focussed upon it, with not losing the absolute minimum requirement.  Our club cannot afford an international break with a nasty cloud hanging over it, something which all our players need to recognise.

Mitchell Bray


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  1. Peter Bates

    I am absolutely furious that John Eustace keeps telling the supporters how well we are playing after yet another defeat , giving teams who are struggling for results goals starts and hoping we can get a result is ridiculous,he only sees what he wants to see and refuses to criticize performance, upsetting players is part and parcel of football when said players are not performing and praising them after defeats his an insult to supporters intelligence,it’s becoming a joke

  2. Tracey Tyler

    Agree wholeheartedly,for me personally the biggest disappointment was the Team Changes that Eustace made from the win against Rotherham which although it was not a perfect performance there were a few encouraging signs.Lets make no bones about it Watford are no great shakes themselves and if we had been on it from the start with the same line up from the Rotherham l feel we could have got a result.Eustace does not have the required quality when he plays the wing back system anymore than Zola,Redknapp,Cotterill,Closet or Karanka had,at least Monk did play 4 at the back.So it has to be a back 4 against QPR but my fears are that Eustace will persist in with the back 3 and if he does l worry about Saturday.

  3. Steve

    The likes of dean , long , roberts great in Ariel duels , but one simple ball on floor splits them everytime , like the titanic trying to turn . And the same problem we have had for years no regular goal scorer. On paper this squad should be safer than this by now , there is something wrong, soon as goal down you can see heads drop.

    • Tracey Tyler

      All Teams should be built on a solid defense but unfortunately ours as under gone too many changes to be just that, Dean,Long and Roberts are really League 1 standard at best,Sanderson better ball player but prone to the odd mistake,Nico Gordon l had high hopes for this season but but due to unforseen circumstances he has not been available all season,Colin is starting to show signs of too many relegation battles and is definitely not a wing back,left back or left wing back has been a problem since Pederson left the building and why on earth was Longelo bought when he’s not played heaven knows and to play Graham there is utter madness so you are not exactly confident in the defensive capabilities of the team.lf l remember correctly the defensive line up for the start of the season was Williams,Sanderson,Roberts,Trusty and Longelo so there has been no consistency whatsoever.Toonmuch chopping and changing all season long.

  4. Smithy

    Who do we replace him with should we get trounced by QPR? 8 games left.

  5. John P

    To be honest the reason I think the QPR game is so big is because after the international break on our present form I don’t see where another point is coming from.

    It isn’t necessarily a case of who we’d replace Useless Eustace with, but considering our off field predicaments along with lazy playing staff who in their right mind would want to come to Birmingham anyway?

    • Sausage n Egg

      there is always a mug….when you throw wages into the mix with the near certainty that when you get the bullet you walk away with a wedge it becomes not as bad…also all that is expected as success is mediocrity because that is how high we now aim……NEXT!!!

  6. Roy Smith

    Every team on a bad run looks forward to playing Blues. We are like the cure for all a teams ills. Not just this year but for most of the 50 years I have watched them. Expect a QPR win on Saturday.

  7. Mitchell

    Roy. I do feel for some reason that this is the season that we MUST survive. My fear is that relegation will be far worse than just dropping a division. We need those further six points, get to safety and start again. As for QPR – draw would be decent.

    • John P

      Even to get a point we either need a defence that doesn’t concede or an attack that can score, personally I don’t think we have either, I hope they prove me wrong. What happens if we survive the drop this season, we’ll have exactly the same scrap and problems but with different loan players next season, we can only survive being at the bottom for so long before the inevitable happens.

  8. Mark R

    I think deep down we all know that, whilst Blues clearly have some serious issues on the pitch (as well as off it), they are more than capable of finding at least another 2 wins from the remaining games!
    It was only less than a week ago that most Blues fans were praising the performance v Rotherham, but now after the Watford game it’s all doom and gloom again?
    Yes we defended poorly for the first goal and were toothless, particularly with Hogan as low on confidence as we’ve seen since he’s been at our club, but we actually played some good stuff in the second half.
    Anyway, the doom and gloom on this site depresses me, so I thought I’d contribute a bit of perspective here!
    By the way, we will stay up.

  9. Mitchell

    Back four as Tracey Tyler almost demands! JE obliged and we come back with 3 points. Same again against Blackburn.

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